Friday, August 7, 2020

Vacation Surprise!

August 2020

Imagine this...

I'm in a hotel elevator in Whistler with my boyfriend when who gets into the same elevator..?

...A super sexy client of mine!

I suspected he was there for business staying in the same hotel.

My boyfriend and I were there for relaxation but we also had a date set up that night with a sex worker for a threesome.

This particular client REALLY turns me on during our sessions, so needless to say, I was aroused immediately.

We made eye contact in that elevator, but neither of us said a word. That's how this business goes. All discretion and horniness. ;)

My client was still in the elevator when we stepped off, so I didn't know which floor he was staying on.

I thought, if only I knew, maybe I could rendezvous with him later...

August 2020

I was so turned on by the thought that I took my boyfriend back to our hotel room and had amazing sex with him, all the while fantasizing about my client who was somewhere in the same hotel.

My boyfriend thought I was excited about the upcoming evening we had planned with the provider we'd contacted in advance.

I told him that, actually, I'd seen one of my clients that I find super sexy in our hotel.

(My boyfriend is not the jealous type. I can tell him these kinds of things.)

Understanding the situation perfectly, my boyfriend offered for me to spend the evening with my client rather than the date we planned.

He would go see the sex worker by himself.

I sensed that he and I both preferred this new idea, but I didn't know how I would track my client down or even if he'd WANT to get naughty with me!

We decided to see what happens that day. If it worked out that I saw my client and he was equally interested, then great.

If not, I would still get to have a fun threesome with my boyfriend and a sexy sex worker.

As though it was divinely orchestrated, I ran into my client in the lobby later that day.

My boyfriend had gone up ahead of me while I smoked a joint.

I entered the hotel, slightly buzzed, and standing there was this sexy man that I had seen naked and pressed my body against a number of times.

My client.

(Let's call him Adam.)

August 2020

He smiled at me and opened his arms for a hug. He had a question on his face like, "is this okay?"

I hugged him hard and told him how happy I was to see him.

It turned out he was on a business trip like I thought. A business party trip, he admitted.

There was a work function later in the evening.

This was my chance.

I quickly told him that my boyfriend was going out this evening around 6pm and was he free to hang out?

He said he would love that and it made my pussy hot hearing his words.

Back at the hotel room, I told my boyfriend that I had arranged the get-together with my client.

My boyfriend was happy for me. He said he was kind of hoping to go see the sex worker alone anyway.

We laughed and kissed. Then we both got ready for our dates.

After showering, shaving, and making myself as pretty as possible, I said goodbye to my boyfriend and went to Adam's hotel room.

He was looking sexy as ever. He, too, was all clean and smelling good.

I leaned into him and we stayed that way, clinging to each other, for several moments letting our arousal roll over us.

My nipples were hard already, visible through my shirt.

Adam casually and gently ran his thumbs over them. It was so erotic!

We took our time, as I like to do. He poured me a drink and we reclined on the bed in his room.

I broke my kissing rule and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He was a great kisser.

We undressed each other slowly. Taking time to worship and caress each other as we became more and more naked.

Finally, we were naked and I broke another rule getting a taste of Adam's cock.

We played like that for awhile, licking and kissing and sucking each other gently in every way.

His cock was not unfamiliar. I had had the pleasure of enjoying his whole body more than once.

But this was different because we both knew that we were going to fuck!

Adam is a very passionate man. I soon found myself lost in the bliss of his tongue and his hands.

I came on his face so hard and he loved it. He wanted me to come again and again.

Three orgasms later, I needed his cock inside me.

I was practically begging by the time he penetrated me!

Adam is such a tease!

Adam slid his cock into my pussy slowly and sweetly.

He was so attentive. I felt like he was worshiping my body; both of us lost in the sensations of his throbbing cock and my pulsating pussy.

At first we fucked slowly, kissing and staring into each other's eyes.

As our mutual arousal increased, so did our rhythm, until Adam's hips rocking against mine brought me to orgasm again!

"Can you turn over?" Adam asked.

"Yes, but please be gentle," I replied.

I arched my back, ass in the air, and accepted his throbbing cock.

He was absolutely gentle, pushing his cock in and out slowly.

He squeezed my ass cheeks and gripped my hips, fucking me very slowly and tenderly from behind.

I could feel his excitement growing. He was so sexy!

When Adam came a thrill went through my entire body. Our chemistry was amazing, as it always is when I see him.

Afterwards, we chilled out for awhile. Sipped our drinks. Chatted about our lives.

I was filled with gratitude to have Adam in my life.

I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing family and an amazing business with happiness and peace at the forefront of both.

Being with Adam reminded me how grateful I am for my wonderful regulars and my kinky boyfriend too.

What a night to remember!


I hope you enjoyed my naughty story, which was in fact entirely fantasy!

Stories are fiction, folks... designed to arouse you and tempt you into booking a massage!

July 2020

Two last things I want to say:

1. I want to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by last week's blog post. I referred to clients in their 70's and up as "dirty old men."

I received feedback that my comment was not appreciated.

I assured the gentleman in question that my words were honestly meant as a teasing endearment.

I love dirty old men!

(As long as they are clean, kind, respectful, and gentle.)

I apologize if anyone else was offended by my poor taste in humour. Please forgive me!

2. Just a gentle reminder to cut your nails before bookings and to always be gentle!

I know it's easy to get caught up in the moment, but certain parts of a woman's body are very delicate and fingernails can cause little tears.

I hope you have an amazing week!

Love Annie

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

New Photos! New Hair!

How are you enjoying the heat?


I am a sun worshipper.

I still need an air conditioner in my workspace, of course.

I have three dresses that are comfortable to wear braless and they are my summer wardrobe.

Bras and hot days DO NOT go together!

Today is exciting because I am posting new, recent photos of me with new hair.

Currently I am 100 lbs, 5 feet tall, tanned, tattooed, and fit. See for yourself below! XO

Please let me know if you my photos make YOU feel hot!

I've got naughty thoughts! ;)

Thank you to all who have responded to my survey!

The answers so far are fascinating and intriguing. I can't wait to compile it all and share it with you.

There have been 41 respondents so far.

I will give it another week or so to see if anyone else wants participate in the survey.

I was shocked to learn that some of you saw your first sex worker at the age of 17?!

I'm pretty sure that's illegal and I'm going to start asking for ID's!


My preference is for clients who are respectful and kind.

There are young men who fit that description.

But in my experience, most men start to mature in their 30's and their manliness kinda fills out in their 40's.

My clients in their 30's might have an older woman thing, or MILF fetish. Or maybe they just think I'm hot! ;)

Guys in their 40's listened to the same music I did growing up. They saw the same movies I saw.

They are likely to have kids and been through a marriage or two. We have those things in common.

By the 50's and up, my clients are still naughty and sexy. But you are also wise and "knowledgeable."

By the time you're in your seventies, you've reached the "dirty old man" stage!

Don't worry... I'm a fan!

(You know who you are, you naughty seniors.)

I didn't like my face in this
photo, so I cropped the top.

In the words of Aliyah, "age ain't nothing but a number."

I don't actually have an age preference.

My favourite clients are respectful, kind, clean, and gentle.

You make me feel safe and relaxed.

Our time together is much sweeter if we both feel safe and relaxed.

Blowing you a kiss!

I hope you like my mini shoot of amateur selfie photos!

They were taken with a phone tripod and a remote control to click the photos.

I used natural lighting from the windows. Hopefully none of my neighbours saw me!

There was no filtering or photoshopping done to these photos (obviously).

I recently had a new client who seemed relieved that I look like my photos when he arrived at my door.

This is why I post recent photos!

And last but not least...

The world seems really crazy right now but work is keeping me sane.

I think human contact and connection is far more important than I ever realized.

"While it's important to take care of the physical body, the need for trusted social bonds is equally necessary for a vital, healthy life. Intimate relationships, be they physical, emotional, or both, are proven to be critical to your happiness and overall quality of life.

In a longitudinal study of young adults over 40 years that measured their happiness during college and again 35 years later, the happiest participants were the ones who said they valued and enjoyed their close relationships.[ix] It wasn't critical to keep the same partners to benefit; those who placed a high value on developing close bonds were the happiest across time. In terms of intimacy versus isolation, intimacy is the remedy when isolation creates disease of the spirit."

We are not supposed to be isolated from each other. Our skin is meant to be pressed against other people's skin throughout our lives.

It is a basic need.

I sincerely thank those of you who are my regulars. You make my life amazing.

I love my work because of you. xo

I hope you have a wonderful week.

I wish you all big naked hugs in your near future! xoxo

PS. Next week's blog post is a naughty story about a VERY HOT Vacation Surprise!

Love Annie

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

My First Times

First photo I used in an ad on LL

I was feeling extra naughty this week after looking through old photos.

I posted a few in last week's blog post.

But I viewed a lot more.

Photos from my youth taunted me with memories of firsts.

The first time I fell in love.

The first time I had sex.

The first time I stripped.

The first time I gave a naked hug for money.

These are personal stories. I hope you enjoy them.

First Photo Shoot as a Stripper

The First Time I Fell In Love

I had boyfriends in highschool that I was crazy for. I truly thought I was in love with them at the time.

But looking back now, I know that my first love happened when I was 19. 

He was a beautiful, tanned, sexy young man with tattoos and no shirt on.

I lived in Kelowna at the time. Summer fashion is threadbare there.

He was a marijuana dealer when I met him. 

We lived together. I visited him in jail. He was a badass and he broke my heart.

We were young and dumb...

We have reconnected at brief times over the years. He no longer does crime to make a living.

I remember when he asked me how I could be a feminist and a stripper. He had seen an article in a newspaper about my activism efforts.

I tried to make him understand that I was a feminist

But now, almost 20 years later, I don't even call myself a feminist. I try not to label myself as anything, to be honest.

I don't think labels are good.

But they are useful for writing.

I haven't talked to my first love in years. I think he deleted me off Facebook.

But I still wonder how he's doing.

He is still special because he was my first love. 

First Time Hosting the Event
Exotic Dancers for Cancer

at The Drake

The First Time I Had Sex

I was only fifteen and my boyfriend was the same age.

The song by Tiffany

The real reason I lost my virginity that night was because my younger friend

How dare she?!

I was jealous.

I laugh at myself looking back, but such is life.

We are taught that our first sexual experience is meant to be with someone really special and we should definitely be turned on as fuck!

But for most women and maybe men too...? 

...the first time we have sex it is mediocre at best.

I dated that boy. I wrote him love letters. I thought I would die when he abused my feelings. I learned so much from him.

Particularly, I learned not to let my guard down. It took the next 15 odd years to bring those walls back down!

Can you imagine?!

All because of a boy who was thinking with his dick. LOL

First explicit photo shoot

The First Time I Stripped

I was desperate.

I had moved from my home town to Vancouver.

I had a shitty job making minimum wage in the rainy winter on Granville Street selling leather jackets.

I applied everywhere but that was all I could get.

I wasn't making enough to get by. I cried as I got ready for shifts.

I hated my job.

My best friend came to town in December. 

She was a stripper and had been for a few years. We'd gone to high school together.

That woman saw me through some of the hardest times of my life. And now we haven't talked in years.

While she was in town, I did "ecstasy" for the first time and we went to a rave.

I told her about my job.

She said, "You know, you could just work Sundays as a stripper and it would give you an extra $400 plus per month."

She wrote down the names and phone numbers of the three agencies that booked the Lower Mainland.

I never thought I'd actually do it, but about a month later, in January, I called the first number.

The man who answered booked an interview with me and I started working that night at the Marble Arch as a VIP dancer.

My first time getting naked was in the private show booth at the Marble Arch. 

Back then, the private show booths weren't even private!

It was an easy chair sitting in front of a small raised stage with a pole.

Another girl took pity on me and helped me get a few dances.

I had some drinks bought for me by horny men and it helped me hustle.

I made more that night in three hours than I made in two weeks at my shitty job.

The rest is herstory.

First Duo photo shoot.

The First Time I Gave A Naked Hug For Money

In some ways I wonder if it was inevitable.

After all the advocacy and project coordination I'd done for sex worker rights, health, and safety - was it inevitable that I would give naked hugs for money?

I didn't know that it was. I didn't know that one day I would.

But the day came when I wanted to.

Luckily for me, I had a partner who supported me.

The first thing I did was reach out to male friends who I knew would be interested.

It felt safer to start with people I knew. I could learn with them. They wouldn't begrudge my amateur technique.

They were men I'd met in strip clubs and become friends with.

I reached out to them and they were interested. 

I sent the messages out on a Friday and I immediately booked two massages for the weekend.

One of those men told me recently that my technique from massage number one to massage number two had improved dramatically.

What can I say, I'm a fast learner.

I admit... I was intoxicated the first time I stripped and the first time I gave a naked hug for money!

I'm not proud of that.

I have done both quite a bit better sober.

I drank because I was scared I wouldn't be good at it!

Thankfully both stripping and now sensual massage were a great fit for me. I am the happiest I've ever been.


And there you have it. Several of my "first time" sexual experiences!

I'd love to hear yours!

Thank you to everyone who appreciates my weekly articles and takes the time to respond to me.

I'm sorry if I take awhile to get back to you sometimes. I'm juggling work and mom-hood, so I get behind often.

My hours are daily between 12 and 5 but I am available at 1030 am with advance bookings.

It is best to book 2-3 days in advance but sometimes I am booked up to a week!

I only see two clients per day and I do not work every day. That is why it is sometimes difficult to see me when it best fits your schedule.

However, I have the odd day here or there where I have no bookings and I have to be horny all by myself.

So, it's worth reaching out in case I'm available on short notice too! 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. xoxo

And don't forget to take my short survey! 

I'm loving the responses so far!

Love Annie

I put the penis back in happiness. ;)

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Once a Stripper, Always a Sexy Bitch

Omg! I have no tattoos in this photo! (1998)
I've been an adult entertainer for over two decades. 

I started stripping when I was 23. I stripped and did some nude modeling between babies.

I was even a stripping waitress at the Tudor Inn for over a year!

I also had square jobs, got a post secondary education, and I was even married for awhile.

A few years ago, I returned to the strip club to be a massage girl.

"Massage Girl" didn't really suit me. 

Instead, I went by the more appropriate title of "Massage Goddess."

Now, as you know, I practice the art of sensual massage in a private setting.


Clients sometimes ask me about my stripping days. Did I like it better than what I'm doing now?

That is a complex question because there were parts of dancing that I absolutely loved and nothing before or since can compare; but there are also parts that I absolutely hated.

In this article, I am going to share some differences between working in the strip clubs versus doing sensual massage now.

In The Beginning

I was young and full of defiance when I started dancing.

I had my own style and I wasn't going to change it for agents or club owners or anyone.

I didn't get a boob job or go blonde. I didn't try to straighten or tame my wild wavy hair. 

I was much the same then as I am now, personality-wise...

Always smiling. Always giving out hugs. Always on time and professional.

I went home after work and didn't party. I smoked weed but no heavy drugs.


I loved buying costumes and putting together playlists for my sets. 

I loved having a reason to put makeup on, tan, and paint my toenails.

I loved that I could take weeks off at a time to go camping or visit family.

But most of all, more than anything, I LOVED PERFORMING!

I loved dancing sexy, making eye contact with my audience, smiling, laughing, teasing, and moving my body to music.

I don't believe there is a more wonderful way to make a living than to dance for it.

At the core, stripping was "Honest to God" the best job I ever had. It was literally my dream job.

I loved being an exotic dancer.


Activist Spirit

Around 2000, I conceived of an idea to start the Naked Truth - a website for exotic dancers.

Long story short, that led to me joining "the sex worker movement." 

Through a "by and for" sex worker organization in Vancouver BC, I became involved with a group of sex workers who spanned the industry in gender and specialty.

I made friends with escorts, dommes, sex workers of different genders and sexual orientations, street-based sex workers, webcam workers, adult film actors and producers...and more.

My wedding guests were a who's who of whore activism in Vancouver circa 2008.

The first incarnation of TNT

Through my activism and advocacy connections, I was hired to coordinate a health and safety project for sex industry workers.

I compiled advice from sex workers across Canada and strived to connect with diverse individuals from different parts of the industry.

I learned so much.

I didn't know at the time that one day I would use all of that knowledge to run my own sensual massage business.

Let me tell you, it has served me well.


Transferable Skills

Stripping required me to become a business woman. I had to learn about saving receipts and paying self-employment taxes.

I had to motivate myself to get work and then go to work. I could not be lazy. I could not be disorganized.

To maximize my earning potential, I had to be good at conversation and learn to read body language.

I had to set and assert boundaries. I learned not to judge a book by its cover when assessing my audience.

A relic from the past.

I grew up in the strip clubs. 

My strength, my determination, my direction... were all nurtured by my experience being an adult entertainer surrounded by incredible colleagues.

I was always headstrong, but this business gave me the life I wanted. My stubbornness gave me a voice.

I molded and learned along the way. A lot of my youthful opinions don't hold sway over me anymore.

I am not a cheeky stripper anymore.

But I grew up in the sex industry.

Transferable skills include back arching, stripteasing, and general naughtiness.

Stripping was the best job I ever had. 

I got paid to move my body to music. I got paid to be sensual and sexy.

What could be better?

But there were shitty parts of stripping too.

The Dark Side of the Strobe Light

I loved stripping but there was "un-glamorous" shit that I put up with.

For instance, working in clubs with no heat or hot water.

Agents bumping me out of gigs at the last minute because I didn't bend over backwards for them. Hello, I was a single mom.

I was usually given my contract at the end of the week, so I wouldn't know until Saturday if my shows took a paycut without me being informed.

(The stripper work week is Monday to Saturday.)

A few dollars per show made a difference in hundreds of dollars back then. We were getting 30+ shows per week.

Some things haven't changed since being a stripper...

  • I still tan regularly and shave everyday.
  • I still save my receipts and hire an accountant to do my taxes.
  • I still make my own playlists and choose my own "uniform."
  • I still lie about my job to people I don't want to get into it with. (Howdy nieghbour, I enjoy cocks for a living. What do you do?)
  • People in the square world still misunderstand me and the men I provide services for are still some of my closest friends.
  • I still get to watch myself work in mirrors.
  • I'm still providing comfortably for my family and I'm still content with my beautiful life.
  • I am still horny as fuck.
  • I am still cheeky.

What I Love Now

What I love now, doing sensual massage, is that I don't have to deal with agents or club owners.

I don't have to put up with their shit and I also do not have to get their permission for anything to do with my business.

I love what I do now because I have full and total control over what I am doing.

I manage every aspect of my business from where I do it to how often to who for and beyond.

Unlike my early stripper days, I no longer feel a need to assert my individuality. 

I am comfortable with who I am. I don't need to prove it.

I am calmer, more grateful, and happier. I have evolved since my stripping days.

Stripping was a job that I loved but it was just a job. I didn't buy huge theme costumes. I didn't travel the world.

I worked and I played.

Now, every decision I make for my business is a mixture of branding and strategies to maximize my income.

I didn't think like that when I was young. I wish I had.

In fact, I wish I started doing sensual massage 20 years ago.

This career fits me like two fingers in a pussy. Perfectly.

I'm a sensual woman. So, why not earn my income doing what comes natural to me?

My marketing background is probably the best transferable skill I brought with me and I learned that shit on the ground.

I am old enough to remember the days before social media.  

No universities taught "digital marketing" when I was a young, single woman with one child.

I learned it because of stripping and starting the Naked Truth.

I rolled with the punches. 

I am - like most of you - a person who remembers the world before cell phones and wifi and Facebook.

Interestingly, I have adapted and you receive an email once a week because of my study of digital marketing.

"Once a Stripper, Always a Sexy Bitch."

I don't know if this is true. I made it up.

However, being a stripper definitely enhanced my sexuality in numerous ways.

It is the same now with sensual massage.

I am comfortable being naked with you.

The rules of engagement are set out for us to enjoy a respectful bit of play.

I'm all tease and you're all sugar and spice, heightening my senses while I overcome yours.

I love having a high libido. 

I love massaging different sexy men and not feeling guilty about it.

I love flirting and talking about topics that aren't allowed in polite society.

We are ever polite, don't get me wrong. But no subject is taboo.

This is a great reason to love my life.

It's not all cocks and giggles but the majority of the time it really is. 

Thank you for being a part of it. I hope to see you soon. xoxo

Love Annie

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Ten Questions to Satisfy My Curiousity SURVEY

I am so curious about you!

Every new client who comes through my door has a back story.

Some of you share them with me and some of you are very private about your life.

I get it. You don't know me so why should you trust me? 

Good call! I don't trust people easily either.

But today I am not asking about your "real" life.

I want to know about your first experience with a sex worker.

Call it professional curiousity. I am simply curious!

I cannot tell who you are when you answer the survey unless you say your name, so please feel free to be completely honest. 


This survey is split into two sections.

The first section asks you some personal questions about your first time with a sex worker.

The second section is FOR MY REGULARS ONLY!

This article is short because I want you to spend your time answering the survey!

I hope you are all horny, happy, and living life to the fullest!

Love Annie


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Saturday, July 4, 2020

What Every Client Should Know

If I could ask every client to read certain articles on my website in particular, these are the articles I'd want you to read. 

I bet you haven't read them all!

Below I've linked several articles with a short synopsis of each. 

I've attached a sexy photo for every article.

(You'll also get to see some recent selfie photos of me from Canada Day.) 

How To Be A Great Client

Learn the basics! In this article I share ten tips on what makes a great client for me. I dare say all sex workers prefer clients who do these ten things.

Your First Time With A Sex Worker?

Lots of people put off hiring a sex worker because they don't know what to expect. In this article I share what to expect with me and how I feel about my clients. 

Dealing With Shame

Our society likes to shame people for enjoying sexual pleasure, especially with sex workers! In this article I break shame down from my perspective and share a little I learned from university too.

What About Married Men?

You probably know how your wife feels, but how do you think I feel? In this article I share my perspective on seeing married clients. 

Five Reasons to Become a Regular

Do you like to find a provider who is amazing and stick with them, or do you prefer to spread out the love and see different providers most of the time? In this article I share five reasons it's beneficial to become a regular of mine. 

Cock Talk

In case you haven't noticed, I love cocks. In this article I share everything I know about cocks and also a little I didn't know before writing it. 

How to Touch It But Don't Crush It

I realize that all women probably feel differently about how their pussies are touched. In this article I share how I like mine to be touched and why. xxx

How to Sexually Arouse and Satisfy A Woman

Like the above article, this one is biased because I'm telling you basically how to sexually arouse ME! I can only speak from experience, right? However, I have no doubt you can modify these suggestions to your partners in life as well. ;)

To me, there is a big difference between a client and a predator. I do not think of them as the same thing at all! In this article I describe what behaviours I consider predatory and the reasons sex workers screen clients before seeing them.

Talk Dirty To Me Survey Results

I like to send out surveys every once in awhile. This survey was my favourite so far because it really helped me to understand what my clients are looking for when they come to see me. I thought you'd enjoy checking it out to see if you agree with the results!

The Hallelujah Annie Experience

A horny little story or the real thing? In this article, I share one client's experience (name changed to protect the innocent). I hope every client who sees me walks out feeling like Gavin does in this story. 

Funny, Sexy Memes to Cheer You Up!
Since we are still experiencing the covid 1984 pandemic, I thought I'd share some funny, sexy memes I created in March 2020. Only click on this article if you have a sense of humour! XOXO


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Vacation Surprise!

August 2020 Imagine this... I'm in a hotel elevator in Whistler with my boyfriend when who gets into the same elevator..? ...A super sex...