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Hotel Sex - Loud Fuckers

Joe was a very noisy love-maker. And sex with his wife Sky was super hot, which had the effect of increasing his enthusiasm (and volume).

Sky was not as loud, but she was also very vocal with her pleasure and desires.

Their lovemaking was a beautiful conversation between their bodies, carried on the flow of their dirty talk and their heartfelt professions of unending love.

But the reality was, they had children. They spent a lot of time wanting each other and not a lot of time doing each other.

They struggled to have quiet sex in the late evening hours after the children were asleep (or not). Quiet sex was very, very difficult for Joe and Sky.

They would take advantage of any moments they could when all their children were away.

On the odd school day, when neither of them were working and the kids were gone till 3, they'd start the day showering themselves thoroughly, shaving, primping, and generally preparing for what (and who) was to come.

When their bodies came together, they'd begin by kissing passionately and running their hands over each other's skin as if they were starving for touch.

Then Joe would go down on Sky, eating her out thoroughly and eagerly. Bringing her to the brink over and over again until she came all over his face. Joe would wipe his face, then fuck her slowly at first, Sky clinging to him and coming over and over again.

Sky would kiss Joe deeply, tasting her pussy in his mouth. Her nipples hard and tingling, she'd cry out her love until Joe was pounding her hard and coming all over her stomach. (They used the “pull-out method” of birth control.)

Still, there was always this fear that one of the kids would come home early. They'd almost been caught a few times.

They shuddered to imagine their children listening to their passionate but thoroughly obscene fuck frenzies.

Joe had been working out of town and the only sexual connection he'd had with his wife in the past few weeks had been watching her finger fuck herself and use a big blue dildo on her luscious cunt during Facetime chats.

Likewise, Sky could hardly contain her arousal. She had just put their youngest to bed and now she contemplated how in hell they could make love without bringing down the ceiling.

That's when it occurred to her. Their oldest had babysat many times for concerts and whatnot...

“Let's rent a hotel room,” she suggested to Joe.

“Right now?” Joe asked as the whole concept began to dawn on him too. “That's a great idea. We'll head out for a few hours. Come home and then tell the kids we're running errands in the morning and go back.”

Sky squealed with excitement. “I'll tell the kids we're going out.”

A half hour later, hotel booked, and lingerie in hand, Joe and Sky entered a beautiful hotel room. It was close to home and affordable because of the off season.

They followed their usual ritual of bathing and primping, their anticipation rising as the moment of truth approached.

Sky was ready at last. She came out of the bathroom wearing high heels, matching lacy bra and panties, and Joe's favourite perfume.

The smile on her man's face told Sky he appreciated her efforts. His rising cock told her he liked what he saw.

Sky walked into Joe's arms and between his legs where he sat on the king size bed. Their lips crashed into each other. Joe squeezed Sky's ass, pulling her closer. Sky clutched Joe's body, nails digging into his shoulders and back as they hungrily kissed each other, moaning with urgency.

“Oh baby, I've fuckin' missed you,” Joe confessed before resuming their passionate kiss.

“I've missed you too, baby,” Sky whimpered back. Her need for her husband was so intense, she could hardly keep herself from crying.

Every moment was punctuated by Joe's voice. Even as they kissed, Joe was moaning, groaning,  and grunting his pleasure. He held nothing back. It turned Sky on so much.

They groped each other and felt each other up for several seconds prolonging their kiss as long as they could but it felt like eternity.

Joe pulled away and turned Sky around. He unclasped her bra, then kissing her sexy back, he slid her thong down her legs till it dropped to the floor.

Turning back to face Joe, Sky offered her nipple to his mouth. Joe took this opportunity to slide two fingers into her wet and ready pussy while he teased both nipples with his mouth.

“Oh Joe!” Sky exclaimed. “That feels so good. Oh, my God...I love you. I love you so much!”  She grasped his huge cock in her hand and slid his foreskin up and down. Joe was driven mad by the pleasure.

He lifted Sky onto the bed and continued to massage her g-spot with his fingers while he kissed her deeply again. Sky's hips rocked up to meet his hand. She clung to Joe, moaning with pleasure and continuing to stroke his large, hard cock.

“Sit on my face, baby,” Joe suggested. He loved it when she fucked his face. And although he was anxious to slide his cock into her, he had been fantasizing about tongue fucking her cunt for the past several weeks.

Sky had been having the same fantasy, so she happily obliged, climbing over his face and taking his cock in her mouth.

Joe hungrily licked her pussy at it's center, sliding his tongue up to her clit where he gently paid it some attention. Then wrapping his arms around her ass, he pulled her into his face and dug his tongue deep into her cunt.

He continued to alternate these efforts, ensuring that her outer petals were not left out. Occasionally his tongue would flick out towards her bumhole and Sky would quiver a little more violently.

Sky had a hard time focusing on her own efforts as Joe brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Before she knew it, Sky was on a crescendo. She practically slammed her pussy into her lover's face, grinding her pussy against his mouth until she felt some stubble on her clit and it sent her into spasms of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh, baby!” she cried as she came. “I'm coming so hard, baby! I'm coming so hard.” She continued to push her cunt against him till the waves of her climax receded and she felt a little more present.

She climbed off her husband's face and turned to face him. “I want you to fuck me, baby,” she begged. “I need to feel your cock in me. Please.”

Joe wiped his mouth on the bed sheet and replied. “I can't wait, Sweetie.”

“Want me to ride you?” Sky asked.

“Sure, I'd love that,” Joe grinned. “I love watching you ride me.”

Sky leaned down, grasped and re-wet Joe's cock with her mouth, squeezing his balls with her other hand. Then she stared into his eyes with her hands on his muscular, sexy chest as she climbed onto his slippery raging hard on.

Joe and Sky both groaned with the intense pleasure that rippled through them as their bodies joined together. Joe penetrated Sky deeply and they held onto that feeling for a moment until Sky wiggled her clit against him.

Sky began to ride Joe slowly at first, sliding herself up and down on his hard cock. Her nipples hardened tightly and Joe reached up to pinch them and squeeze her breasts.

After a few moments, Sky felt a fire strong between her legs. She pushed her clit down against Russel, forcing his cock deep inside her, and began to rock against him.

“Yeah, baby,” Joe encouraged her. “I want to feel you all over my cock.”

“I am, baby,” Sky promised. “I'm going to come all over your cock, baby.” She continued to rock against him as Joe reached around and cupped her ass with one hand and held her throat firmly with the other.

That sent Sky over the edge. “I'm coming, baby! I'm coming again!” she exclaimed as she clung to Joe, letting her orgasm take over.

Sky came one more time before they switched positions. Now Joe leaned over her. He was much taller than her, so they placed a pillow under her ass.

As Joe began to pound his cock into Sky's pussy, Sky bit his neck and earlobe. Their moans of pleasure were loud and un-tethered. “Yes, bite my neck. YES,” Joe exclaimed as he continued to thrust into Sky's wet cunt.

Sky's hips met his thrusts and she quivered on the edge of another orgasm as Joe seemed to get closer and closer to his own.

“Choke me, baby!” Sky begged. “I want to feel your hand on my throat!”

Joe obliged and reached up with one hand to grasp her throat as his thrusts became more urgent. Once again, this sent Sky to her peak. She loudly orgasmed again.

Mindlessly, she repeated, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you...” as she rose up and over that wave.

“I love you too, Sky,” Joe said as he held her against him. When she'd finished her orgasm, he asked her to turn around. “I want to see your beautiful ass while I pound you,” he said.

Sky got into doggy position and arched her so his cock could pound her g-spot.

“You're so fucking sexy,” Joe purred as he slid his cock inside her. “I fucking love your ass,” he said as he squeezed it.

He continued to squeeze her ass cheeks as he began thrusting slowly into her exposed and willing pussy. “Oh yeah, baby,” he said as he spanked her with one hand. “I fucking love you.”

“I love you too, Joe, so much,” Sky replied. “And I love fucking you so much.”

Joe slapped her other ass cheek, then licked his thumb making it slippery with saliva. He gently rubbed Sky's asshole with his thumb as he fucked his wife harder and faster.

“Oh baby, yes! Yes!” Sky cried out as she opened up to take his cock deeper and deeper, feeling it ram against her g-spot. “Oh God! That feels so good!”

Finally Joe could contain himself no longer. “Come in my ass, Baby,” Sky told him.

“Are you sure, babe?” He was almost at the point of no return.

“Yes! Yes, baby! Just put the tip in, gently if you can please.”

They had talked about it, but this was the first time Joe had permission to penetrate his wife's ass. He was very excited. It took all his control not to ram his cock into that tight little hole. But he was a gentleman.

When he was about to spill his seed, Joe pulled his cock out of Sky's cunt and gently pushed the tip inside her ass.

It was snug and Joe almost didn't think it would give, but then the head of his cock slid in about two inches and Joe exploded. He fell forward bracing himself over her, as he held himself back from slamming his cock into her extremely tight ass.

“Oh yes, baby! That's fucking hot!” Sky whispered as she accepted his explosion whole-heartedly.

After cleaning themselves up, Joe and Sky cuddled in the soft hotel bed for a few minutes before heading back home. It was late and they wanted to get up early enough to come back to the hotel in the morning before check out.

“You are the love of my life,” Sky told Joe as they drove home together.

“You're mine too, Sky,” Joe replied. “I'm so in love with you. I've never felt this way before you. I just can't get enough of you.”

“Same, baby,” Sky replied. “Thank you for being an amazing husband and father and a fucking fantastic lover.”

“Thank YOU,” Joe replied reaching for her hand.

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