Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas and a Naughty Nude Year To You! XXX

Dear Friends,

I truly hope you are enjoying a special and loving holiday season with people you care about, but I understand this just isn't possible for many people.

If you've lost your loved ones, or have become disengaged with them for some reason or other, this can be a very difficult time of year.

I wish I could spend Christmas with you and bring you joy and cheer (and naked hugs)!

I have a family of my own, so I will not see you for Christmas. But I am sending hope and love to you that something special happens for you this year - something to remind you how amazing you are.

Give yourself lots of love and be kind to everyone. Let yourself enjoy the spirit of the season and know that I care about you!


For Christmas, I'd like to share a naughty poem with you. I hope you love it. XOXO

Twas the night before Christmas
When I did my dance
His hard-on was stirring
In his baggy pants.

My man is well-hung
Muscled chest with no hair
I told him “Don’t touch,”
And bent over his chair.

The children were nestled
All snug in their beds
While I stripped for my honey
His face turning red.

And stepdaddy in his sweat pants
And I in the buck
Whispered dirty words
About how we would fuck.

When out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
His hard-on went soft
While I saw what was the matter.

Naked at the window
My neighbours I flashed
(Normally I save it
For men who have cash)

The moon on my breasts
Made my stretch marks glow
And started to dampen
My arousal below.

When what to my
Wondering eyes should appear,
But a man with a very hard cock,
And some beer.

With his callused hands
He covered his dick.
I looked at his face
It was my neighbour, Nick.

More rapid than eagles,
Nick quickly came.
And he moaned and shouted and
Called out my name.

As he glanced at my pussy
He zipped up his fly,
Tripped over his beer,
And didn’t say bye.

I turned back to dance
With energy anew.
I was horny for my man
And the neighbour, too.

As I spread out a blanket
To begin my floor show
I thought about Nick
But my man didn’t know.

I imagined I danced for
Both of the men
And pretended Nick
Wasn't my man's annoying friend.

In my mind they
Caressed my pussy and ass.
In my mind Nick wasn’t
A perv with no class.

As my man shed his clothes
There were two in my mind
One probing my pussy
One in my behind.

My eyes, how they twinkled!
My dimples how merry!
My man probably wished
He was poppin’ my cherry.

But Nick isn't hot
He acts like he's twelve.
And the truth made me laugh
In spite of myself.

No longer horny
I pretended to come
So my man would hurry
And we could be done.

He spoke not a word,
But went straight to his work,
And filled up the condom,
Then pulled out with a jerk.

And laying the condom
Aside on the bed
He told me next time
I should just give him head.

And then he remembered
The noise from outside
I wanted to sleep
“Nothing happened,” I lied.

But I heard him exclaim
As he swatted my rear
“I wonder why Nick
Didn’t come with my beer.”

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