Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ask Annie: Why I Love My Work

Hello Gentlemen! 

As some of you know, I've been working in the sex industry in various capacities since 1997.

I started stripping at the age of 23. 

My first gig was as a private show dancer at the Marble Arch. 

This was when private shows were a totally new thing in the Lower Mainland.

I can proudly say that I was one of the pioneers of private shows in this area of Canada.

I wasn't a career stripper, in that I didn't invest in boobs, huge theme show costumes, and travel the world.

But I was a respected, professional with no shortage of requests from clubs that liked me.

I did both stage and VIP (private) shows, but my preference was stage because in my heart I am a dancer. 

My body and music, well, we just go together.

After a few years of dancing, I formed an idea in my head for a website.

My vision was a site controlled and run by dancers, where we could: 
  • share information about gigs (agents often lied about them); 
  • sell our costumes to each other;
  • recommend stripper-friendly businesses; 
  • combat some of the isolation many of us feel living two lives; and 
  • give each other permission to enjoy our jobs in a society that assumes we are exploited victims (oh, and let's not forget...sluts!).
I also wanted to teach strip club customers how to behave in the clubs and how to treat dancers for maximum mutual benefit.

My vision was realized and more! 

The site grew into a community and our community was very involved for a long time in activism and cancer fundraising. 

Over time we evolved into a community of sex workers from all the diverse areas of the industry.

I had some health issues and despite some amazing women carrying on with little help from me for a few years, our events fell off but our legacy is forever.

Other sex industry work I've done includes nude modeling; stripping waitress; strip club massage girl; and now I am your friendly neighbourhood massage goddess. ;)

My skills do not end at being a sex worker. 

I am trained and experienced in Marketing; Front Line Support Work; Project Coordination; and more!

But time and again I have returned to the work that rewards me the most. Not just financially but in so many ways.

I love my work because... 

I choose when and where I work.

I choose my clients.

I choose my price and my boundaries.

I have more time for my family and my health is stable.

I cherish and admire my sex worker colleagues who are advocating for the rights of sex workers and our clients.

I enjoy giving massages and bringing pleasure to each person under my hands.

I enjoy the pleasure I receive from my more attentive clients.

I love dressing up in sexy lingerie and perfume.

I find it exciting to learn interesting things from my clients that I would never otherwise learn!

I love compliments! And many of you give me such sweet compliments!

Okay, I'm getting over-excited here...

But especially, I love my work because of you. 

Some of you I consider friends. Some of you I would call if I needed help. 

Some of you I know really care about me.

You are the ones I get excited when I know you're coming. 

You are the ones I think about between appointments and wonder how you're doing.

You are the ones who make me laugh and bring joy to my life.

Thank you so much, you sexy people

You are the the reason why I love my work.

Love Annie 

PS. My next sexy photo shoot is May 5th, so expect to receive them if you are subscribed the following week! 

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Annie Gets a Sensual Massage with a Happy Ending

The other day I was injured from work. 

You know how it is, guys. I’m sure you’ve pulled a muscle in your arm jerking off before…haven’t you?

Well, it was my first time pulling a muscle jerking (a client) off, and wow, my shoulder and arm hurt badly!

I had to take a few days off work to heal, so I thought I should get myself a massage for a change.

Little did I know that I was in for the massage of my life.

Having worked in the sex industry since 1997, I’ve made quite a few sex worker friends.

I asked around for a good (sexy) male masseuse, and a few different ladies recommended Dean.

“He’s the only person I go to,” said a friend I trust.

My guy gave me the go ahead, so off I went to get my own sensual massage. 

I was nervous and excited on the day of the appointment!

As always, I was nicely shaved (except for my usual “airstrip”) and wearing this beautiful perfume that a client gave me (Michael Kors “Sheer”)

Dean opened his door, and I’m sure my mouth dropped open. He was beautiful! 

Well-groomed and muscular, he wore a blue t-shirt (that brought out his eyes) and sweat pants. The sweat pants immediately caused me to have naughty thoughts.

I could smell his cologne as he hugged me in greeting; and it sent little flutters straight to my pussy. I love the smell of men’s cologne.

I wondered if I’d be allowed to touch him.

My first impression of Dean was that he had a great personality. He smiled at me and made eye contact when he spoke.

He listened to me too, which was refreshing. I find that a lot of men don’t really listen when I speak, so when they do, I notice.

Things just got better from there. Dean told me to undress and lie face-down on a massage table. The room was cozy with candles and soft R&B music.

While I undressed, Dean left the room to give me some privacy. He returned shortly and closed the door behind him.

He was naked. And let me just say this: Yum.

He adjusted the volume of the music up and within a few moments I was lost to the melody and the sensation of Dean’s hands on my body.

I’m five foot nothing, 100 lbs. Dean’s large hands covered whole sections of my body at a time.

He used heated oil and spread it out over the whole back of my body before starting with my calves.

Slowly he made his way up each leg, grazing my pussy lips when he reached the top. Each time his fingers grazed me, heat filled my cunt and my heart raced. 

To make things worse (ahem, better), he next massaged my ass. His hands were large enough to take my whole butt cheeks in his hands. Dreamy!

His thumbs rubbed the inside creases of my legs and I moaned with arousal, raising my hips to push my pussy at him. 

I know. I have no shame. 

Dean chuckled while he continued his teasing assault. He moved to my lower back, applying long, strong strokes. Not too hard, not too gentle. His pressure was perfect.

For awhile I literally melted under his hands. 

I was still aroused, don’t get me wrong. Especially when he grazed the edge of my breasts. But the relaxation that came over me was stronger.

I was a puddle of woman. 

This went on for awhile, Dean massaging my back, legs, ass. Me getting more and more relaxed and horny.

Then he told me to turn over.

He started at my neck and shoulders, moved to my upper chest, and finally began rubbing my breasts. I can’t put it into words how I felt but will only say that my pussy got very wet...very quickly.

He took his time alternating between massaging my neck and shoulders then massaging my tits (my nipples were so hard!). It was incredible. I was beginning to truly relax – mind, body, and soul.

I could describe the whole massage in detail but just writing about it is making me so horny! I must skip ahead to the best part.

When Dean finally began focusing on my cunt, I was insane with desire. My pussy was literally throbbing with want.

And what I wanted was to feel his fingers in me.

But he had just arrived at the sacred triangle and now he took his time getting to the part I yearned for.

First, he massaged my outer lips gently from bottom to top, grazing my clit for several seconds, then down again; repeating this as I thrust and moaned and undulated on his table.

Gently, using coconut oil, Dean began massaging my inner labia making his way closer and closer to the entrance of my pussy.

At this point I was practically pushing my cunt onto his fingers. 

But Dean continued to tease me, fingering the entrance to my swollen pussy with one hand and caressing my breasts and nipples with the other.

I was going crazy with arousal and desire!

And then it happened. For the first time ever, I came without even having my clit or g-spot touched. “Oh my Goddess!” I told him, “I’m coming!”

“That’s a good girl,” he encouraged me. 

It took me several moments to recover from my orgasm and Dean seemed to know what I needed. Slowly and gently he began to tease the soft skin around my clit while sliding his finger in and out of my pussy.

I began rocking my hips in a circular motion against his hand and he started fucking me harder with two fingers while continuing to gently tease my clit with his thumb.

I was soon floating in a blissful state of oblivion, having my g-spot and clit teased simultaneously.

I realized I was closing my eyes, so I opened them in an attempt to stay in control of myself. 

There was Dean, standing over me, gazing at me with lust in his eyes and an erection that begged me to touch it.

He saw me looking at his cock, stroked massage oil over himself, and brought it closer to my hand. He then went back to pleasuring me.

I took this as permission and reached out to grasp his cock.

I stroked him as he stroked me. And then I was too close to orgasm to think of anything else. I held mindlessly onto his cock as waves of ecstasy exploded over me and through me and in me.

We played this way till my hour was up. Dean allowed me to bring him to orgasm, as well. 

It was an amazing experience.

And you know what? My arm feels better too. So, I'm back to work, boys.

Wanna play?

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DISCLAIMER: All my stories are fiction from my horny imagination. Sex stories do not imply full service offerings in my massage practice.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ask Annie: How To Sexually Arouse and Satisfy a Woman

Hey Sexy People!

Thank you so much to all who have answered my survey so far. Your feedback is so AWESOME and appreciated. Truly.

I know I said this week I was going to post an erotic story, but I got fixated on this idea of an “Ask Annie” column, so…
Welcome to my first “Ask Annie” post!

Many of you ask me questions about sex or the sex industry, so I thought I’d use this column to answer some of your questions.

Disclaimer: The following advice comes from my own personal experience. These techniques may not be exactly right for every partner.

I came up with this particular idea because
I am often asked about sexually pleasing a woman, so here is my personal advice on the subject.

Topics covered below include:
  • Before Initiating Sex
  • Foreplay
  • A Note On Clits
  • How to Lick Pussy
  • Fucking
  • Problem with erections or achieving orgasm?
  • Afterwards...
  • How This Applies to Sessions With Me

Before Initiating Sex

You’ve probably heard that men have sex to relieve stress but women must already be relaxed before they can enjoy sex. 

Here are some suggestions to help your woman relax…

  • If she has housework or mom duties to finish before she can fuck you, help her finish them.
  • Brush your teeth and wash your junk…even shower if you can. Put her favourite cologne on.
  • If possible, convince her to have a nice bath. She’ll feel cleaner and more relaxed.
  • Tell her she’s fucking sexy! Constantly!
  • Rub lotion on her back after she bathes. Use long, caressing strokes and graze her breasts. Ask her if you can rub lotion into her breasts and ass.
  • If you’re willing and she’s willing, get her to lie down and put lotion all over her body. Be a tease! No rushing into the good stuff yet! Slowwwww Dooooown! Your cock is ready to go but she’s just starting to think sexy thoughts.


A lot of men think of only one thing when they think of foreplay…eating pussy.

That’s great! I’m so glad you eat pussy.

However, there’s a lot more to foreplay than going down on a woman.

You want to get her to the point where there’s nothing she wants more than to feel your mouth on her pussy.

To do that, you need to slow down.

I can’t say how all women like this part of foreplay, but me, I like to be man-handled a little.

I like to feel a little dominated. Not in a scary way, of course. A passionate kiss, a firm embrace.

Kiss her neck. Ooh, stubble on the neck is amazing. Do that lightly behind the ear, then suck on her earlobe. 

Do this for a minimum of 10 minutes alternating with kissing and teasing.

(I’m getting horny just imagining it!)

Take your time. Continue until you feel her responding and melting into the sensations, then keep going for awhile longer.

Squeeze her breasts gently (through her bra if she’s still wearing one). 

Push your body against her but hold back from full assault mode. Women love to be teased.

One of the most sensual aspects of my massage sessions is that there are rules. We only go as far as my boundaries allow.

It forces us to enjoy the teasing for close to an hour and heightens the suspense of that final climax!

Be a tease. Don’t dive in. 

Wait until she’s grabbing your cock before you start grabbing her pussy. Run your fingers around her pussy first.

Tease the fuck out of her! (And that’s an order.)


A Note On Clits

If you decide to manually stimulate your lover (with your fingers on her clit), be gentle.  

Every woman likes it differently, but we all share one thing in common…

Our clits get raw and sore when they are rubbed too hard over and over. 

And for Goddess Sake, please cut your nails!

Clits need a break once in awhile. 

Just because a woman CAN have multiple orgasms, doesn’t mean you should be relentless.

Many women don’t even like their clits directly touched because they are too sensitive. You need to find out how your lover likes it.

How to tell if she likes what you’re doing? She is pushing her hips towards you for more.

She doesn’t like it if she’s pulling away or stops moving altogether

In that case, switch it up. Get her “entrance” wet with your tongue or some lube. TEASE it!

Probably best to start with stimulating around the clitoris before touching it directly. I’m posting a video below that offers a great (and explicit) demonstration of how to touch and lick a clit.

But basically, know this: Finger or tongue…Be gentle and give the clit breaks.

How to lick pussy

I first saw this video a few years ago and thought it was amazing.

Every time I watch it, I get so turned on!

It’s basically a live, explicit, pussy-displayed, orgasm-producing how-to video taught by a woman.

Make sure you watch it right till the end. This is priceless information, gentlemen!

A myth that I’ve noticed a lot of men seem to believe is that we (women) want you to go down on us forever and ever.

Not true! If you keep your face down there for too long, our minds start to wander! That’s the last thing you want.

You need to mix it up. Pull your face away and finger fuck for awhile. (Always very gently at first and make sure your fingers are wet with saliva or lube.)

Remember always that just because it looks good in the video doesn’t mean your lover will enjoy it. Including the videos I'm posting here.

Something that I like, personally, is having my g-spot stimulated by my man.

The g-spot is basically right behind the clit. You want to hook your fingers slightly towards the front of her body and rub gently.

(I get wet just thinking about it.)

Here’s a great video about the woman’s g-spot…


A sad experience for many women is that just as we get close to coming, our partners come first.

The reason this is so common is because of energy. We feel each other’s energy. When you’re close to coming, it makes me get close to coming, and vice versa.

We feel each other’s orgasm energy and IT TURNS US ON!

Guys, learn how to build up to your orgasm then stop before you come. Doing this over and over will allow you to prolong exciting sex and will also enhance your orgasm!

Most women don’t have orgasms until they’ve had at least 20 minutes of good sex. Some find it easier to come when they are on top. Others find it easier when you’re on top.

Ask your lover what is the best way for her to come. When she’s close to orgasm, tell her again how fucking sexy she is. 

Learn more here, if you're interested, about tantric sex. This article gets really good the further down you scroll. You're welcome. xo


Problem with erections or achieving orgasm?

Some of you may know I am a natural health freak.

It’s normal for men and women to experience ups and downs in their sex drive, especially due to aging, medications, life stresses etc.

My hormone issues were corrected when I started taking a natural hormone supplement for women my age.

I also know men who have successfully corrected their erection and ejaculation issues with natural hormone supplements like T Rescue, for instance.

It’s worth a try and it’s better than taking the chemical pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors.

You can find these and similar supplements online and in health food stores, like my favourite store “Surrey Natural Foods.”


In my sessions, I am your Massage Goddess, and I serve you at the end. But with your lover, be a gentleman and clean up the mess.

Bring your lady a towel. Offer her a glass of water. Make her feel like you worship her. That's all she really wants, after all.


How this applies to Sessions with ME!

I am a very sexual woman. I was blessed with a high sex drive and an ability to orgasm quite easily.

Lucky me!

But I need my clients to take some things into consideration when touching me during our sessions:

  • There is no requirement to touch me, but for clients I trust who want to touch, I do allow it with certain limitations. However, if you want to relax and enjoy your massage and be pampered, by all that! I am here to serve YOU. ;)  But if you do want to touch me...
  • I like being teased more than anything – run your fingers along the crease between my leg and labia; massage the outer labia; stimulate my nipples; massage my butt cheeks; tease me with gentle strokes; don’t focus on my clit; use my massage oil on me to reduce friction. 
  • Be gentle, especially with my clit.
  • Give my clit breaks. A raw painful clit will make me suffer for days!
  • Also please cut your nails. The skin around the vagina is thin and tears easily. :’(
  • And please never be embarrassed or offended if I ask you to stop doing something or to be more gentle. No judgment here! Just a desire to have a mutually enjoyable experience together. xoxo

That concludes my very first “Ask Annie” column!

Please send column ideas to my email or post in the comments below.

And remember to support your local sex worker! (Especially me) *teehee*

Love Annie XO

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

I Need Your Feedback…and Extended Hours Till Thursday!

Hello again, my precious pervs!

My exciting news this week is that I am working extra hours until Thursday April 11th!

I find myself with less family obligations than usual for a few days, so book with me while the good times last! LOL

I also want to send a shout-out (as my kids say) to My Favourite Clients

Seriously. You guys are the reason I love my job so much.

You know who you are because you do the following…

  • You book in advance whenever possible.
  • Instead of cancelling, you re-schedule!
  • You do not pressure me to break my rules or go outside my boundaries.
  • You consider tipping when you’ve enjoyed our session. 
  • You are gentle when you touch me.
  • You shower before our session and come to me smelling clean.
  • You make me feel respected and appreciated.

If this describes you…THANK YOU!

Because of you, I look forward to my work.

You are the ones I trust the most and you are the ones I enjoy my sessions with the most.

I will always do my best for my favourite clients. 

I will give you my best massages. 

I will try to fit you in even when I say no to others.  

Some of you do sweet things like bring me coffee or send me kind messages between appointments. I am grateful to have people like you in my life.

Now I have a special request…

Will you all take a few moments to fill out this very short, anonymous survey? 

I need your feedback to help me improve my business and services.

Your honesty is appreciated! 

Here is the link:

I look forward to seeing your responses and will share the results in a future blog post.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon. Xo

Love Annie XOXO
(the biggest perv of us all 😉)
PS. Next week you can expect a very sexy story in your inbox. XXX

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