Friday, August 16, 2019

August Photo Shoot!

It's that time of month!

Photo Shoot Time!

Check out these Sexy Lingerie Photos taken by Jonny Ray.

I hope they make you...
  • horny
  • interested
  • excited
  • book a session with me ;)
Do you like what you see?
I've been waiting for you.
I want you to undress me.
I love being a tease.
 Does this tease you?
Wouldn't you like a massage, right now?
Come over here and get the massage of your life. ;)

Give me some love, guys! 

Do you like my new photos? 

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ask Annie: How To Be A Great Client

Photo Credit: Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight
Some of you are already pros at being great clients!

In fact, you could teach a course on it, I'm sure.

You could probably even write a better article about it than I, since you'd be coming from the point of view of having visited multiple sex workers.

I am coming from the point of view of only one...ME.

However, I believe all professionals in my industry would agree with what I'm saying in this article.

If you love sex workers and truly appreciate what we have to offer, here is how you can show your appreciation!

I absolutely adore those of you who follow these courtesies. XOXO


Please read my rates and services page before contacting me. 

It tells you how to contact me (email; text) and how to introduce yourself (name, number, booking date).

It tells you what I charge, my hours, and my restrictions.

It tells you that I will send you a photo of my face if you send me one of yours first. ;)

Please don't ask me questions that you can find the answers to on my site.

If something is not on my site, ask away!

I prefer if you are very upfront about what you're looking for. I will tell you yes or no with zero judgement towards you.

My price is firm. Please do not haggle.

If you want to know why I charge "so much," then book an appointment with me and find out.

If I am out of your price range, I'm sure you'll find a provider who is. No hard feelings for either of us. 

Personally, I don't take phone calls - only text or email. 

Most sex workers who do take phone calls will not accept calls from blocked or private numbers.

My absolute favourite clients almost always start out by sending me an short bio and a photo of their face.


This is key to a good experience.

I am a very horny woman but really bad breath and body odour are huge turn OFF's for me.

I provide shower facilities and mouthwash. Please use them!

Another way to avoid the bad breath thing is to breathe through your nose and / or direct your breathing away from my face. 

(I do all of the above - brush my teeth, use mouthwash, nose breathing, and breathing away from your face.)

You're welcome. ;)


I mean, honestly, it's up to you.

But personally, I like it if you can come while you're with me.

I'm not saying that I will be upset or disappointed if you don't come!

It happens and I'm not offended or upset in the least!

But if I have a choice of you coming before our appointment by yourself, or you coming during our appointment with me - I will choose CUM WITH ME every time!

If you want to orgasm earlier in the session, that is always an option too.

Communicate with me! 

My business is your pleasure!


I don't just sit around in my lingerie waiting for clients to arrive and then magically appear perfect and ready for the next one.

There is work to be done between appointments!

I always ensure that I have showered and cleaned myself well before every booking.

I also need to set up the massage area and heat my massage oil.

I like to put on a little perfume and make sure everything is tidy.

Get the music going...

As you can see, there is effort put into making your appointment as awesome as possible.

So, please do not arrive early.

If you're early, text me from your car and I will let you know when I am ready for you.

Wait in your car until that time.

Thanks so much!


One of the reasons I can't have you arriving early is because I cannot leave you hanging around outside my door until I'm ready.

In this business, I have to be discreet.

I do not want my neighbours or landlord complaining about you.

I especially don't want you drawing attention to my visitors.

This is my livelihood. Please respect my workspace and be discreet when coming and going.


Please pay the agreed upon amount before we begin.

Let's get that out of the way and have some fun!

I prefer cash but will do e-transfer occasionally.

Just ask!


We'll both have a much better time if you respect my boundaries.

It is my job to also respect yours.

Please be very clear with me about things you do not like or do not want me to do.

I will never be offended, only grateful that you communicated with me.

My boundaries take two things into consideration:

a) How can we do this in a fun but safe way?
b) How can we do this in a way that maximizes both our arousal?

I realize that you are the paying customer and I am the service provider, but I guarantee you'll have more fun if I'm having fun too.

If you cross a boundary without my invitation, things will get awkward and uncomfortable.

So, let's have some wickedly awesome naked fun without wrecking it by crossing each other's boundaries.


I make a big effort to be clean and pretty "down there" for you.

I take care of my parts very well realizing that my body is not just a source of income for me but also a source of great pleasure.

However, when my parts have been abused by too much friction or pressure in those delicate areas - it threatens both my income and my pleasure.

I'm also at an age in my life where a little extra lube goes a long way.

So, please, when stimulating my pussy, use the coconut oil I provide.

Make sure I'm super slippery and that your touch is not too rough.

I will ask you to be gentle if you're applying too much pressure or friction.

I understand that we can both get caught up in the moment.

Definitely let me know if I need to be more gentle or switch it up too!


I really don't want to have to kick you out!

But I have other clients and things to do before they arrive.

I also have a family, so sometimes I have to go right after a booking to take my kids to their activities or make dinner or what have you.

It's nothing personal against you. I just have a very tight (pussy)... I mean, schedule. ;)


This is not a request for tips!

Honestly, I do not expect tips and my impression of you is not based on whether or not you tip.

However, many clients ask me what kinds of gifts I may like to receive.

I am not a materialistic woman.

I have everything I need, really!

But I also have kids, bills to pay, groceries to buy, and the overhead for my business is quite high too.

If you really want to show me some extra appreciation, I would be most grateful for a tip.

Any amount is great! (Even $5 is appreciated!)

But again, tips are not expected.

I will love you whether you tip or not, as long as you are clean, you don't smell bad, and you are kind and respectful to me. XOXO

For more information about being a great clients and more...check out this link: Trade Secrets for Our Clients

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Hottest Threesome I Ever Had

I was just minding my business the other day, at Starbucks, when a super sexy man walked in.

He didn't notice me right away but I noticed him!

When he caught me staring at him, our eyes met.

I felt instant heat between my legs at that moment.

I tried to focus on my computer work but my nipples were hard and my pussy tingling.

I wondered if he felt it too.

He grabbed a table near me and I noticed he was carrying two coffees.

I thought... Damn, he has a girlfriend. 

But a few moments after that, another hot guy walked in and headed straight for hot guy #1!

It just so happens that I love guy-on-guy porn, so now my imagination was running wild.

I was so turned on but felt helpless to do anything about it.

I had no idea the sexual orientation of these two men. Or their relationship with each other for that matter.

But I was sure that eye contact moment was not one-sided.

His eyes had been smoldering and he'd given me a deliberate once over.

Those signs are unmistakable.

Remembering that moment renewed my horniness.

I noticed hot guy #1 talking quietly to hot guy #2 and both of them glancing over at me.

Again my imagination ran wild. Me, him, his friend doing kinky things on the Starbucks counter...

What could I do?

Finally, I gave up trying to work; decided to go home and masturbate.

I packed up my computer and surreptitiously rubbed the moistness between my legs, worrying it might show through my tight pants.

As I passed their table, I couldn't help but enjoy the view one more time. 

As I looked down at hot guy #2, he stood to intercept me.

"Hello," he said. "My name is Tyler and this is my friend, Kade. We were wondering if you would like to join us for a few minutes?"

I blinked for about a second, then accepted their invitation.

For the next ten minutes we chatted and laughed.

And we lusted. (At least I did.)

It was becoming obvious that one of us had to say something to move this tryst along.

I took a risk...

"So, what are you guys doing after this?"

"We're going back to my place," Kade replied. "It's just around the corner from here. Would you like to join us?"

"I'd love to," I replied enthusiastically.

When I arrived, they were relaxed and topless.

They offered me wine but I don't drink, so they gave me a glass of water with lemon.

"You're very beautiful," Tyler said.

"Thank you. I think you are both very beautiful too."

I started to undress but Tyler stopped me.

"Let me do that," he said.

They undressed me together, taking turns kissing my neck and suckling my nipples.

As we played, we discussed our boundaries. 

They explained that they were a couple, both of them bi-sexual, and asked me if that was okay with me.

Damn rights, it was!

I was in heaven, my hands on two different beautiful cocks. 

I'd brought my own condoms and lube.

Tyler was the first to put his cock in my pussy.

Lying on the bed, he mounted me missionary style; all the while kissing and caressing me.

When he pulled his face away, I saw that Kade was positioned at my head, his cock straining towards my mouth.

Naturally I took it in my mouth.

Kade was careful not to gag me with his hard as fuck cock; as his partner, Tyler, fucked me rhythmically and deeply.

It was so fucking hot!

Then Tyler pulled out and motioned for Kade to fuck me.

I was in fucking heaven!

Kade mounted me missionary too. He was a more gentle lover than Tyler.

He stared into my eyes and leaned down over my face, telling me how beautiful I am and how my pussy feels so good.

I was getting close to orgasm when Kade stopped for a moment and I saw Tyler over his shoulder coming up behind him.

A moment later Tyler started fucking Kade, making Kade's thrusts into me harder and deeper.

I shattered into a waterfall of orgasmic bliss almost immediately; I was so aroused!

But this was only the beginning.

Tyler was the unspoken leader of our little rendezvous.

He instructed Kade to lie down on the bed so I could ride him.

This is the easiest way for me to come when I'm having sex, so I was all for it!

Once I was positioned on top of Kade, Tyler entered Kade from behind me.

I cannot tell you how amazing it was having Tyler's hands, lips, and stubble on me as I came over and over again on Kade's cock.

It was so sensual and naughty!

We played for quite awhile, switching positions, talking dirty, and enjoying the incredible sensations of sensual lovemaking.

They were at all times gentle with me, yet they fucked me hard each in their own way and treated me with special care to ensure I did not feel left out at any time.

We exchanged numbers and I hope they will invite me back again some time.

For now, I will never forget that amazing experience of getting fucked by a man who is getting fucked by another man at the same time.

One more thing to cross off my bucket list. ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sex Workers Unite...if you know what I mean ;)

Hello my horny friends!

Are you as horny as I am?! 

I doubt it! LOL

I must be ovulating because I'm a woman on fire (between the legs).

It makes me want to send out another naughty gift to my subscribers!

Did you like the last one?

I have two more from the same photo shoot.

Shall I send you one?

In the meantime, I'm offering a new service with my super sexy friend, Carmen. 

Below you can read about how we met and why we decided to work together.

You can find more of Carmen on her Twitter feed. 

Be sure to mention how you found her. (Through me.)

My twitter is here! @tntannie 

Shout out to my regulars who make me love my life!

You know who you are. ;)

Love Annie xoxo

PS. Thank you to all survey respondents for the naughty, dirty talk you've been sending me through my "Talk Dirty To YOU" Survey (different from the last "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey). 

Your responses are super fucking sexy and ohhhh man! I can't help but touch myself after reading them!

Nothing Beats Sex With A Professional!

When I was stripping, I spent time with other sex industry workers every work, in the clubs and the change rooms.

But doing sensual massage is a private endeavor.

I don't get to see my colleagues very often, other than frolicking on Facebook or Twitter.

That's why I attend sex worker conferences whenever possible.

It's great to hang out with other people who really get what I do.

So, there I was, at a large gathering of sex workers in Vancouver and we were asked to brainstorm different ways to educate clients about preventing STI's (sexually transmitted infections).

As sex workers, it's our job to know all about health risks and how to protect ourselves (and our clients).

And it's also a part of our jobs to teach you!

So, anyhow, there was this super sweet, super sexy woman at my table and we hit it off right away.

Carmen was always smiling and I could tell that she genuinely loves being a sex worker by how she lovingly talked about her 

We had that in common and as the day wore on, we realized that we'd made a new friendship.

By the end of the conference, we had a really cool bond.

But it was more than that.

Just talking to her was arousing!

Carmen turned me on!

I couldn't tell if she felt the same way but I knew from our conversations that she is not averse to making love to a woman.

The question was only if I'd get MY chance. 

Was my horny attraction to her returned?

Long story short...YES!

Carmen wanted me too.

She told me as much as we ate a celebratory dinner together on the last day of the conference.

We took our "dessert" upstairs in Carmen's hotel room.

 We started out by undressing each other and IT WAS HOT!

Carmen is so sensual and's indescribable in words.

All I can say is that my pussy was electrified long before she removed my panties.

We savoured each moment, taking our time which really heightened the senses.

My nipples popped to attention as Carmen slid my bra off.

Cupping her cunt with my hand, I felt hot wetness emanating through her panties.

They peeled away almost sticking to the moist, hot folds as I slid them down over her hips and legs.

We were smiling and giggling the whole time because that's how we are both are.

But as we progressed to full nudity, our mood became more serious and distracted.

All I could feel were sensations...her hands caressing me, her mouth on my nipples, her fingers in my pussy lightly rubbing my g-spot.

Carmen is more experienced at fucking women, so I let her take the lead. 

But really, we just flowed. 

Awkward moments happened but we met them with giggles, then went back to our business. 

After all, we are professionals.

Carmen's sensuality complemented my playfulness and we gave each other every pleasure we could think of with our limited resources (neither of us had packed our toys for this trip - shocking, I know).

We improvised with fingers and tongues and masterful techniques.

And as we rested together afterwards, we decided to work together. 

You can now get a FOUR HAND massage with Carmen and I. Text or email one of us for more information.

Playful, Fun, Sexy
Four-Hand Massage with Happy Ending
1 hour = $400

Super Sexy (Watch Us Play) 
Four-Hand Massage with Happy Ending
1 hour = $550



Hope to hear from you naughty boys soon! XOXOX

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ask Annie: Why Should You Book A Sensual Massage With Me?

Hello fellas,

This week's blog post is a SHAMELESS PLUG for my business!

That means I'm going to brag about all the reasons you should book my services.

It is not an article about BUTT PLUGS, although I would totally read an article like that...wouldn't you?

Speaking of butt plugs... LOL Just kidding!

Next week's blog post will be a rare treat!

A sexy story about how I met my sex worker friend, Carmen, and what fun we had together that night!

You will NOT be disappointed. XXX

Love Annie xoxo

HERE are the reasons you should schedule a sensual massage with ME!

I Provide a Safe, Clean, Comfortable, Non-Smoking Environment

I am a clean freak and I hope you are too!

I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs.

If it's your first time booking a sensual massage, you can be certain that you're walking into a safe and comfortable massage studio. 

I want to have a respectful, fun experience with you just as much as you want it with me!

I provide clean bedding, clean towels, clean face cloths, mouthwash, shower facilities and body wash products, bottled water, and I use coconut oil.

I have excellent references. (If you're willing to be a reference, please let me know.)

You can rest assured that you are in a safe and healthy environment when you're relaxing under my touch.

I Am Committed to Providing Excellent Service

My goal for your experience with me is to have you walk out of here feeling AMAZING.

To that end, I post surveys quite often asking for your input on what you look for when accessing a sensual Massage Goddess.

Right now I have a survey running that asks for you to tell me what kinds of dirty things you'd like me to say to you during our sessions.

I also ask for feedback during our sessions, especially if I want to try out a new cock stimulation technique or some other new offering.

I strive to provide an intimate experience with a deep, relaxing body massage, lots of teasing and body contact, and a very sensual happy ending.

My nipples love to be stimulated and I am multi-orgasmic under the right circumstances. ;)

I Am Consistently Available

My hours are Monday to Friday from 12pm till 7pm.

I will book outside those times for regulars and special circumstances (like a new client coming from out of town with scheduling restrictions).

Advance booking is usually required for appointments but I'm pretty flexible if you tell me what day and time you're hoping for.

In general, if you can book in advance you will have a much better chance of getting a session with me when it's most convenient for you. 

I'm HOT ;)

That sounds very conceited of me.

But hotness isn't ALL about how a person looks!

Some of you may think I'm beautiful and some may not.

That's not the hotness I'm talking about...

I am a horny, sensual, playful, loving, open-minded Massage Goddess.

I have the exact personality traits necessary to provide you with a VERY HOT sensual massage!

Your only job is to relax, enjoy, and respect my boundaries.

We will have so much fun!

Here is a testimonial I received this week!

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word "Intimate" is defined as:

 - "marked by a warm friendship developing through long association,.. suggesting informal warmth or privacy..of a very personal or private nature..belonging to or characterizing one's deepest nature"..

Those words perfectly describe the time that I spent in the company of Annie. The woman is simply a GEM!..from a smile that not only welcomes you, but also leaves you intrigued, wondering "what's her next move" to a firm set of hands that can turn even the toughest knot into putty.

Annie is classy, exudes passion and has a style that will entice you to return..I know that, because I returned for a 3 hour only complaint - it went by too dam fast!..unfortunately that's what happens when you have an amazing encounter with someone so sensuous. -I

I hope you enjoy your session with me as much as he did!

I LOVE My Job!

I don't just love my job... I LOVE MY JOB!

Honestly, I am grateful to do work that is both fulfilling and meaningful.

I meet amazing people and have incredible conversations.

I get first-hand understanding how the most shy and reserved lovers can often be the most skilled! 

I get to enjoy intimate experiences with exciting, interesting, and diverse individuals.

I get to write sexy erotic stories for my subscribers and have monthly sexy photo shoots to share with you all.

(Yes, I'm an exhibitionist at heart - hence the stripping part of my life that continues today in my lap dance sessions.)

My work allows me the flexibility to choose my own hours and spend more time with my family.

I could go on and on and on.

I am passionate about my work and love being a member of the sex working community.

You Can Follow Me and Interact With Me on Twitter

Isn't Twitter fun?

It's the only social media platform that I can view a sexy woman deep-throating a gigantic cock or two sexy men ramming each other as I scroll through my feed.

(I follow some very sexy people and organizations.)

Now, me personally, I'm not posting hardcore porn on my Twitter.

But it's a more intimate way to connect with followers who are mostly clients and other sex industry workers. (In other words, the coolest people ever!)

I'm really just starting to get into the Twitter fun, so I'm hoping some of you will join me and show me the ropes!

You can follow my Twitter here.

Perks for Regulars!

Booking with me once is hopefully an amazing experience for you but there are perks to becoming a regular...

  • There's an intimacy and connection that develops between two people who experience naked fun together on a regular basis - I become more comfortable with you and you become more comfortable with me.  Our sessions become more exciting and enjoyable too!
  • Regulars are invited to follow my Instagram account where I do not cover my tattoos or blur out my face. If you are a regular and would like to follow me, just send me a text or email!
  • If you contact me on short notice outside my regular hours, I will try my hardest to fit you in. Not always possible, but for regulars, I will do my best. 
  • Once you've booked with me a few times and we've developed a rapport, I would love to receive naughty text messages from you from time-to-time between appointments. Obviously not to the point of it interfering with my life (LOL) but I love a sexy dick pic from a favourite client every once in awhile. xxx
  • My favourite regular clients are the ones I feel most comfortable trying out new techniques and services with. So, if you fit into this category, expect to be my guinea pig! ;) xoxox

So, there you have it!

Many reasons to book a session with me!

Did I leave anything out?

Let me know in the comments below if you can think of other great reasons to book with me!

If you made it this far, thank you for indulging my shameless promotion of my services.

And finally, my sincerest and deepest heartfelt thanks to the amazing regulars who make my life so exciting and awesome.

If you haven't subscribed yet, it's free and you can opt out anytime!

Until we meet (again)! XOXOX

Friday, July 12, 2019

Thank You For Talking Dirty To Me!

To my dear, sexy friends,

It's been one hell of a week!

The reason no email was sent to subscribers last week was because I was down and out. The flu got me. 

Thank you to those who were kind enough to reschedule with me and I apologize to those I was unable to see during this time. 

Oh well, shit happens.

But I am back in action and this week's article is AWESOME!

I have a new testimonial to share, a new survey for you to check out, and...


...I have the results from the TALK DIRTY TO ME Survey!

I hope you're as excited by the results as I am.  XXX

Love Annie 

PS. The Georgia Straight made me famous

My Most Recent Testimonial Makes Me Blush!

I recently had a first time client book a two-hour session.

He asked for a striptease / lap dance to be included in his session.

So I dressed up in a sexy dress with black lace lingerie under-pieces and wore my red stilettos.

I'll let his letter say the rest...

"The moment that you’re greeted by this sensuous creature you quickly realize that “good things do come in small packages”.. and what a delicious package it is. There are no fake photos, in fact, Annie is even more stunning when she’s standing right in “front” of you…but her “behind” will make your jaw drop. Annie has a wicked sense of humor, along with massage skills that put her in a league of her own. BTW, do include the “Lap Dance”, you’ll find yourself giving her a standing ovation..and once she leads you into her room for the massage, you’ll be forever grateful to the person who invented large mirrors. My appointment was 2hrs, and by the time this stunning lady gave me a departing hug at her door, I realized that I needed to plan a return visit. What a beauty!" -M

It tickles me pink to get such a glowing recommendation.

My sincerest and deepest thanks to the wonderful man who wrote those sweet words for me to share on my website.

This is how I want every single client to feel when he's leaving my studio.

I want you to feel like you're lighter.

Like you've been touched by an Angel.

Like all your stress and worries are gone.

Even if it's only for a moment.

I want you to feel regenerated and relaxed simultaneously.

A really good body massage and an intimate, skin-to-skin connection with a caring person can do this for you.

Consider it self care. Mental health maintenance. My gift to you. XO

My Newest Survey

In my last survey I asked you to talk dirty to me and tell me your likes and dislikes during a sensual massage.

For this survey, I want you to tell me how to talk dirty to you!

You see, a lot of you mentioned it in my last survey.

You said you like your provider to talk dirty to you during your session.

I have to admit, I'm a little shy when it comes to talking dirty. 

I'm getting more courage and trying it out more and more.

However, I think it would help a lot if you could provide some instruction.

So, if you would be willing to share your insight with me at this link, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

"Talk Dirty To Me" Survey Results!

Incredibly, I had 85 responses to this survey!!!

I closed it at 85 because honestly I was intimidated to compile the data.

That's a lot of information to summarize!

But I did it. 

And... WOW! Did it make me horny! 

(That's a rhetorical question. Therefore no question mark. And the answer is yes. Yes! YES!)

I want to thank each and every one of you who took time out to share your naughty preferences with me.

I learned A LOT! 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to go through the results and implement as many of them as I can (without crossing my boundaries) into my ads, website, and services.

I truly appreciate the kind words I found within many of your responses and the candidness I received from all of you.

1. When reading ads for sensual massage, what do you look for?

Honesty, sensuality, genuine personality, caring, price, genuine love of job and helping others relax and release, pictures, description of service, travel time, extras available, dirty talk, nude masseuse, tantra, loving attitude, something to set you apart from other providers, mature, happy, confident, possibility to eat pussy, lots of touching, friendliness, body slides, mutual touching, cum vs. come (wordplay), straightforward restrictions, teasing, edging, open mind, someone who sounds like they want a connection, nuru massage, someone who has put effort into her ad, integrity, intelligence, shower, correct grammar and spelling, playful, intimate.

2. Please rank in order of importance:

I was surprised and excited at the results of this survey. 

First of all, with INTIMACY being the most desired aspect of a sensual massage experience; this proves that most men do NOT "objectify" women. 

You cannot get intimacy from an object. 

I’m proud of you guys, sincerely. It warms my heart to get such amazing results. 

Secondly,  you guys picked the quality of the body massage over attractiveness of provider! Say what?! 

That’s super interesting to me and it inspires me to strive to offer an incredible body massage with enough teasing to make it interesting while we’re at it. 😉 

Attractiveness and personality come next. 

Not surprising and I would look for the same if I was seeking a sensual massage too. 

But next, most of you picked “the provider’s pleasure”

Well, I don’t know if this is typical or if I’m just super lucky to have an audience of men who want me to enjoy myself too… 

Thank you!!! 

Quality of climax tied with comfortable communicating your desires next. 

And last but not least, you don’t seem to be too picky about music. 

Thank Goddess! (Because I’m quite partial to my music list as it is.) xoxoxo

3. How do you like your cock stimulated during happy ending? 

There were some conflicting answers to this question. 

Please, when experiencing one of my massages; tell me how you like it. 

If you want more or less oil, more or less grip, faster or slower speed... let me know. 

My business is your pleasure. ;)

If you want to take over and show me, that's perfectly acceptable too.

Oooooh, all this cock talk is making me wet between the legs!

Here are some of your responses:
  • Pay attention to balls and tip including the hole
  • Long, slow strokes at first
  • Eye contact
  • Dirty talk
  • Don’t stop in middle of orgasm
  • Lots of oil
  • Not too much oil
  • Varying strokes, varying pace
  • Two-handed
  • Perineum stimulation
  • Prostate stimulation

4. Please describe a really awesome session you've experienced and explain why it was awesome.

I couldn't include everyone's responses but I thought I'd share some of my favourites!

"Honestly everything about your session has topped any session I have had."

"You climbed all over me! Laid on top of my back for a few moments to enjoy the skin-to-skin contact was very much appreciated. You were bent over stimulating my cock and let me explore over top of your panties. The mirrors were fantastic as I could see every angle of you!"

"With you - because you were participating and that's really important to me - that you get off as well, if you can. But don't fake it or pretend. If you can't, then don't pretend."

"A nervous beginning not knowing what to expect. Intelligent conversation calmed my nerves as I felt like I was meeting an old friend. Seductive honest touch. This woman truly enjoys her work. Responded to touch in kind. Thank you Annie."

"You and me in 69 position while we mutually stimulated one another... both of us came as we looked in the mirror."

5. What kind of music do you like to listen to while getting your massage?

This question came up with responses that would be expected. 

Of course you want music that is soothing, relaxing, and soft.

If any of you would like to follow my playlist on Spotify, here it is.


6. Anything else you want to tell me?

"Tell me my body is hot and you want my cock. Part of the fantasy is pretending I'm wanted sexually."

"Best session I have ever had. Can’t wait to return."

"I adore the fact that you are mature. The woman who understands true desire of intimacy and knows how to enjoy sensuality herself, here’s a huge turn on for me."

"I met you once and you were Very Nice exceeding expectations. Amazing. Planning to visit you again."

"You seem pretty fantastic. I’m looking forward to booking my first session."

Thank you for reading my blog, especially my subscribers!

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Photo Credit: Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight

Thursday, June 27, 2019

June Photo Shoot (and some exciting news)!

Greetings Guys and Girls!

I am so excited!

I love the photos from my June photo shoot.

And other exciting things are happening too. :)

You may have noticed that I raised my hourly rate by $20 from $180/hour to $200.

If you have already been booking with me and feel that you cannot afford more than $180, no worries. 

You may continue to pay our originally agreed upon rate.

However, if you feel you can afford it and that my service is worth it, please consider paying my new rate.

I raised my rate on the recommendation of several clients who encouraged me.

Higher rates will allow me to be more picky and free up my schedule more for my favourite clients. xoxox

I'm also really excited to tell you about a new service I will be offering with my extremely sexy, sensual, close friend Carmen Shakti!

We will soon be offering duo massage sessions!

Next month we will do my July photo shoot TOGETHER!

Now is a great time to subscribe for free to my site!

Subscribers will be receiving a very NAUGHTY photo gift from me VERY SOON!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who answered my "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey. 

I closed the survey at 85 responses! That's amazing!

It will take some time for me to summarize my findings but check back or subscribe to receive the results.

I have to admit, reading the cock stimulation suggestions is getting me very horny and excited for my next appointments!

Without further ado... here are my June photos XOXO

Love Annie 

PS. Bonus for Regulars: If you'd like me to text you the unedited versions, let me know (regular clients only).

I've been playing by myself, waiting for  you...

Won't you cum join me?

I love having my nipples caressed.

I'm all yours for an hour. xoxoxo

Are you relaxed yet?

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