Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sex Workers Unite...if you know what I mean ;)

Hello my horny friends!

Are you as horny as I am?! 

I doubt it! LOL

I must be ovulating because I'm a woman on fire (between the legs).

It makes me want to send out another naughty gift to my subscribers!

Did you like the last one?

I have two more from the same photo shoot.

Shall I send you one?

In the meantime, I'm offering a new service with my super sexy friend, Carmen. 

Below you can read about how we met and why we decided to work together.

You can find more of Carmen on her Twitter feed. 

Be sure to mention how you found her. (Through me.)

My twitter is here! @tntannie 

Shout out to my regulars who make me love my life!

You know who you are. ;)

Love Annie xoxo

PS. Thank you to all survey respondents for the naughty, dirty talk you've been sending me through my "Talk Dirty To YOU" Survey (different from the last "Talk Dirty To Me" Survey). 

Your responses are super fucking sexy and ohhhh man! I can't help but touch myself after reading them!

Nothing Beats Sex With A Professional!

When I was stripping, I spent time with other sex industry workers every work, in the clubs and the change rooms.

But doing sensual massage is a private endeavor.

I don't get to see my colleagues very often, other than frolicking on Facebook or Twitter.

That's why I attend sex worker conferences whenever possible.

It's great to hang out with other people who really get what I do.

So, there I was, at a large gathering of sex workers in Vancouver and we were asked to brainstorm different ways to educate clients about preventing STI's (sexually transmitted infections).

As sex workers, it's our job to know all about health risks and how to protect ourselves (and our clients).

And it's also a part of our jobs to teach you!

So, anyhow, there was this super sweet, super sexy woman at my table and we hit it off right away.

Carmen was always smiling and I could tell that she genuinely loves being a sex worker by how she lovingly talked about her 

We had that in common and as the day wore on, we realized that we'd made a new friendship.

By the end of the conference, we had a really cool bond.

But it was more than that.

Just talking to her was arousing!

Carmen turned me on!

I couldn't tell if she felt the same way but I knew from our conversations that she is not averse to making love to a woman.

The question was only if I'd get MY chance. 

Was my horny attraction to her returned?

Long story short...YES!

Carmen wanted me too.

She told me as much as we ate a celebratory dinner together on the last day of the conference.

We took our "dessert" upstairs in Carmen's hotel room.

 We started out by undressing each other and IT WAS HOT!

Carmen is so sensual and's indescribable in words.

All I can say is that my pussy was electrified long before she removed my panties.

We savoured each moment, taking our time which really heightened the senses.

My nipples popped to attention as Carmen slid my bra off.

Cupping her cunt with my hand, I felt hot wetness emanating through her panties.

They peeled away almost sticking to the moist, hot folds as I slid them down over her hips and legs.

We were smiling and giggling the whole time because that's how we are both are.

But as we progressed to full nudity, our mood became more serious and distracted.

All I could feel were sensations...her hands caressing me, her mouth on my nipples, her fingers in my pussy lightly rubbing my g-spot.

Carmen is more experienced at fucking women, so I let her take the lead. 

But really, we just flowed. 

Awkward moments happened but we met them with giggles, then went back to our business. 

After all, we are professionals.

Carmen's sensuality complemented my playfulness and we gave each other every pleasure we could think of with our limited resources (neither of us had packed our toys for this trip - shocking, I know).

We improvised with fingers and tongues and masterful techniques.

And as we rested together afterwards, we decided to work together. 

You can now get a FOUR HAND massage with Carmen and I. Text or email one of us for more information.

Playful, Fun, Sexy
Four-Hand Massage with Happy Ending
1 hour = $400

Super Sexy (Watch Us Play) 
Four-Hand Massage with Happy Ending
1 hour = $550



Hope to hear from you naughty boys soon! XOXOX

Text or Email to book a massage today!

Find me on! 

DISCLAIMER: All my stories are fiction from my horny imagination. Sex stories do not imply full service offerings in my massage practice.  

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