Thursday, March 14, 2019


It's not that I was totally broke. I had money. It's just that I had plans for that money.

I'd promised myself I would not touch it. But that was before my car needed $1000 in repairs.

The mechanic, Jordie, stood before me shrugging his shoulders. He was also the owner of this little shop that had been recommended to me by a mutual friend.

I sized him up, wondering if he might be interested in a trade of sorts.

We both knew I had no choice but to get the repairs done. My car wasn't going anywhere otherwise.

“Well, you see, the thing is...” I stammered. (I get nervous talking to hot guys sometimes.) “...that's a lot of money...”

“If you want, you could make payments,” he said. “Since you're a friend of Russell's, I trust ya.”

He smiled and it made me smile. He looked so sexy covered in grease, muscles on display under his tight shirt.

“That would be awesome,” I said. “ you're at all interested...we could trade services too.”

“Oh really,” Jordy said with doubt in his voice. “What kind of services do you offer?” I could tell he was already preparing to let me down.

“I give massages,” I replied. “I could pay you $500 and give you three of my specialty massages. If you're into that kind of thing.” I ended the sentence with my eyebrows raised.

Jordie's face changed from disinterested to curious. He stepped closer to me and whispered although no one else was in the shop.

“What kind of massages are you talking about?” His eyes passed over my body and I wished I'd dressed sexier. It's time to turn up the heat, I decided.

I stepped closer to him, put my hands on his chest over his nipples and looked up into his eyes. “The kind that end with your cock in my hand and your hot cum all over my tits.”

I reached up and squeezed his shoulders, pressing my breasts against him. “What do you think? No pressure.”

I stepped back then, pulling my hands and body heat away from him. I didn't know if I'd gone too far.

Maybe he was married. Maybe he was religious. Maybe he thought sex workers were immoral.

I looked into his eyes and saw...heat. The way he looked at me made my pussy tingle and my nipples harden.

I wanted to say more but I forced myself to wait for his response. Finally he spoke.

“You're a little firecracker, aren't you?”

“I am and I'm ready to explode,” I said, stepping forward again.

I was close enough to reach out and cup his cock. Just as I expected, he was rock hard. He gasped and braced his hands on my upper arms.

I continued to look into his eyes, waiting for his answer as I gently stroked his cock. He groaned. “When can I get my first massage?” he asked.

I looked around but didn't see any where that would be good for a massage. It was an auto repair shop after all. “I would give it to you right now if you had somewhere to do it.”

“There's a bedroom up there,” Jordie said, nodding towards a metal staircase. “You've got a deal.”

I was super horny and excited. “Okay, let's do this,” I said eagerly.

Jordie locked the doors to the shop and put a sign on the door saying that he'd be back. I followed him up the stairs to a remarkably clean bedroom. “It's clean because it's never used,” he said.

He had a shower while I readied the bed and got naked. I didn't have any coconut oil with me, so the massage was going to be done without it.

When Jordie walked back into the room naked, my jaw dropped. He was sexy and buff as fuck. Oh my Goddess, and his cock. It was beautiful, and already standing at attention.

I instructed him to lie facedown on the bed. I was so aroused that I couldn't help but push my pussy against him as I sat atop him working his muscles with long, strong strokes.

I ran my nails up and down his back and over his scalp with my pussy pulsating the whole time and my nipples straining to be pressed against him.

Finally I told him to turn over. His magnificent cock jutted up, hard and ready. But first I attended to the massage. “You can touch me,” I told him.

I didn't tell him my rules. I wanted him to finger fuck me. I wanted to push my wet pussy down on his fingers. Something had come over me. I wanted to sit on his cock and come all over him.

Jordie wasted no time getting down to business.

He began to gently rub my clit as I leaned over him, massaging his shoulders and neck. I moaned with pleasure. “That feels so good,” I crooned.

Then it got even better. He slowly slid his fingers into my pussy. Here we go, I thought. I'm breaking my own rules! I didn't even tell him the rules!

But I didn't care. My body was leading and I was following.

I lifted my leg over him, my pussy just centimeters above his cock. I leaned down and pushed my hard nipples against his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. He continued to gently rub my clit and finger fuck me with two fingers.

I groaned with pleasure and dug my nails into his neck. I was getting close to coming. But Jordie was a tease. He was giving me a taste of my own medicine when he pulled his hand away.

I could feel his stubble on my neck, sending goosebumps over my skin, as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him. My pussy lips and clit pressed against the length of his cock making him groan with pleasure this time.

Jordie massaged my ass, causing me to move against his cock. We were breathing heavily and grinding like teenagers. Each time Jordie pulled his body down, I hoped his cock would slide into me.

The teasing was incredible and my arousal was increasing. I realized that I was going to orgasm!

“I'm going to come,” I chirped breathlessly.

“Come, baby,” Jordie told me. He kissed my neck and his stubble sent a fresh wave of goosebumps over my skin.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned. I was so close.

And then I was coming and waves of pure pleasure crashed over my body. I couldn't believe I has just come like that!

I pulled my face back to look at Jordie. “I just had an orgasm grinding you like a teenager,” I giggled.

Jordie smiled. “Can I kiss you” he said.

“Well, I've already broken a couple rules, what's one more?” I lowered my lips to his.

The kiss was amazing. As our tongues explored each other's mouths, I reached down and placed the head of Jordie's cock against my pussy. Slowly I slid down onto his cock.

The feeling of him entering me made us both gasp and moan. Jordie began to pump his cock into me slowly as I pressed my clit against his pelvic bone, rocking back and forth.

In a few short seconds, I came again. This one exploded over me. “I'm coming!” I exclaimed loudly. “Oh my God, oh my God.” Jordie massaged my breasts as I recovered myself.

“That was fucking hot,” he said.

We began to fuck again, me still on top. Jordie was a giving lover. I came two more times before I said, “Your turn,” as I pulled off of him and lied down on my back.

I wanted to watch him fuck me and I was not disappointed.

His muscles rippled as he braced himself over me and began to rhythmically push his cock in and out of my wet pussy. Each time he thrust in, he pushed against my clit. Each time he pulled back, another caress of my clit.

Meanwhile his cock was rubbing my g spot. I couldn't believe my luck. I was on the verge of coming again.

“You're so fucking sexy. I love how you fuck  me...I'm going to come again,” I whimpered, clawing at him.

Animal instinct had taken over and all I could do was feel and respond to the sensations in my body.

This time, as I let him know I was coming again, he thrust hard into me, pushing against me as I grinded against him, exploding with pleasure.

He held himself against me till I finished, thrust into me once more with his huge, throbbing cock, then he pulled out and emptied his hot seed all over my stomach.

He cleaned me up like a gentleman, then he lay next to me for a few moments panting. We were spent.

“I guess you have to go back to work now,” I said.

“I guess I do,” Jordie replied.

I didn't know what to say, but I wanted him to know that I don't usually fuck people I'm supposed to massage.

“Hey Jordie, I need to say something...I never fuck my clients. I just want you to know that this is not something I normally do. I was just so turned on and honestly, I haven't had sex in a while. And wow, that was just fucking amazing.”

Jordie opened his eyes and looked at me.

He reached up and cupped my cheek with his hand. “You're so beautiful, Annie,” he said. “Would you please have dinner with me tonight?”

I nodded. The prospect of fucking this man again in the future was appealing. “Yes,” I said. “I'd love to.”

Jordie and I ended up dating for about 6 months. He finished all my car repairs for free.

We had a lot of amazing sex. I gave him massages all the time. I thought we were good together.

But Jordie couldn't handle my job.

I think he always believed that because I'd broken my rules with him that I'd break them with other clients. He was wrong but jealousy is an evil beast.

I still take my car to him when I need repairs but now I pay him with cash.

Maybe one day we'll fuck again like we used to. Until then, I'll have our memories to masturbate to.

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  1. Personal rules are there to be bent especially when the bent leads to consensual shared pleasures. Your story illustrates how the bending of rules can lead to something joyful and beautiful. Yet it also shows that jealousy can destroy the magic. Great story Annie!


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