Friday, May 31, 2019

Ask Annie: How True Are Some Common Myths About Sex Workers?

Hello Fellas!

I usually try to post super sexy articles and stories but I was having writer's block this week.

So I decided to dispel some common myths about sex industry workers.

If you can think of any other stereotypes about sex workers that you'd like me to address, please share in the comments below. 

Love Annie

Drug Addiction

Probably the most common myth about sex industry workers is that we are all addicted to drugs. And certainly, some of us are!

But you will find drug addicts in any industry. 

You may be shocked to learn that indoor female sex workers are MORE LIKELY to have post secondary education than women in the the general population!

Most of us are self-employed, self-driven, masters of our own destinies. 

The idea that we are all addicted to drugs is a very false idea and does not represent us at all.


You may be surprised to know that the least promiscuous times of my life were while working in the sex industry. 

I think it is because I am constantly given attention in this business, so I don't feel the need to go attention seeking from random men. 

Also, being a sex worker, I value sex and sexuality, which leads me to seek truly deep sexual experiences, which are not easy to find with multiple partners.

30 Clients Per Day

I've seen and heard this statistic bandied around in the media and spouted from the mouths of SWERF's, that sex workers are servicing up to 200 men per day!

This is an absolutely ridiculous number made up by people who are trying to abolish the sex industry. 

First of all, it's IMPOSSIBLE. And secondly, we WISH we were that busy!

More commonly, SWERF's say we average 30 clients per day!

Personally, I max my appointments out each day at THREE and usually only do ONE or TWO. 

I schedule around my family and I have a life of my own too. This work allows me to have a full and interesting life.

I certainly don't spend all day every day churning out hundreds of massages.


I only use the word pimp when referring to a person who is controlling and exploiting a sex worker. 

Most of us are NOT pimped. 

Some of us work for agencies or managers, but they are not pimps. 

They are not exploiting us (at least not anymore than you -square job people- are being exploited by your employers).

MOST of us are working independently FOR OURSELVES! 

So, unless we are exploiting ourselves, we are obviously not being pimped.

If you ever have an experience with a sex worker whom you think is being pimped, please share this information with me privately and I will pass the info onto people who may be able to help them.

Low Self-Esteem

I know some sex workers who feel that the industry has had a detrimental effect on their self-esteem. 

But I know WAY MORE sex workers who feel sex work  has improved their self-esteem and increased their self-worth.

I fit into the latter category. 

Before I became a stripper all those years ago, I was insecure about my small breasts. Doing sex industry work changed that for me. 

My small breasts are appreciated and valued in this industry. The fact is, boob size isn't that important to most men and some prefer them small.

That's just one example of how my self-esteem improved in this industry. 

Another way is that people who used to intimidate me don't intimidate me anymore. 

I don't take any shit anymore. I stand up for myself more. I don't feel threatened by other women.

I could go on and on.


This is the strategy and tactic being used by prohibitionists to control and criminalize sex workers. They say we are all trafficked.

That is complete and total bullshit. 

It honestly makes me angry when I see sex workers being put in the same category as victims of human trafficking.

The made-up statistics and sensationalized stories about sex trafficking make it even worse. 

And it is this narrative that has opened the door for laws to be made against our clients.

Sex workers provide adult consensual services. 

Many of us enjoy our work  immensely (I'm one of them). 

We oppose laws that harm us and our clients.

We oppose human trafficking!

There are already laws to protect people from trafficking. 

Sex work laws are not really about protecting people from trafficking. 

They are based on the belief that sex for intimacy and/or pleasure is dirty and evil. 

What the hell is wrong with people?! 

Sex is not evil. 

It is sacred and beautiful and everyone should have access to it!

Our Clients Are Bad People

I'm sure you recognize the absurdity of this myth.

My clients are upstanding citizens who treat me with respect, kindness, and friendship. 

They do not deserve the ridiculous stigma they are forced to endure. 

My clients come from almost every walk of life and they are good men. 

They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, construction workers, salesmen, realtors, veterans, and more.

They are decent, hardworking, beautiful men who are seeking a soft and kind human touch. And I'm here to give it to them.

So there you have it!

I hope this helps dispel some of the stereotypes you may have heard about sex workers in the past.

Please share this knowledge with  your friends. 

And next time you need soft, kind, human know where to find me! XOXO

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ask Annie: The Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Hello Sexy People ;)

There are certain questions that I am often asked by you when you're booking a session and during our sessions. 

I thought it might be fun to share my answers to the most common questions you've asked me. 

If you have more questions, please comment below or email me:

Love Annie XOXO

Do you offer Domination?

I get asked this a lot and I'm very flattered! However, I am too sweet to be a Domme. 

I'm not saying I will never consider this work. Never say never! But at this time, no, I do not offer Domination.

What fetishes do you cater to?

I am definitely open to fetish sessions, however it's all new to me. I need you to describe your fetish, what you're hoping to experience with me and then let me think about it. 

I'm very open minded and will not judge you or be upset with you for your particular fetish (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone). 

If it is something I am willing to try, I will say yes! 

If it is not something I'm willing to try, I will politely decline. 

The only way you'll know if you ask!

Do you take older men?

Of course! I adore men of all ages. 

Honestly the most important thing for me is not age or society's standards of beauty. 

The most important things to me are respect, cleanliness, and having a good connection with you

That's not to say I don't appreciate a beautiful man when I see one. Of course I do! 

(And many older men are looking damn good!)

But I have found that you become more beautiful to me when you are kind and caring and you make me laugh, no matter what you look like.

What kinds of gifts do you like?

I have been asked to post a Wish List on my website, which many sex workers do. 

However, I am reluctant to do that. 

I want our relationship to be reciprocal. 

In return for your donation and kindness, my goal is to give you an amazing and special sensual experience.  

My goal is NOT to get whatever I can from you.

That being said, I am often asked what do I like because some of  you like to give gifts. That is so totally sweet of you! 

I do NOT expect gifts! So please do not ever feel obligated. 

But if you love giving gifts and just want a few little ideas, here are some things that I love:

  • Vanilla Latte Coffee
  • Organic Milk Chocolate
  • Flowers, especially roses
  • Sexy Panties, size small
  • Perfume (Michael Kors, Sheer; Obsession)
  • Nude Paintings / Drawings for my walls
  • Fuzzy sock slippers (my feet are always cold!) 

Please DO NOT feel obligated to give me gifts! 

Your presence in my life is all the gift I need. xo

How big are most cocks?

A totally good question because, honestly, before I did this job I assumed the whole "6 inches" as average thing was fact. 

However, I have found most cocks that I've seen are shorter than 6 inches. 

I am honestly fascinated by the differences in cock lengths and widths.  

I often fantasize about photographing all your cocks for my own cock collection! 

(I won't say whether it will be used for masturbation material...I'll just leave that to your imagination.)

I'm also often asked whether I prefer circumcised or uncircumcised cocks. 

My answer is... I don't have a preference. 

When they're hard, they look exactly the same. 

I have not noticed any difference in hygiene or attractiveness. 

All cocks are beautiful in their own way, just like all pussies are. xoxo

What turns you on?

You want to know what turns me on?! 

Gentle touch. Teasing. 

Coconut oil to prevent painful friction between your fingers and my delicate parts.  

Hearing your sounds of pleasure while I touch you.  

Laughing together.

If we get to know each other over time and develop a good connection, will you offer me full service?

This is a common question I get asked before booking with me. 

It seems like some guys only want to book with me if they will get to fuck me one day.

My answer is... I don't offer full service and that will not change if we get to know each other and hit it off. 

I like giving massages. 

For me, massages are more intimate and fun

I take pride in my body massage. 

I enjoy the feeling of behaving like naughty teenagers. 

When you clicked on my ad, you knew you were in the massage section. 

And I get that some massage providers also offer full service. But I'm not one of them

If getting full service is that important to you, then I am not the right provider for you. No hard feelings!

And one last word on this subject...

You're missing out if you have such rigid restrictions placed on your sensual experiences! (Just saying.)


I want to thank my favourite clients for your business and friendship. Please keep coming back. You know who you are. XOXO

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Friday, May 17, 2019

My First Couple's Session and other tidbits...

Hey Fellas (and lady),

The exciting news this week is that I received TWO new testimonials!

It is very rewarding when a client enjoys our session so much, that he wants to write a testimonial.


This past week I did my first couple's session.

I am not bisexual, and I do not offer happy ending massages for women. But the woman who booked this session wasn't looking for that kind of action.

I'll let you hear the rest from her husband...

"My wife booked me a massage as a birthday present. I did not realize what kind of massage till Annie met us at the door wearing nothing but sexy black lingerie and a sexier smile. The massage was fantastic but meeting Annie was even better, she is a petite blonde bundle of fun. I think we are going to have to celebrate my birthday at least monthly from now on."

Does that review make you want me?! LOL! (It makes ME want ME!)

Just maybe I will start doing more couples sessions. ;)

I also received another testimonial from one of my very first clients.

In fact, he was my second ever sensual massage booking. And I don't think it was that good because he took a long time to return to me.

But when he did, he was very happy with his experience! So happy that he offered to write me a testimonial...

"This service should really be on Trip Advisors top 5 things to do while in Vancouver. It should be on your personal bucket list. I cant say enough awesome things about my recent experience. I was greeted by Annie who is an absolute knock out with nice perky small boobs and a bum to die for. To make it better she really is a lovely lady with a great personality. The first 30 minutes were dedicated to a lovely massage on my back. The next 30 minutes were what I can only describe as a sensual erotic lap dance/massage while I relaxed on my back. I can assure you the ending is very happy."

 I feel honoured to receive such glowing praise from these individuals.

It is important to me that my clients enjoy their sessions with me and hopefully choose to come back again and again.

Annie's Business Improvement Survey...RESULTS!

Thank you to the 17 people who responded to this survey. Here is what you told me...

1. What are you looking for in a massage experience? What matters most to you? (ie. attractiveness, cleanliness of studio, non-smoking, shower facilities, etc).

The top responses for this question were by far: Cleanliness, Attractiveness, Personality, Shower Facilities, and Non-Smoking.  

2. What turns you off?

Fake photos, messy environment, smoke odour, provider who obviously doesn't enjoy her work, being rushed, and body odour. 

(I can guarantee my photos are real! I always use fresh sheets, towels, and pillow slips. I do not smoke. I love my work! The time we will spend together is agreed upon at booking. And I really hope I don't stink! LOL)

3. What did you like about your session with me?

"Your smile."
"You know and are clear with your boundaries, you’re extremely attractive and a sweet personality."
"Your smile, energy, you are an electric charge, calming, your gentle hands, welcoming, you are building a relationship with me, safe, comfortable."
"Your honesty and organic feel to session."
Thank you so much for the amazing compliments, guys. xoox
4. What did you not like?

Only two people answered this question. One said he does not like how exposed my building is "to prying eyes." And the other (who has not booked with me yet) said that he would prefer a massage on a table to a bed.

5. Would you pay a deposit for a first time massage with a provider?

I posted this question because of No-Shows. The resounding answer from the majority of you is NOOOO! You would not pay a deposit. 

I respect your reasons and thank you for helping me to understand your perspective.

I've decided with No-Shows just to not ever book with them again. 

If they don't have the decency to cancel our booking even on short notice, then I don't want them as clients anyhow.

6. Any other advice for me?

Thank you for your suggestions, gentlemen!  

Some words of advice were that I should offer cuddling services; never cross my own boundaries; and buy a massage table (which I do have!). 

I also had a gentleman suggest that I should explain on my website why I charge what I charge even though I have more restrictions than others. 

To this gentleman I will say...

Do I have more restrictions? I don't really know what other providers offer in the massage category. 

My restrictions are based on my own boundaries. If you can't enjoy yourself within those boundaries, then I am probably not the provider for you. 

Also, since people are seeing me more than once, I figure the donation amount is not set too high for my services. ;)

Talk Dirty To Me Survey Preliminary Results!

Wow! Forty-two people have already answered my "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey! Thank you so much.

The answers are interesting to say the least. Arousing as fuck too!

The absolutely most fascinating question for me is the one where I ask you to rate what's important to you in a session in order of importance and the top five are very clear!

First of all, the number one thing you are looking for in a sensual massage session is INTIMACY! 

Here they are in order:

1. Intimacy
2. Quality of Body Massage
3. Attractiveness of Provider
4. Personality of Provider
5. Provider's Pleasure

I am thrilled to learn what matters most to my clients and will endeavor to meet these five priorities in my sessions. 

I will post the full results of this survey in a few weeks. 

That's all I have for today. I hope you all have a great week! 

If you're feeling sexy, you know how to contact me. ;)

Love Annie

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Red Lace Lingerie and Naughty Poses

Hello Beautiful People,

Thank you for your patience. April's Photo Shoot was difficult to schedule because I left it till the last minute (my bad).

But I believe it was worth the wait!

If any of my regulars would like to see a particular photo without blurring, let me know and I will send it to you.

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below or shoot me a email! xoxo

Love Annie

PS. I'm scheming up a special email gift for my subscribers to thank you for letting me entertain you each week. If you haven't subscribed yet, but you like naughty photos, sign up soon! ;)

May Photo Shoot!

Daisy Dukes made for me by a client xo

I'm feeling naughty...

Will you join me in bed. ;)

You're taking too long! Will this entice you?

I'm teasing you because you took so long.

Next time let's have a lap dance first. ;)

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Talk Dirty To Me and Tell Me How You Like It! ;)

Hey Fellas!

I'm getting new photos this week!

Are you as excited as I am?

Subscribe to my site (if you haven't already) to receive sexy photos of me every month to your email inbox. xoxo

Next Monday morning, subscribers will receive my new sexy photos. *muah*

In the meantime, I have another favour to ask.

Yes. It's another survey.

But this survey is much naughtier.

I'm calling it my "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey.

I know that all guys are different and I will likely get many different answers. 

I want to hear them all!

I want to know what makes you tick.

Ideally, you will share this info with me during our sessions, but I also understand it is difficult to communicate these things in the moment.

So, I am inviting you to share your desires and preferences with me in this survey.

Whether or not you've experienced my services, please respond candidly to my questions.

I am a very sexual woman and I am VERY excited to get responses to this survey!

Let's just say it will be great masturbation material. ;)

I hope you have a great week and don't forget to support your local sex worker! (Preferably me.)

Love Annie xoxox

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