Friday, May 3, 2019

Talk Dirty To Me and Tell Me How You Like It! ;)

Hey Fellas!

I'm getting new photos this week!

Are you as excited as I am?

Subscribe to my site (if you haven't already) to receive sexy photos of me every month to your email inbox. xoxo

Next Monday morning, subscribers will receive my new sexy photos. *muah*

In the meantime, I have another favour to ask.

Yes. It's another survey.

But this survey is much naughtier.

I'm calling it my "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey.

I know that all guys are different and I will likely get many different answers. 

I want to hear them all!

I want to know what makes you tick.

Ideally, you will share this info with me during our sessions, but I also understand it is difficult to communicate these things in the moment.

So, I am inviting you to share your desires and preferences with me in this survey.

Whether or not you've experienced my services, please respond candidly to my questions.

I am a very sexual woman and I am VERY excited to get responses to this survey!

Let's just say it will be great masturbation material. ;)

I hope you have a great week and don't forget to support your local sex worker! (Preferably me.)

Love Annie xoxox

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