Friday, May 17, 2019

My First Couple's Session and other tidbits...

Hey Fellas (and lady),

The exciting news this week is that I received TWO new testimonials!

It is very rewarding when a client enjoys our session so much, that he wants to write a testimonial.


This past week I did my first couple's session.

I am not bisexual, and I do not offer happy ending massages for women. But the woman who booked this session wasn't looking for that kind of action.

I'll let you hear the rest from her husband...

"My wife booked me a massage as a birthday present. I did not realize what kind of massage till Annie met us at the door wearing nothing but sexy black lingerie and a sexier smile. The massage was fantastic but meeting Annie was even better, she is a petite blonde bundle of fun. I think we are going to have to celebrate my birthday at least monthly from now on."

Does that review make you want me?! LOL! (It makes ME want ME!)

Just maybe I will start doing more couples sessions. ;)

I also received another testimonial from one of my very first clients.

In fact, he was my second ever sensual massage booking. And I don't think it was that good because he took a long time to return to me.

But when he did, he was very happy with his experience! So happy that he offered to write me a testimonial...

"This service should really be on Trip Advisors top 5 things to do while in Vancouver. It should be on your personal bucket list. I cant say enough awesome things about my recent experience. I was greeted by Annie who is an absolute knock out with nice perky small boobs and a bum to die for. To make it better she really is a lovely lady with a great personality. The first 30 minutes were dedicated to a lovely massage on my back. The next 30 minutes were what I can only describe as a sensual erotic lap dance/massage while I relaxed on my back. I can assure you the ending is very happy."

 I feel honoured to receive such glowing praise from these individuals.

It is important to me that my clients enjoy their sessions with me and hopefully choose to come back again and again.

Annie's Business Improvement Survey...RESULTS!

Thank you to the 17 people who responded to this survey. Here is what you told me...

1. What are you looking for in a massage experience? What matters most to you? (ie. attractiveness, cleanliness of studio, non-smoking, shower facilities, etc).

The top responses for this question were by far: Cleanliness, Attractiveness, Personality, Shower Facilities, and Non-Smoking.  

2. What turns you off?

Fake photos, messy environment, smoke odour, provider who obviously doesn't enjoy her work, being rushed, and body odour. 

(I can guarantee my photos are real! I always use fresh sheets, towels, and pillow slips. I do not smoke. I love my work! The time we will spend together is agreed upon at booking. And I really hope I don't stink! LOL)

3. What did you like about your session with me?

"Your smile."
"You know and are clear with your boundaries, you’re extremely attractive and a sweet personality."
"Your smile, energy, you are an electric charge, calming, your gentle hands, welcoming, you are building a relationship with me, safe, comfortable."
"Your honesty and organic feel to session."
Thank you so much for the amazing compliments, guys. xoox
4. What did you not like?

Only two people answered this question. One said he does not like how exposed my building is "to prying eyes." And the other (who has not booked with me yet) said that he would prefer a massage on a table to a bed.

5. Would you pay a deposit for a first time massage with a provider?

I posted this question because of No-Shows. The resounding answer from the majority of you is NOOOO! You would not pay a deposit. 

I respect your reasons and thank you for helping me to understand your perspective.

I've decided with No-Shows just to not ever book with them again. 

If they don't have the decency to cancel our booking even on short notice, then I don't want them as clients anyhow.

6. Any other advice for me?

Thank you for your suggestions, gentlemen!  

Some words of advice were that I should offer cuddling services; never cross my own boundaries; and buy a massage table (which I do have!). 

I also had a gentleman suggest that I should explain on my website why I charge what I charge even though I have more restrictions than others. 

To this gentleman I will say...

Do I have more restrictions? I don't really know what other providers offer in the massage category. 

My restrictions are based on my own boundaries. If you can't enjoy yourself within those boundaries, then I am probably not the provider for you. 

Also, since people are seeing me more than once, I figure the donation amount is not set too high for my services. ;)

Talk Dirty To Me Survey Preliminary Results!

Wow! Forty-two people have already answered my "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey! Thank you so much.

The answers are interesting to say the least. Arousing as fuck too!

The absolutely most fascinating question for me is the one where I ask you to rate what's important to you in a session in order of importance and the top five are very clear!

First of all, the number one thing you are looking for in a sensual massage session is INTIMACY! 

Here they are in order:

1. Intimacy
2. Quality of Body Massage
3. Attractiveness of Provider
4. Personality of Provider
5. Provider's Pleasure

I am thrilled to learn what matters most to my clients and will endeavor to meet these five priorities in my sessions. 

I will post the full results of this survey in a few weeks. 

That's all I have for today. I hope you all have a great week! 

If you're feeling sexy, you know how to contact me. ;)

Love Annie

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