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Ask Annie: The Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Hello Sexy People ;)

There are certain questions that I am often asked by you when you're booking a session and during our sessions. 

I thought it might be fun to share my answers to the most common questions you've asked me. 

If you have more questions, please comment below or email me:

Love Annie XOXO

Do you offer Domination?

I get asked this a lot and I'm very flattered! However, I am too sweet to be a Domme. 

I'm not saying I will never consider this work. Never say never! But at this time, no, I do not offer Domination.

What fetishes do you cater to?

I am definitely open to fetish sessions, however it's all new to me. I need you to describe your fetish, what you're hoping to experience with me and then let me think about it. 

I'm very open minded and will not judge you or be upset with you for your particular fetish (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone). 

If it is something I am willing to try, I will say yes! 

If it is not something I'm willing to try, I will politely decline. 

The only way you'll know if you ask!

Do you take older men?

Of course! I adore men of all ages. 

Honestly the most important thing for me is not age or society's standards of beauty. 

The most important things to me are respect, cleanliness, and having a good connection with you

That's not to say I don't appreciate a beautiful man when I see one. Of course I do! 

(And many older men are looking damn good!)

But I have found that you become more beautiful to me when you are kind and caring and you make me laugh, no matter what you look like.

What kinds of gifts do you like?

I have been asked to post a Wish List on my website, which many sex workers do. 

However, I am reluctant to do that. 

I want our relationship to be reciprocal. 

In return for your donation and kindness, my goal is to give you an amazing and special sensual experience.  

My goal is NOT to get whatever I can from you.

That being said, I am often asked what do I like because some of  you like to give gifts. That is so totally sweet of you! 

I do NOT expect gifts! So please do not ever feel obligated. 

But if you love giving gifts and just want a few little ideas, here are some things that I love:

  • Vanilla Latte Coffee
  • Organic Milk Chocolate
  • Flowers, especially roses
  • Sexy Panties, size small
  • Perfume (Michael Kors, Sheer; Obsession)
  • Nude Paintings / Drawings for my walls
  • Fuzzy sock slippers (my feet are always cold!) 

Please DO NOT feel obligated to give me gifts! 

Your presence in my life is all the gift I need. xo

How big are most cocks?

A totally good question because, honestly, before I did this job I assumed the whole "6 inches" as average thing was fact. 

However, I have found most cocks that I've seen are shorter than 6 inches. 

I am honestly fascinated by the differences in cock lengths and widths.  

I often fantasize about photographing all your cocks for my own cock collection! 

(I won't say whether it will be used for masturbation material...I'll just leave that to your imagination.)

I'm also often asked whether I prefer circumcised or uncircumcised cocks. 

My answer is... I don't have a preference. 

When they're hard, they look exactly the same. 

I have not noticed any difference in hygiene or attractiveness. 

All cocks are beautiful in their own way, just like all pussies are. xoxo

What turns you on?

You want to know what turns me on?! 

Gentle touch. Teasing. 

Coconut oil to prevent painful friction between your fingers and my delicate parts.  

Hearing your sounds of pleasure while I touch you.  

Laughing together.

If we get to know each other over time and develop a good connection, will you offer me full service?

This is a common question I get asked before booking with me. 

It seems like some guys only want to book with me if they will get to fuck me one day.

My answer is... I don't offer full service and that will not change if we get to know each other and hit it off. 

I like giving massages. 

For me, massages are more intimate and fun

I take pride in my body massage. 

I enjoy the feeling of behaving like naughty teenagers. 

When you clicked on my ad, you knew you were in the massage section. 

And I get that some massage providers also offer full service. But I'm not one of them

If getting full service is that important to you, then I am not the right provider for you. No hard feelings!

And one last word on this subject...

You're missing out if you have such rigid restrictions placed on your sensual experiences! (Just saying.)


I want to thank my favourite clients for your business and friendship. Please keep coming back. You know who you are. XOXO

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