Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ask Annie: Why I Love My Work

Hello Gentlemen! 

As some of you know, I've been working in the sex industry in various capacities since 1997.

I started stripping at the age of 23. 

My first gig was as a private show dancer at the Marble Arch. 

This was when private shows were a totally new thing in the Lower Mainland.

I can proudly say that I was one of the pioneers of private shows in this area of Canada.

I wasn't a career stripper, in that I didn't invest in boobs, huge theme show costumes, and travel the world.

But I was a respected, professional with no shortage of requests from clubs that liked me.

I did both stage and VIP (private) shows, but my preference was stage because in my heart I am a dancer. 

My body and music, well, we just go together.

After a few years of dancing, I formed an idea in my head for a website.

My vision was a site controlled and run by dancers, where we could: 
  • share information about gigs (agents often lied about them); 
  • sell our costumes to each other;
  • recommend stripper-friendly businesses; 
  • combat some of the isolation many of us feel living two lives; and 
  • give each other permission to enjoy our jobs in a society that assumes we are exploited victims (oh, and let's not forget...sluts!).
I also wanted to teach strip club customers how to behave in the clubs and how to treat dancers for maximum mutual benefit.

My vision was realized and more! 

The site grew into a community and our community was very involved for a long time in activism and cancer fundraising. 

Over time we evolved into a community of sex workers from all the diverse areas of the industry.

I had some health issues and despite some amazing women carrying on with little help from me for a few years, our events fell off but our legacy is forever.

Other sex industry work I've done includes nude modeling; stripping waitress; strip club massage girl; and now I am your friendly neighbourhood massage goddess. ;)

My skills do not end at being a sex worker. 

I am trained and experienced in Marketing; Front Line Support Work; Project Coordination; and more!

But time and again I have returned to the work that rewards me the most. Not just financially but in so many ways.

I love my work because... 

I choose when and where I work.

I choose my clients.

I choose my price and my boundaries.

I have more time for my family and my health is stable.

I cherish and admire my sex worker colleagues who are advocating for the rights of sex workers and our clients.

I enjoy giving massages and bringing pleasure to each person under my hands.

I enjoy the pleasure I receive from my more attentive clients.

I love dressing up in sexy lingerie and perfume.

I find it exciting to learn interesting things from my clients that I would never otherwise learn!

I love compliments! And many of you give me such sweet compliments!

Okay, I'm getting over-excited here...

But especially, I love my work because of you. 

Some of you I consider friends. Some of you I would call if I needed help. 

Some of you I know really care about me.

You are the ones I get excited when I know you're coming. 

You are the ones I think about between appointments and wonder how you're doing.

You are the ones who make me laugh and bring joy to my life.

Thank you so much, you sexy people

You are the the reason why I love my work.

Love Annie 

PS. My next sexy photo shoot is May 5th, so expect to receive them if you are subscribed the following week! 

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