Monday, January 18, 2021

Life Is Hard Sometimes - But We Have Each Other

Dear Clients,

This is a letter to thank you.

For years, I have lived in full passion.

I have chosen right now over everything else. I have lived for the present. And I have been grateful.

But recently, I went through some personal stuff in my family and it was hard.

I found myself dwelling on dark experiences from my past - experiences I do not want to think about. They are in the past. They do not determine my present or future.

Being aware of this didn't help. So, I knew I was going through a bit of depression.

Typical for me, my reaction was to suddenly become numb.

This can be done with alcohol and drugs, but some of us don't even need it. Our numbness is automatic and comes from years of practice.

It is a defense mechanism that some of you may be very familiar with. It makes you feel... nothing.

Numbness kills the bad feelings but also the good feelings too.

There is only one way to get out of the numbness... 


At times like this, I look for experiences that make me feel alive!

I think of ways to feel again.

At times like this, I love my work because...

In your arms I will feel...



Despite going through years of health issues that made a normal life impossible; I always knew, without a doubt, that one day I would have my life back. 

I promised myself that when I did, I would never take my life for granted again.

I knew then and I know now that being numb is a waste of life.

I know, from experience... from learning the hard way... I know that life is meant to be lived to the mother fucking fullest.

Through my work,
I offer the same thing that you offer me.

Moments of pleasure. 

Moments of "right now."

You give me that.

For the moments we are together, you give me freedom from the whatever life is throwing my way.

You bring me out of it.

Your touch and your smile... they fill me up. 

For the brief time we are together, I am present. 

I want to thank you for that.

Together we can escape the aches and pains of our regular lives. We can find...

A respite from reality.

A window into fantasy.

A naked hug; a relaxing rub; a place to be "enough."

This is the beauty of human connection.

And I am very grateful to have you. xo

Love Annie

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Nothing but Nudes for My Birthday

Last week I celebrated my birthday!

I am getting older and hornier!

YOU... the sexy men I get to press my  naked body against... keep me wanting more... and more... and more!

To celebrate a hornier than usual birthday, I thought I'd share a compilation of NAKED photos with you.

Every photo of me in this post is completely nude.

Many of them, you may have already seen. 

But I included a few new ones at the end. 

I hope you enjoy them!

 Love Annie xo

My feet aren't naked but the rest is. ;)

I'm waiting for you to book a massage.

Candid photo

Candid photo

Personally, I love red hair on me.

I'm praying you'll come back soon.

Hot red shoes are beautiful!


Goodbye 2020!

This dream catcher caught
a goddess!

I loved being tied up!

The rope up the crack of my ass
was turning me on!

I love a man who is good with his hands.

Me learning how to do selfies. LOL

A photo accidentally taken.

There's more skin for more tattoos!

Do you like your women tiny?

My turn for a massage!

Should I get dressed to make the bacon?

Fun with mirrors!

I took these last photos on my

I'm getting older but sweeter. xo

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Ten Nude Year Resolutions for 2021

-----IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Wanna get naked with me?-----

Before my birthday, I am setting goals for the year ahead...

I have several resolutions for my NUDE year! 

(And I have some resolutions for when I'm not nude too!)

What are YOUR resolutions?

I'd love to hear from you by email or text. What changes are you hoping to make this year?

My NUDE and NEW Year's Resolutions... 

I think I need more sexy dick photos in 2021 too!

#1. Have More Orgasms!

I already have a lot of orgasms but I thought, why not?! There are never too many orgasms! Can you help me achieve my goal? *naughty giggle*


I always dress sexy to write! ;)

#2. Get My First Novel Published!

I wrote a novel many moons ago. I am finally self-publishing it because I'm too lazy to write a synopsis and send it out to publishers in hopes one of them picks it up. My kids have been pushing me to do it for years! I have hired a self-publishing company to help me and it's very exciting. I've also written another novel and I have several other book ideas in my mind. Wish me luck!

It looks like I'm playing with myself,
but I'm just trying to click the remote.

#3. Learn New Session Techniques!

I am always trying to find new ways to keep sessions exciting for regulars without going outside my boundaries. This year, I will continue my education in new massage techniques and other ways to tantalize and stimulate you! Please offer advice to help me learn. xoxo

I need to break the chains
of mental slavery and
be free and healthy!

#4. Get Healthy!

I have to admit. Covid 1984 has affected my mental health which has affected my physical health. Mask anxiety and the social disconnection in day-to-day life, plus the closing of a center that I volunteered at --- all combined to put me in a dark place at moments over the past year. In 2021, I want to disconnect from social media more and exercise more. I want to feel good and avoid anything toxic to my happiness. After all, health is wealth! Am I right?

This was the scene of my last experience being a client!

#5. See More Sex Workers!

Yes, I am a provider, but I am also a client! I enjoy a professional sex worker who is passionate about their work. Most male escorts listed are bisexual which is even more of a turn on for me. I love men who love men. Well, if I'm honest, I really just love... men. Seeing more sex workers will also help me with my first resolution to have more orgasms! The most interesting thing about being a client is that I can view my business from your perspective. I have seen a handful of sex workers but only one who really rocked my world! I want to be the one who rocks YOUR world.

Would you be my friend?

#6. Nurture Friendships!

I feel like I do not have time for in-person friendships. But when shit gets hard, I really wish I had some! This year, I am going to try and build friendships in-person with people I connect with. I need to learn to have friendships outside of horny playtime or being a home-maker. My life is definitely busy. Normally, my life truly revolves around working and being a mom. But this year, I'd like to find a way to make time for friends. If you have any advice on this, please let me know!

Hitachi Magic Wand!

#7. Buy A New Vibrator!

I have a favourite vibrator and I bring it back and forth between my home and my massage studio. But sometimes I forget it at one place or another and don't realize until I want to use it. This is a tragedy, I know. This year, I want to have my favourite vibrator at home and at work (TWO VIBRATORS!), so I never miss a chance to have a quick, electric-powered orgasm again. (This will also help me with my first resolution to have more orgasms this year.)

Don't I look smart in this photo? *giggle*

#8. Learn More About Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency!

This is a subject I find fascinating and I've only begun to explore the surface of what it is and how it will impact money and the world. I have a very small, long-term investment in crypto so I can watch how volatile it is, experience the trends, and get a better grasp of this new and exciting currency.

This is from the last pro shoot I did in 2020.

#9. Hire Professional Photographers More!

Last year, because of covid, I only did one professional photo shoot for the entire year and it was in February. I miss getting professional photos done. Don't get me wrong, taking sexy selfies is fun too. But this year, I'd like to have at least three or four shoots throughout the year, if not more. This just reminded me that I found a photographer on Twitter who does super sexy work! Check him out. I should ask him how much he charges. Yay!

Our new logo!

#10. Get The *New* Naked Truth Launched!

Some of you may remember that I started a business with two sex worker colleagues last year. The business is a social enterprise that involves offering business solutions to sex workers that prioritize health and safety. The last web developer we had really fucked us over. We stopped working with him after spending thousands of dollars. But our idea is so important to us, that we started from scratch again with another web developer. Cross your fingers this one comes through! He says we should be up and running early this year. I'll update you when we've reached that milestone!

What are you New Year's resolutions? 

I hope one of them is to come and see me!

I sincerely wish you all an amazing, wonderful year full of orgasms and friendships.

Love Annie

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Best of 2020 - Photos and Stories

What a year!

I wish I could say that COVID 2020 has been the worst year of my life.

But it is not even close!

I had an amazing year despite the stress and challenges caused by the pandemic.

  • My home life has been great! 
  • My children are ending this year healthy, intelligent, and caring (despite two of them being teenagers)!
  • My health has been a little rocky but I'm still living my life as fully as possible under the circumstances.
  • WORK has been AMAZING!

I love: 

  • running my own business, 
  • having my own in-call space to call my second home, 
  • meeting and getting to know incredible men,
  • having intimate, beautiful, sensual experiences with these incredible men, and
  • earning a livable income so I can provide for my family!

I am very grateful for my family, my work, and for all of you who have become a special part of my life.

To commemorate the year, I would like to share my favourite photos and favourite articles from 2020.

I've been through many changes over the past year. I've grown as a person and I've embraced my work with pride.

For instance, I started the year hiding my face in my ads and on my website.

It was very liberating to stop blurring my face in all my photos.

I also started requiring face photos for first-time clients, which has increased my feeling of safety and trust with new clients.

Without further ado, here are the best photos and articles of 2020...

January's Best:


I posted questions on Facebook, did research, and applied what I've learned in my work to write this comprehensive article about COCKS! I'm an expert, don't you know. ;)

February's Best:

"Tell Me About You" Survey Results

I love this article because you told me about you!

I learned what your views are on monogamy, how old you were when you first saw a sex worker, and many other sexy secrets you shared with me!

March's Best:

What I Love About My Married Clients

This is my favourite article from March because I love confronting controversial topics like this. I know that some providers may see things differently, but this is how I feel about my married clients.

April's Best

My Four Most Common Fantasies

Looking back, I see April was a very horny month for me! I wrote several naughty articles in April and it was hard for me to choose my favourite. I chose this article because it had the most views. But I will also give a shout out to "Annie's Mall Sex Fantasy" story because I got a lot of positive feedback for that one too. 

May's Best:

When A Client Is A Predator

I love this article because it offers you advice on screening providers and also helps you to understand why providers screen clients. It also marks the month that I started asking for face photos from new clients. I explain why in the article.

June's Best:

Dealing With Shame

In June I tackled another difficult topic - Shame. I received a lot of feedback from subscribers and this was a very popular article. 

July's Best:

Once A Stripper, Always A Sexy Bitch

This article takes you down a historical path of my past in stripping and shows pictures of me from my much younger days with my natural hair.

August's Best:

Naked Hugs Are The Best

This article was actually suggested to me to write by one of my clients who felt most fulfilled by our naked hugs even more than the final climax. 

September's Best:

Too Hot To Handle Oral Pleasure Photos Story and Photos

This was one of my most popular posts, probably because it is so naughty! I do not offer this as part of my services but it was a fun photo shoot! (understatement of the year!)

October's Best:

51 Things That Turn Me On

This is not a comprehensive list. LOL

November's Best:

Do Sex Workers Get Tired of Sex?

I've been asked this by boyfriends and clients. I love this article because anyone who reads it must really care about me.

December's Best:

My Naughty Hotel Adventure

I can usually tell if an article was liked by how many people send me messages about it. This article brought me lots of horny messages and I enjoyed them tremendously!

I hope you enjoyed THE BEST OF 2020 - PHOTOS AND STORIES!

If I don't see you before the end of the year, I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Love Annie xoxo

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Life Is Hard Sometimes - But We Have Each Other

Dear Clients, This is a letter to thank you. For years, I have lived in full passion. I have chosen right now over everything else. I have ...