Thursday, March 7, 2019

February Photo Shoot!

Hey my sexy friends,

I am excited to share my new photos with you! 

These were taken in February and I've been using them on my ads and on my website and now I am sending them out to you!!!

So, here they are. I hope you like them. A naughty, super sexy story will be coming soon! xoxoxo

Love Annie

Me being sassy

Wow, I look kinda muscular in this photo!

Arching like only a stripper can. LOL

It looks like I'm touching myself here, but I'm not telling. ;)

Aren't these shoes amazing?!

Not bad for a 45 year old woman, right?!

Would you kick me out of your bed? XXX

He told me to do a gesture with my hands.
This was the only one I could think of! LOL
Here I am praying to God that these photos turn out. And they DID! j/k ;)

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