Sunday, December 8, 2019

Ask Annie: Why I'm "Hallelujah Annie" and Other News!

'Tis the Season!

I LOVE Christmas.

I love the songs, the tree, the lights, the excitement on my kids' faces.

I love sending gifts to my baby sister and my nieces and nephews.

My tree was up at the beginning of November!

This week I have so much to tell you! Starting with...


Yesterday I went to see my photographer, Jonny Ray, for a sexy Christmas-themed photo shoot!

I can't wait to share those photos with you next week!

My goal is to get YOU so much into the Christmas spirit, that you can't help but book a massage with me!


It just so happens that my kids will be away for a week before Christmas!

This frees up my schedule considerably.

If you'd like to get a session in with me before Christmas, let me know!

I'll be available almost every day between now and December 24th.

It is best to book 1-2 days in advance, when possible. But you never know, sometimes I'm available on short notice - just ask!


Some of you have asked me for my Christmas Wish List.

Thank you so much for wanting to buy gifts for me!

Christmas is an expensive time of year for parents - me included! 

After buying gifts and attending events, it does leave me a little strapped for necessities.

What I really need and what would really help me at this time of year is:
  • Gift card for gas
  • Gift card for groceries (Save On Foods, Choices, Nature's Fare)
  • Gift card for Starbucks (my biggest vice!)
  • Items for my massage studio - Organic Coconut Oil; hand towels, wash cloths, soft pillow slips.
  • Items needed at home because mine are getting worn out - dish towels; Norwex body cloths; sheet sets for my kids (two single beds for boy and girl, one queen for girl).

Honestly, I do not expect gifts, but if you insist, these are the things that my family really needs.

Thank you so much.


I know many of you can't really take these gifts home because of the secretive nature of our relationship, but for those of you who CAN enjoy something like this, I've had sexy magnets made for you!

If you come see me before Christmas, you can have a magnet too!


If you've been reading my articles regularly, you may already know that I am starting another adult-oriented business with two partners who also work in the sex industry.

I recently posted an article about how "Sex Workers Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Their Advertising Platforms."

In this article, I explain the challenges we face dealing with classifieds websites like Leolist and I also share an update on the new site we're releasing in the very near future!

CLICK HERE for more information!


I have been asked a few times about why I call myself Hallelujah Annie and since this is the season for many songs with "hallelujah" in them, I thought it would be a good time to share this little nugget.

As many of you know, I started stripping when I was 23 primarily doing stage and non-contact private dances.

I also did some nude modeling over the years.

However, I never had contact with my clients until I started doing neck rubs in the strip clubs, then graduated to the sensual one-on-one massages that I offer now.

During those years, I twice found myself in financial crises where I thought I had no choice but to get into contact sex work to support my family.

Both of those times were following separation from my husband.

(Yes, I separated from him twice. Gave him a second chance. It didn't work out, obviously. LOL)

Anyhow, both times I separated from my husband I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief and grace - like I had been truly blessed to escape that toxic relationship.

The word that played itself over and over in my head every time I thought about how I was now free from living in a miserable relationship with an emotionally abusive man was...


However, I was also in the position of having to be the sole provider for my children.

In each case, I began to plan my next steps as a contact sex worker.

What would I call myself?

The only word that I could conjure up was always the same... "Hallelujah."

As a stripper, I went by "Annie."

But I didn't want to use my stripping name because I haven't come out to my family as a massage provider. (They knew about the stripping but that's another long story.)

For different reasons, I never ended up doing contact sex work during those financial crises. 

I got into subsidized housing. I got a square job just in time... etc.

About a year ago, I was tired of working square jobs where I made shitty money and got treated even worse.

Fed up, I decided it was time to do contact sex work.

This time, I did not feel like I had no other choice. 

I could keep working and getting by on square world wages.

But I was tired of working for people who didn't appreciate me.

I missed being self-employed.

I missed being a part of the sex worker community.

This time, I was choosing contact sex work because I really wanted to do it.

This decision made me feel much like I felt when I left that shitty relationship with my ex...

This time I was leaving shitty bosses and shitty money that barely provided for my family.

That amazing word full of joy came into my head once again...


Thank you, God! I'm free from these shackles!

The definition of Hallelujah according to Google is:

noun: an utterance of the word “hallelujah” as an expression of worship or rejoicing.
Because I was rejoicing, Hallelujah seemed appropriate. But I was and always will be Annie, also.

And that is why I chose "Hallelujah Annie" for my sensual massage name.

I hope you enjoyed this week's article!

If I don't see you this month... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Ask Annie: How to Touch It But Don't Crush It

Guys love pussy.

Am I right?

You love looking at it, touching it, fingering it, licking and sucking it...

You just love it!

Well, I love that you love pussy.

And I appreciate when you try to please me by paying attention to mine.

So, today, I'm writing about how to touch it without crushing it.

To begin with, I will explain the different parts of the pussy using the technical terms.

The Parts of the Pussy

Vulva - The parts that you see! The outer and inner labia.

Outer Labia - These are the big lips on the outside of the pussy. Some women don't seem to have them and they have what many of us call "outies." My pussy has outer labia.

Inner Labia - These are the folds that are inside the outer labia and closer to the entrance to the vagina. 

Clitoris - The hooded fleshy little guy at the top of the outside of the pussy. It's where the inner labia meet at the top.

Vagina - This is the inside of the pussy where you put your fingers when you finger fuck and where you put your cock when you have sex.

Cervix - If you reach all the way into the pussy until you touch the end, the end part is the cervix. The cervix is like another set of tight lips. It opens wide for childbirth but otherwise only opens slightly during ovulation.

Ovulation - That's when a woman is fertile and she has released an egg. It is also when I am the MOST HORNY!

G-Spot - Inside the vagina behind the clitoris.

Pussy Facts

Now that you know the parts of the pussy, I'd like to share some pussy facts with you...

  • Pussies do not get stretched out from childbirth or too much fucking!
  • Clits get hard like cocks when women are horny!
  • The hornier a woman is, the more her pussy will expand to accept big cocks (and receive sperm)!
  • The clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as a penis!
  • Penetration alone will not lead to orgasm for most women!
  • Women get pain down there when sexually frustrated too! (pink balls!)

The Most Important Things To Remember About Pussies Are...

  • The skin is delicate on the outside and on the inside. Jabbing your fingers into any area of the pussy should be avoided. (And please cut your nails!)
  • Different women like differing amounts of pressure on their clits when being stimulated. Personally, I like it very gentle. Rubbing my clit too hard HURTS!
  • Rubbing dry labia or fingering a dry pussy is not a good idea. It can cause small tears making sexual experiences painful. It also doesn't feel nearly as good as a pussy that has been moistened by saliva, oil, or lube. (I provide coconut oil for my sessions!)
  • It can take up to 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation to get a women's juices flowing! I hope you like foreplay! 
  • It feels really good to have the labia around the opening of the vagina gently played with. ;) (Try it, she'll like it.)

No "jabbing" anywhere inside or outside the pussy; cut your nails; use oil or lube; and be gentle (especially with the clit)!

A couple more hints...

Some women (like me) enjoy finger penetration while the clit is being stimulated.   

Another technique is to finger or tongue the clit until orgasm, then penetrate the vagina with your fingers while your lover is "coming."

Orgasm Etiquette

You've followed all the advice above and you've given your lover an orgasm.. Now what?!

I cannot speak for all women, but after an orgasm, I like the pressure on my clit to remain for a few moments - maybe even up to a minute or so. 

But then my clit needs a break.

Women are multi-orgasmic but we need recovery time between orgasms.

We also need to know when to stop which is difficult because orgasms are so fun!

But if we have too many orgasms, it can make our clits very sore.

Ensuring that there are breaks between orgasms and avoiding the common mistake of trying to go for a world record number of orgasms will enable your lover to enjoy sexual relations again a lot sooner.

In other words, touch it but don't crush it!

To finish, I thought I'd share a funny poem I wrote about masturbating. 

I hope you all enjoy it. Please send me an email to tell me what you think of this article.

I hope to see you soon!

PS. Book before Christmas so I can spoil my kids! LOL

Love you guys. xoxox

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By Hallelujah Annie

Sometimes I feel like an orgasm glutton
I can't have just one, without having a dozen
It's something I'm sure every woman will agree
That's hard not to do when they come so easy

I just plug in my super and powerful vibe
The one that you actually can't put inside
With the vibe on my clit, I work the controls like a tuner
I notice that if I breathe hard I come sooner

That first one is sometimes elusive, it's true
So that's when I think of a hard dick or two
But after I finally feel myself blow
I know that the next "O" will quickly follow

So I rest for a moment and plan out my day
Then I shift my attention back to my self play
And after each little eruption of joy
I tell myself, now I should put back the toy

And that's when I feel like an orgasm glutton
I know I can come at the touch of a button
Cause every orgasm comes faster than before
But after awhile my clit gets real sore

Then later when I am in bed with my lover
My clit is so raw that I hide in the covers
And realize I went way too far and that sucks
Cause "O"'s are much better when you're getting fucked!

Have a great week, sexy people!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ask Annie: What Really Happens Between A Sex Worker and Client

I'm one week into my market research survey and the results are beautiful.

YOU are beautiful!

I love learning about the people who read my website. 

It's very clear that the majority of you are absolute sweethearts who desire intimacy, connection, and stress release.

In my sessions, I have had interesting conversations with brilliant men.

I've learned a lot from some of you.

And you're not just interesting and intelligent! You are also generous and caring.

Respondents to my survey expressed a desire to please me!

I asked in my survey what is the main reason you access sex worker services.

Overwhelmingly, you are looking for intimacy, connection, and stress release.

Radical feminists like to say you (clients) are objectifying us (sex workers).

But I ask you this: Who seeks intimacy and connection with an object?

Quite impossible, wouldn't you say?

Great conversations and mutual pleasure-seeking aren't the only things that happen between sex workers and clients...

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but lo and behold... friendships happen!

We grow to care for each other. Do we not?!

I belong to a sex worker group online and sometimes we chat about how much we care about our clients.

We actually get worried when we don't hear from you for a long time.

It's not like we can just call you up, right?

That's not professional.

And yet, if it's been a long time and we're used to seeing you often, we can't help but wonder... is he okay?

If a sex worker - client relationship was completely about stress release and sexual engagement, we wouldn't worry about each other's well-being.

My really special clients give me huge energy boosts after seeing them.

You can literally make my day, even my week!

When I'm feeling burned out, I will decline to see new clients and only see the clients I'm closest to because I know they will regenerate me.

Human connection is a powerful thing. 

Connecting with people who feed my soul gives me the peace of mind I need to get back to work offering the best service I can to new and regular clients alike.

When my regulars send me sexy messages or little notes to check in with me, I feel special.

We are human beings living a human experience.

Our interactions with each other can enhance our lives or oppress us. 

My clients are not the ones who oppress me.

I dislike getting onto a negative idea, but I feel it's important to say that there are people who oppress me for being a sex worker.

The problem is people who think I am "less than" because of the work I do.

Most clients do not see me as "less than."

You respect me, appreciate me, and value what I have to offer.

The people who devalue me are people who have moralistic values around sexuality and pleasure.

They are often very insecure people who resent me for exposing my body and embracing my sexuality.

They are a problem because their voices are loud and they influence policy and public opinion.

They like to shame and criminalize sex workers and clients of sex workers.

(They are probably lacking sexual intimacy and connection, don't you think?)

I feel sorry for those people living their hate-filled, toxic lives.

I much prefer my beautiful life.

A life that includes special encounters with incredible men.

These men are YOU!

I appreciate you so much.

You are more than "customers" to me.

You are beautiful people who bring beauty into my life.

What really happens between sex workers and clients - at least for me - is that...  

  • we laugh, 
  • we tease, 
  • we talk, 
  • we touch, 
  • we connect, 
  • we listen, 
  • we encourage, 
  • we please, 
  • we care,
  • and we share special moments together.

I am grateful for my work because I get to share such special moments with such special men.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

I hope to see you again soon. xoxo

PS. Thank you to many of you for answering my survey! If you haven't had a chance yet, CLICK HERE to answer my short survey to help me get to know you better!

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Take This Survey To Help Me Serve You Better!

There's a saying in my industry that goes like this:

"Your pleasure is my business!"


"It's a business doing pleasure with you!"

Literally, my business is all about your pleasure.

(Okay, and my pleasure too. Because if I'm having fun, there's a good chance that you're having fun too.)

Because my goal is to entice you, tease you, relax you, stimulate you, wow you, and give you an amazing experience, I want to know you better.

The survey I've posted tells me a little about you.

But please do not feel limited by the survey!

I would love to hear from you in my email inbox...

Tell me more!

What should I know?

What would you like me to tell you?

I want to know all about you!

The survey is completely anonymous.

So feel free to share your raw truths!

If there's a question  missing that should be there, or anything you'd like to share personally with me, please send me an email: 

I am super excited for your feedback and look forward to sharing the results with you in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I hope you're touching yourself thinking about ME!

Love Annie

CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

The "Hallelujah Annie" Experience Was Just What He Needed

Gavin was horny and a little lonely.

But he did NOT want to get into another relationship right now.

He also did not want to have random hook-ups.

The guys at work talked about hiring escorts like it was no big deal.

But Gavin was nervous.

All of his previous intimate experiences had been with girlfriends, or happened when he was drunk.

His best friend laughed at him.

"Just get a massage," he said.

Hmmm, a massage.

That didn't sound so bad.

Gavin scrolled through the listings. 

Then he came to Annie's ad.

She didn't show her face but the photos were sexy. The wording suggested that she was professional.

Gavin clicked through to her website.

She listed her donation price, limitations, services, and expectations.

She promised cleanliness and asked the same in return.

She was non-smoking and required sobriety.

Gavin started to relax a little.

Maybe it wasn't so scary after all.

He sent her a text...

Hey Annie, my name is Gavin. I am a single guy missing that intimate feeling. I'd like to book a massage for Wednesday at 1pm if you're available. This will be my first time.

Annie replied that she was available.

When Gavin arrived to his first booking with Annie, she was dressed in sexy lingerie and high heels. She smiled and hugged him.

Gavin placed his donation on the dresser before hopping in the shower. He used the mouthwash she provided and was sure to clean himself with soap, washing his hair, as well.

A sign on the bathroom wall reminded Gavin what was and wasn't allowed "in the bedroom."

Gavin knew he could touch, lick, and suck her nipples as long as he was gentle. He could gently stimulate her pussy with his fingers using the coconut oil provided.

His cock hardened slightly thinking about it.

Once Gavin was face-down on the bed with Annie's hands on his body, he started to relax.

Within a few moments, Gavin started to feel like he was melting.

Just when he felt like he was going to fall asleep, Annie's hands woke him up.

She was massaging his inner thighs, grazing his package. 

Then she pressed her body against his, nipples poking his back.

Her breath on his neck brought goosebumps to his skin.

Gavin watched her in the mirror on the wall. Her arched back and round bum turned him on.

When it was time to turn over, Gavin started to feel a little nervous again.

Annie continued to massage his chest and shoulders. She rubbed coconut oil into his cock and balls "to say hi" as she put it.

Tentatively, Gavin reached out and started to run his hands over Annie's breasts and ass.

She seemed to enjoy his touch, so he became bolder; taking a nipple into his mouth and gently sucking it.

"Mmm," said Annie. "That feels good."

Gavin loved women who weren't afraid to let you know when they like what you're doing.

The next several minutes were hot.

Annie continued to massage him from different angles, so he could enjoy the view while also practicing his pleasure skills.

Gavin played gently with Annie's clit with one finger while teasing her silky entrance with another.

She pushed her clit at him, rocking her hips faster and Gavin knew she was close to having an orgasm.

He watched her face as the waves burst over her. He nearly came himself!

By the time Gavin experienced his happy ending, both were spent!

They shared a long, naked hug before parting.

Gavin walked out of Annie's studio feeling like a new man.

He had gotten exactly what he needed.

Annie's massage was intimate, sexy, and exciting.

Her personality was genuine, bubbly, and kind.

Between the massage, the naked hugs, and Annie's hands on his cock; Gavin felt completely at peace as he climbed into his car to drive home.

At home, he recalled the cute faces she made when she was lost in her pleasure. He remembered the shape of her ass; the gliding of his coconut oily fingers inside her pussy.

Gavin booked more sessions with Annie and they became more and more comfortable with each other.

Sometimes they talked about their personal lives. Gavin never felt like he had to watch what he said.

Annie was easy to talk to.

The sensuality of their sessions increased too.

He started dating again, but until he found "the one," Annie was his maintenance program.

It wasn't just the physical pleasure she offered that brought him back to her apartment again and again. 

Annie was funny and interesting.

They laughed together. They were excited for each others triumphs and consoling when life was hard.

She convinced him to send her dick pics. What a woman!

They had a playful, intimate... friendship, if he was honest.

Both knew it would never be more. But it didn't mean they didn't care about each other.

Their relationship was special. 

No matter what happened, Gavin would always remember Annie as someone he spent wonderful moments with.

It was perfect for what Gavin needed...

You could have this too! 

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PS. Thank you SO MUCH to the beautiful, caring men who donated to my friends who are grieving the loss of their son. They are struggling financially and may lose their home if they don't come up with the money or find a renter for the basement soon. Every little bit helps. CLICK HERE for more information. xo

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Ask Annie: Why Should You Get A Massage Instead of Full Service?

I get a lot of requests for full service, which I do not offer.

I'm flattered that some of you want to fuck me!

But I sincerely believe that my massage service is EVEN BETTER than sex.

With a full service appointment, you pay a little more to get it on with the sexy provider you've chosen.

But if you book a massage with me, you are in for something that's a little more...

I spend the majority of our session teasing you mercilessly.

Like a full service appointment...

You get to touch me. 

You get to pleasure me.

You get to explode at the end.

And explode you will, after all the teasing you've endured!

Before we get even close to that explosive moment...

...I will massage you, caress you, and press my naked body against yours.

I will crawl over you giving you interesting angles for your viewing pleasure.

Watch me in the mirrors as I massage your back.

Watch me from behind as I perch over you, massaging your legs and thighs.

Listen to my expressions of pleasure while you gently tease me back.

I am multi-orgasmic under the right conditions!

Sometimes you will want the happy ending early because you are so fucking aroused!

Don't worry - I won't rush you out of my studio until our session time is truly over.

I've Converted A Few...

I've had clients who rarely, if ever, go for massages who tell me my sessions are better than sex!

They are amazed how intimate, sensual, and stimulating a sexy massage can be.

If you've been thinking of booking with me, but you wish I was a full service provider; think again!

You may be surprised at how enjoyable a sensual massage really is.

It costs a little less, and yet you get so much more!

There's no fucking. But there is teasing, connection, intimacy, and touching that will drive you wild!

And that is why you should book a massage with me.

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PS. Update On My Life...for those who may be interested ;)

Some of you know that I am starting another business with two other sex workers.

It is an adult classifieds website like Leolist, but it prioritizes health and safety for sex workers and clients.

Check out for more information.

I will let you all know when the new site goes live in the next month or so. 

Shameless Fundraising Ask...

Last year, I was hired by a friend from the adult entertainment industry to give legit massages to her teenage son who had cancer.

I was happy to help and would not accept money for my services.

Chaise, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. At first doctors turned him away telling him the pain he was experiencing in his leg was from a sports injury. He loved playing sports.

But his pain continued and by the time the right tests were run, and Chaise was diagnosed, it was too late to save his leg.

Chaise went through cancer treatment and the family had hope that the amputation would stop the spread of the cancer.

Unfortunately, the cancer spread and Chaise was sent home from Children's Hospital with a terminal prognosis.

His parents did not give up hope. They tried alternative cancer treatments and moved into the country. Both worked a lot less so they could spend more time with Chaise and be there for him during the days.

Sadly, Chaise lost his battle with cancer in October of this year. 

The financial burden of caring for a sick child and their struggle now as they go through the grieving process, led me to want to help them in some way.

It will take a long time for their family to recover financially, so this is a small token of support in the grand scheme of things. But anything that will help is sincerely appreciated.

Things like this leave us speechless and feeling hopeless, but we can at least offer some support to Paula, Craig, and their young daughter.

Grieving the loss of a child or sibling, especially one as young and amazing as Chaise, is a terrible tragedy. It is my hope that through this fundraiser, we can relieve at least some of the financial stress this family is going through after such a harrowing experience.

Please consider making a donation, however small, to this family. 

PS. If you make a donation, let me know when you schedule your next massage with me, so I can spend a little extra time with you for your generosity. xoxo 


Thank you so much, sexy people! XOXO

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ask Annie: What About Married Men?

A huge elephant in the sex worker's room, is the married man.

Wives have many perspectives on sex workers.

Some fear we are trying to steal their husbands.

Some consider us to be traitors - having sexual experiences with THEIR men. 

Some view us as sexual helpers, helping to spice things up. Our services are gifts for their husbands' birthdays.

Others don't want to know about us, but secretly hope their husbands would "just go to a sex worker," so they don't have to perform their wifely duties.

Some are sick or have lost all interest in sex and encourage their husbands to get their needs met through us.

I could go on, but you see what I'm saying. 

Sex Workers are not always viewed as "husband-stealing whores," but generally speaking, that is how we are stereotyped by mainstream society. 

As a sex worker, I have my own perspective.

I don't see my work as harming marriages.

The vast majority of my married clients absolutely LOVE their wives.

But they have been in no sex marriages for years!

Years of not being touched! I can't even imagine. 

Humans need and deserve human connection. And skin-to-skin touch is the Cadillac of human connection.

The men I see who are married are starved for touch.

Often, a naked hug is more profound for them than the happy ending.

Being touched, caressed, teased, held, and treated with tenderness and care - this is what they are missing from their marriages.

Wives learn that if they touch their husbands, sex will be expected. Having little to no sex drive, they stop touching their husbands!

Meanwhile, both partners are now being deprived of intimate touch. It's a tragedy!

The need for human touch and intimate connection.

Some of the messages I receive from married men are heartbreaking.
"It’s been 3-years now since, through a medical condition, my wife lost all interest in sex."

"My wife is in a care home with advanced dementia. I help with her care and bath. She has a hard time even knowing who I am. I haven’t been touched in 4 years."

"I love my wife very much but we have not had sex in approximately 8 years and I don't expect we will ever have it again."
These men are not unhappy in their marriages. They do not want to leave their wives or have affairs.

They have the utmost love and respect for their wives and do not want to pressure them for sex.

However, they have a deep and fundamental need to be touched. 

They have come to the conclusion that if they do not seek the services of a sex worker like me, they will probably never be touched again.

I watched a Tedx Talk about this issue, in which the speaker says straight out, "Ladies, have sex with your husbands before someone else does."

Spread the LOVE!

I believe that sexual intimacy should be available to everyone.

For some, it is available through sex workers like me.

For men in no sex marriages, my services are a solution to staying married.

I don't have designs on these men. 

I will not phone them in the middle of the night or ask them to leave their wives.

I will not judge them for wanting to be touched but not wanting to hurt the loves of their lives.

I consider my services the same as a therapist, or a nurse. A hairdresser, or a mechanic.

I provide a service that my clients need.

I do not make a judgment call about why they do or don't need it.

But I have to admit, when a married man is starved for touch, my heart goes out to him.

He would rather be touched by the woman he loves, with whom he has pledged his life.

But circumstances led him to me. 

I am a professional who offers intimacy, connection, and touch.

I can fulfill those needs, so my married clients can go home to their wives with that heavy burden lifted.

They can know that they are still desirable. They can know they are still able to give pleasure. 

They are not in love with me. They don't contact me between appointments. 

They appreciate me and respect me, and I would say some of us are even friends.

But I do not replace their wives in any way.  

I have been the wife...

I know what it's like to be a wife with no sex drive.

A few years back when I was very ill and married; I encouraged my husband to seek a sex worker.

I told him I didn't want to hear or know about it, but that I would not consider it cheating.

I have no idea if he used that opportunity or not. I hope he did.

One thing being a sex worker has taught me is that "no man is an island." They are human beings who need and desire human connection.

For some women who have lost their sex drive; being cuddled, held, and comforted is enough. 

Men, however, fulfill their intimacy needs through sexual connection.


When people ask me, "But don't you think it's wrong for married men to see sex workers?"

My answer is honest and I mean it.

No, I do not think it is wrong.

It's wrong for a spouse to withhold sex and expect their partner to rarely or never be touched again.

It's wrong for a spouse to carry on love relationships with two different people, while deceiving one or both.

But it is NOT wrong to be faithful in your heart and soul to your spouse, while also getting your intimacy needs met by a professional.

I see firsthand how important sexual connection is for emotional and mental health.

For that reason, I feel it is an honour and privilege to be fulfilling this need for my clients. xo 

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Ask Annie: Why I'm "Hallelujah Annie" and Other News!

'Tis the Season! I LOVE Christmas. I love the songs, the tree, the lights, the excitement on my kids' faces. I love sending...