Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Would You F*ck Your Best Friend's Wife, If He Asked?

Doug loved Jody. He really did. He would do anything for her. Even this.

But he needed to know that the other dude who would be fucking his wife at the same time as him was someone he could trust.

And Doug only trusted one man. His best friend, Cam.

Truthfully, Cam had all the qualities that Jody listed when she described the perfect candidate. He was good looking...Jody had even said so once.

Cam was clean. He showered twice a day and took hygiene seriously. He even cleaned his house.

And Cam also met the third requirement. He was not a creep. Jody explicitly said she didn't want any “weird fetish guys” or “sex addicts” (her words).

Doug considered Jody a weird fetish girl and often suspected she was a sex addict herself. But he thought it better not to mention that.

The best thing about Cam, as far as Doug was concerned, was that he wouldn't fall in love with Jody. Cam found Jody annoying.

Cam didn't mince words when Doug approached him with the idea.

“You want me to fuck your wife?! With you?! At the same time?!”

For a moment, Doug regretted asking. He felt his cheeks start to burn. Cam would never let him live this down. But Cam surprised him.

“Fuck yeah, man! If that's what you really want to do, I'm game! Jody's annoying but she's hot.”

Cam shrugged, then he got all serious. He placed a hand on Doug's arm and looked him in the eyes. His voice grew quiet. “Man, there's no one I'd rather have my first sword fight with than you.”

Doug burst out laughing. Cam clapped him on the shoulder. “You're a dirty, little bugger, Doug. I didn't know you had it in you.”

“Well, you know, Cam, you gotta make sacrifices for the one you love. And besides,  next time I'll be the only dude in the threesome.”

Cam's eyes widened. “Okay, now I'm jealous.” Both men laughed. “So, you haven't answered the obvious question, man.”

Doug blinked. “What do you mean?”

Cam laughed. “Man. Seriously. The obvious question! Who gets to fuck her up the poop shoot?”

“Ohhhh,” Doug replied. “I guess that's up to Jody.”


A few days later, Doug knew Jody had no plans that evening. He asked Cam to show up around 7 pm. They would have a couple drinks, then Doug would surprise Jody with her double penetration fantasy.

Unusually prompt, Cam showed up at 7 on the dot. Doug let him in and Cam headed to the kitchen to mix a drink.

“I didn't know Doug was coming over,” Jody murmured out of earshot. “I thought we were going to have some QUALITY alone time.” She had shaved and waxed and perfumed in preparation.

“He won't stay long,” Doug lied. He wanted to have a drink before he initiated the evening's festivities.

“Okee dokee,” Jody said. “Cam! You better be pouring me one too!” she called to the kitchen.

The three friends sat in the living-room chatting and making jokes.

Jody was feeling somewhat uncomfortable in her matching bra and thong underneath her mini dress. She had to sit so carefully to not give Cam a show.

And Cam was behaving oddly. He kept looking at her, whereas he usually ignored her for the most part. He was smiling at her and engaging her in conversation too.

Maybe Cam's not such a shithead after all, she found herself thinking.

Doug sat beside her and she kept rubbing his ass and running her nails down his back under his shirt, trying to remind him that she was ready and waiting for a little fun. But he didn't seem to be taking the hint.

Finally, they were two drinks in each and Jody was fed up. She leaned forward and whispered in Doug's ear, “When are you going to fuck me, Honey? I'm all wet and ready for you.”

Doug smiled. This was the moment of truth.

“Well, actually, Babe,” he said, glancing at Cam. “Remember you wanted to experience your double penetration fantasy? Well...” he nodded across the room towards Cam and smiled.

Jody took a moment to process the news. He picked Cam? “You picked Cam?” she said with genuine surprise.

Doug nodded again. “Well, you said you wanted someone who was good looking and you told me before that Cam is good looking...”

Cam sat up straighter in his chair. Doug went on, “And Cam is clean...he showers more than most guys. And he isn't a creepy, weirdo.”

Jody was staring at Cam. “Well, the last one is debatable,” she remarked. But she began to see Cam in a different way. It was true, he was very good looking. He was muscular and even sexy.

She looked back at Doug, “But aren't you worried this will change your friendship?”

“I put a lot of thought into it, and Cam is my best friend. He's the only guy I trust to fuck my wife with me.” All three laughed.

Then Cam spoke. “I agreed to do this, Jody, and I'm happy to be your number three in this equation, but I understand if you don't want it to be me.”

“No, that's not it,” she replied. She paused and seemed to be thinking about it. Then she smiled. “Okay, let's do this. I'm horny as fuck right now! Let's get it on, boys.”

With that, she turned towards her husband and climbed onto his lap facing him. She began to kiss him passionately, grinding herself against his rapidly growing cock.

Cam walked over and sat beside them. Anticipation made his cock strain against his jeans.

Jody reached out and squeezed Cam's balls, rubbing her hand up his cock while she continued to kiss and grind her husband. She was starting to moan with pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped. Looking into Doug's eyes, she began to pull her mini dress over her head. “Let's get naked, Honey,” she said, then turned her smoldering eyes to Cam. “You too, Cam.”

Both men stood and undressed with Jody's help. When Cam's shirt was off, Jody took a moment to run her hands over his chiseled chest while Doug came up behind her and nuzzled her neck, his stubble making heat rush to her pussy.

Jody reached behind and grabbed her husband's cock, pulling Cam closer to press his cock against her belly at the same time. She groaned with arousal. “Oh my God,” she whispered, as her nipples grew hard and her pussy blazed like fire.

The music on the stereo turned sensual, matching the mood in the room perfectly. Jody pushed Cam back towards the couch and asked him to sit down.

Then she turned around to face her husband. “Thank you so much, Baby,” she purred going up on tiptoes to kiss him again.

As they kissed deeply, Jody stroked his cock and balls lovingly. “Are you sure you're ready for this?” she asked him, praying his answer was yes.

“Oh fuck yes,” he replied enthusiastically, grasping both breasts and bending over her neck to nibble and suck it.

As their lips met again, Cam wanted to somehow join in. He sat on the couch, stroking his own cock, with Jody standing between his legs facing away from him.

Tentatively, Cam reached out and squeezed Jody's ass.

By her response of pushing her ass into his hand, he took heart and ventured further. He slid two fingers around the edge of her thong into her pussy. Jody arched her back wildly.

She moaned ecstatically and pushed herself on Cam's fingers.

Now Cam felt brave. He pulled his hands away, pulled her panties down, then leaned forward and began to lick Jody's bumhole with abandon.

Doug saw what was going on over Jody's shoulder and took this chance to slide his cock up inside her, bracing her weight against him while she went insane with pleasure.

“Oh baby,” she said, insane with arousal. “I'm ready. I'm ready, baby. Are you?” she asked her husband.

“I'm ready,” he assured her.

Cam thought things were going his way! He was positioned perfectly to be the ass giver. But Jody suddenly stopped them.

“This isn't how I want it,” she said.

She turned around and faced Cam. She removed her lacy bra and instructed Cam to lean back on the low couch. Then she carefully climbed onto him, sliding his large erect cock into her pussy. They groaned together in pleasure as Doug watched.

Jody leaned forward so her breasts were touching Cam's chest and she was looking into his eyes. “I want Doug to fuck me in the ass,” she said. “Because he knows how I like it.” She smiled and Cam smiled back.

“That's understandable,” he replied.

Back arched and ass exposed, Jody was positioned perfectly. Doug could see his friend's cock in her pussy, his friend's balls hanging between her legs, and for some reason it turned him on even more.

Doug applied lube liberally to his cock and then with the tip of his finger, he spread more lube around and gently into her bumhole.

Jody stared into Cam's eyes while she moaned with happiness. She moved carefully around on Cam's cock as she enjoyed having her ass stimulated by her husband. Cam couldn't remember experiencing anything so fucking hot in his life.

Cam began to massage both of her breasts and Doug started to play with Jody's asshole with the head of his cock. He slid it gently around and poked in just the tip, very gently.

Doug knew that he needed to prolong the anticipation and help Jody relax those muscles back there, so she could enjoy the sensations to their maximum potential.

Jody was not a shy lover. She told him everything she wanted and needed. She fulfilled his every need, as well. She was his life.

Looking down at her exposed ass, with his best friend's cock buried inside her, Doug became overcome with love for his wife. At this moment, Doug slid his slick, hard cock slowly into her ass until he couldn't go in any further.

Slowly and smoothly, he began to pump his cock, taking care not to pull the head out too far.

This was an important part of the process. Doug knew that as Jody relaxed more into the sensations, she would be able to take it harder and he could slide his cock in and out further.

Doug was right. Jody continued to wiggle sexily on Cam's cock while she got used to Doug's cock in her ass. Her nipples were hard as fuck and she squeezed her eyes shut in concentration, willing herself to open up to Doug in every way.

As she adjusted to his huge cock in her ass, she began to fuck both men at the same time. She pushed her clit against Cam and clawed at his chest. Each circular motion of her pussy, pushed her back on Doug's cock so that the three of them were fucking each other like a well-oiled machine.

Cam could feel Doug's balls slapping against his own, which was an incredible sensation. And then Jody opened her eyes again and locked them on Cam's. His arousal increased dramatically, if that was even possible.

She stared into his eyes and a surprised look came over her face. She said, “I'm coming.” 

Jody's body convulsed into intense, uncontrollable spasms and her high moans pushed both men to their climax point.

Both men clutched Jody and each other desperately, as the three of them exploded together. The two men could feel each other's cocks engorge and release, engorge and release through the thin barrier between her love tunnels.

For a moment, the three of them stayed that way, clung together, breathing heavily with their hearts pounding against each other.

Then Doug pulled out and helped Jody off Cam's still rock hard but very spent cock. The three laughed nervously, then Jody ran to the bathroom to clean up.

Doug began to awkwardly pull his clothes on. He didn't know what to say to his friend but then realized he should probably say thank you, since he had asked Cam to do this.

“Hey, thanks, man,” he said sincerely.

“Buddy,” Cam replied. “Thank YOU! That was hot as fuck. If you ever want to do it again, I'm in.”

Doug laughed. “Okay,” he said. “I'll let you know.”

Both men were dressed when Jody returned to the room wearing a sexy little robe. She sat down on the couch beside her husband. Cam had returned to the chair across the room.

“Thank you, Doug,” she gushed to her husband, “for fulfilling my double penetration fantasy.”

“You're welcome, Babe,” Doug replied. “I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, actually.” Jody smiled triumphantly.

“And thank you, Cam,” she said, “for also fulfilling my fantasy. And for being clean, good looking, and not creepy.” They laughed.

“You're welcome, Jody,” he replied. “You're not annoying at all when you're fucking.” They laughed again.

Cam got up to leave and the three friends gathered at the door to say goodbye.

They hugged a little longer and pushed their bodies against each other a little harder; their friendship was now a little stronger.

In fact, this would not be the last time the three friends engaged in naughty fun.

Check back for future updates on Doug, Jody, and Cam! ;)

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