Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Naughtiest Blog Post Ever...Horny Warning!

Remember when I asked you to talk dirty to me?

"Tell me what YOU like in a massage booking!" I said.

The results were inspiring!

My love for you guys got even stronger after reading your responses.


I asked you to be explicitly honest about me talking dirty to YOU.

And boy oh boy, WERE YOU EVER!

It turns out that most of you are naughty little boys who need a spanking!

I got SO turned on reading your answers.

I had to stop and masturbate THREE times!

Without further ado, the results of my TALK DIRTY TO YOU Survey!

#1. How does it make you feel when someone talks dirty to you?

  • 80% of you said “I fucking love it.” See? Naughty little boys. Come over here so I can punish you. ;)
  • 2% of you said “It makes me uncomfortable.” Okay, I respect that! If I ever make you uncomfortable, please let me know. xoxo
  • 12% of you said  "I don’t know, I’ve never experienced it." Dirty talk virgins?! Let me de-virginize you!

#2. In an erotic massage setting, when would you like the dirty talk to begin?

  • 65% of you said “Whenever it seems natural.” Makes sense!
  • 20% of you said “Right when I walk through the door.” Ooh, you're the REALLY naughty ones!
  • 10% of you said “When the massage begins.” Do you like the slick feel of hot oil on your buttocks?" (That wasn't very good, was it? I'll try harder.)
  • 5% of you said “Only during the happy ending massage.” Weirdly, you were also the guys who liked the REALLY dirty talk, like "I want you to stick your big dick in my ass." And you also knew that it was just talk and wouldn't suggest boundary crossing.

#3. What do you want me to say?

This was the part that made me come three times

Some of you told me exactly what to say...

  • "Your cock feels so hard, big throbbing, I cant wait for your cock to shoot seed, load, cum, sperm, jizz. I want your cum to cover my hands, I love the feel of hot sperm all over me."
  • "My cunt is so wet."
  • "I want you inside me."
  • "Fuck my brains out."
  • "My pussy is getting wet thinking of all the fun we could have together. Your cock looks delicious."
  • "I want to make your cock cum. Your touch makes my nipples hard. F$&@ that feels good. Keep your f$&@ing fingers there, I want to cum!"

Some of you gave me instructions... (this part made me horny too!)

  • "Be as filthy and twisted as possible."(my favourite!)
  • "Call me a bitch, tell me you own my cock and only you can have it, slap my cock/balls and tell me I'm a bad boy." (my second favourite!)
  •  "Tell me how horny you are or talk about your fantasy."
  • "Talk about how you feel. What you like about my body, how horny you are."
  • "Tell me how much you like my cock. What you wish you could do to me. How badly you want it."
  • "Use "boobs" "breasts" and "boobies" rather than "tits" or "titties" (once or twice is nice though). Use "vagina" rather than "pussy" (again, once or twice is fine though). Use "panties" and "underwear" and ask if I want to "get in your pants." Use "bra" and "top." Tell me if your vagina is wet, if your nipples are hard, and if you're about to cum so I know that I'm doing a good job at pleasing you."

Some of you wanted to emphasize that it must be real and natural...
  • "Be honest, be authentic. If you like the look of my eyes/lips/etc. say so. Don't tell me I have the biggest when I know I don't. Compliment the real, not the fake. Start slow and gauge the response. If I like the talk, I'll let you know and participate. Tell me how you feel (with some honesty). If you are getting turned on by my smell, my eyes, my other parts say so."
  • "For me the only dirty talk I like is the kind that builds me up and is not obviously being said as a lie. “Mmm I love how thick your cock is!” Would be appropriate because it’s true and it makes me feel good that you enjoy it. “Mmm you’re so muscular, you must work out!” Doesn’t fit and just seems like you’re picking ens from a script. Just be genuine and in the moment. If you don’t feel it, it’s OK not to say it."

One of  you wants to role play... 

  • "A fantasy, eg you are my aunti and I am totally want to make me hot." Oooh, that's very naughty!

Some of you want me to tell you how to touch me... (mmm, thank you)
  • "How much your body needs to be touched and when and where."
  • "What you want done to you. What you are feeling. What I am doing to make you feel that way. What you like from what you see."

#4. What's your take on dirty talk about services not offered?
  • It inflames the imagination but I know to stick to the original, agreed-upon boundaries. (51%) That's very well done, gentlemen. *claps enthusiastically*
  • I've found it confusing in the past. (30%) !!!
  • It means those services are now on the table. (14%) Wrong!

I liked this comment...

"But the provider is always right, so if she decides to take me down that road, then who am I to say “Wait! This is the forbidden fruit!” Words would not change that; only actions."  

Good to know!

#5. Do you like to talk dirty to your provider?
  • Yes 37% (Keep it coming, guys. I love it too.)
  • No 11% (That's okay! Silence during a massage is wonderful too!)
  • I would like to but have never done it before 36% (Hmmm, I'm thinking you should book with me and try it out.)

There you have it!

I asked for it and you really gave it to me!


You made my day. Maybe even my month!

This is valuable masturbation material. I hope you know how much I appreciate it.

Love you guys. XOXO


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Monday, August 26, 2019

Ask Annie: Five Reasons To Become A Regular

Do you subscribe to my blog but haven't booked a massage yet?

Have you booked with me once and had a great time?

Are you an older gentleman with a young man's spirit?

Or a young guy with a taste for older women? 

Do you like having fun, relaxing while you're touched all over, and being used for a short girl's own pleasure? 

(lol, just kidding about the last part...maybe)

Are you the kind of man who would benefit from becoming one of my regulars?

If you think you might be...

Here are FIVE REASONS to give you the push you need. xoxo

#1. Intimacy & Connection Increases

As I mentioned in another blog post, there's an intimacy and connection that develops between two people who experience naked fun together on a regular basis... 

I become more comfortable with you and you become more comfortable with me. 

Our sessions become more exciting and enjoyable too!

#2. Flexible Booking Times

If you want to book with me outside my regular hours, I will try very hard to fit you in. Not always possible, but for regulars, I will do my best.  

I do not usually take first time bookings outside my regular hours because of no-shows and time-wasters. 

I know with my regulars that I will be treated with respect and consideration. 

I am happy to fit them in outside my regular hours when possible. 

#3. Naughty Text Messages

Once you've booked with me a few times and we've developed a rapport, I love to receive naughty text messages from you from time-to-time between appointments. 

Obviously not to the point of it interfering with my life (LOL) but I love a sexy dick pic from a favourite client every once in awhile. xxx

Were you thinking of me this morning? 

#4. I Learn New Techniques On You!

My favourite regular clients are the ones I feel most comfortable trying out kinky new techniques and services with. 

So, if you fit into this category, expect to be my guinea pig! xoxox

#5. Instagram Access

Regulars are invited to follow my Instagram account where I do not cover my tattoos or blur out my face. 

If you are a regular and would like to follow me, just send me a text or email!

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Friday, August 16, 2019

August Photo Shoot!

It's that time of month!

Photo Shoot Time!

Check out these Sexy Lingerie Photos taken by Jonny Ray.

I hope they make you...
  • horny
  • interested
  • excited
  • book a session with me ;)
Do you like what you see?
I've been waiting for you.
I want you to undress me.
I love being a tease.
 Does this tease you?
Wouldn't you like a massage, right now?
Come over here and get the massage of your life. ;)

Give me some love, guys! 

Do you like my new photos? 

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ask Annie: How To Be A Great Client

Photo Credit: Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight
Some of you are already pros at being great clients!

In fact, you could teach a course on it, I'm sure.

You could probably even write a better article about it than I, since you'd be coming from the point of view of having visited multiple sex workers.

I am coming from the point of view of only one...ME.

However, I believe all professionals in my industry would agree with what I'm saying in this article.

If you love sex workers and truly appreciate what we have to offer, here is how you can show your appreciation!

I absolutely adore those of you who follow these courtesies. XOXO


Please read my rates and services page before contacting me. 

It tells you how to contact me (email; text) and how to introduce yourself (name, number, booking date).

It tells you what I charge, my hours, and my restrictions.

It tells you that I will send you a photo of my face if you send me one of yours first. ;)

Please don't ask me questions that you can find the answers to on my site.

If something is not on my site, ask away!

I prefer if you are very upfront about what you're looking for. I will tell you yes or no with zero judgement towards you.

My price is firm. Please do not haggle.

If you want to know why I charge "so much," then book an appointment with me and find out.

If I am out of your price range, I'm sure you'll find a provider who is. No hard feelings for either of us. 

Personally, I don't take phone calls - only text or email. 

Most sex workers who do take phone calls will not accept calls from blocked or private numbers.

My absolute favourite clients almost always start out by sending me an short bio and a photo of their face.


This is key to a good experience.

I am a very horny woman but really bad breath and body odour are huge turn OFF's for me.

I provide shower facilities and mouthwash. Please use them!

Another way to avoid the bad breath thing is to breathe through your nose and / or direct your breathing away from my face. 

(I do all of the above - brush my teeth, use mouthwash, nose breathing, and breathing away from your face.)

You're welcome. ;)


I mean, honestly, it's up to you.

But personally, I like it if you can come while you're with me.

I'm not saying that I will be upset or disappointed if you don't come!

It happens and I'm not offended or upset in the least!

But if I have a choice of you coming before our appointment by yourself, or you coming during our appointment with me - I will choose CUM WITH ME every time!

If you want to orgasm earlier in the session, that is always an option too.

Communicate with me! 

My business is your pleasure!


I don't just sit around in my lingerie waiting for clients to arrive and then magically appear perfect and ready for the next one.

There is work to be done between appointments!

I always ensure that I have showered and cleaned myself well before every booking.

I also need to set up the massage area and heat my massage oil.

I like to put on a little perfume and make sure everything is tidy.

Get the music going...

As you can see, there is effort put into making your appointment as awesome as possible.

So, please do not arrive early.

If you're early, text me from your car and I will let you know when I am ready for you.

Wait in your car until that time.

Thanks so much!


One of the reasons I can't have you arriving early is because I cannot leave you hanging around outside my door until I'm ready.

In this business, I have to be discreet.

I do not want my neighbours or landlord complaining about you.

I especially don't want you drawing attention to my visitors.

This is my livelihood. Please respect my workspace and be discreet when coming and going.


Please pay the agreed upon amount before we begin.

Let's get that out of the way and have some fun!

I prefer cash but will do e-transfer occasionally.

Just ask!


We'll both have a much better time if you respect my boundaries.

It is my job to also respect yours.

Please be very clear with me about things you do not like or do not want me to do.

I will never be offended, only grateful that you communicated with me.

My boundaries take two things into consideration:

a) How can we do this in a fun but safe way?
b) How can we do this in a way that maximizes both our arousal?

I realize that you are the paying customer and I am the service provider, but I guarantee you'll have more fun if I'm having fun too.

If you cross a boundary without my invitation, things will get awkward and uncomfortable.

So, let's have some wickedly awesome naked fun without wrecking it by crossing each other's boundaries.


I make a big effort to be clean and pretty "down there" for you.

I take care of my parts very well realizing that my body is not just a source of income for me but also a source of great pleasure.

However, when my parts have been abused by too much friction or pressure in those delicate areas - it threatens both my income and my pleasure.

I'm also at an age in my life where a little extra lube goes a long way.

So, please, when stimulating my pussy, use the coconut oil I provide.

Make sure I'm super slippery and that your touch is not too rough.

I will ask you to be gentle if you're applying too much pressure or friction.

I understand that we can both get caught up in the moment.

Definitely let me know if I need to be more gentle or switch it up too!


I really don't want to have to kick you out!

But I have other clients and things to do before they arrive.

I also have a family, so sometimes I have to go right after a booking to take my kids to their activities or make dinner or what have you.

It's nothing personal against you. I just have a very tight (pussy)... I mean, schedule. ;)


This is not a request for tips!

Honestly, I do not expect tips and my impression of you is not based on whether or not you tip.

However, many clients ask me what kinds of gifts I may like to receive.

I am not a materialistic woman.

I have everything I need, really!

But I also have kids, bills to pay, groceries to buy, and the overhead for my business is quite high too.

If you really want to show me some extra appreciation, I would be most grateful for a tip.

Any amount is great! (Even $5 is appreciated!)

But again, tips are not expected.

I will love you whether you tip or not, as long as you are clean, you don't smell bad, and you are kind and respectful to me. XOXO

For more information about being a great clients and more...check out this link: Trade Secrets for Our Clients

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Hottest Threesome I Ever Had

I was just minding my business the other day, at Starbucks, when a super sexy man walked in.

He didn't notice me right away but I noticed him!

When he caught me staring at him, our eyes met.

I felt instant heat between my legs at that moment.

I tried to focus on my computer work but my nipples were hard and my pussy tingling.

I wondered if he felt it too.

He grabbed a table near me and I noticed he was carrying two coffees.

I thought... Damn, he has a girlfriend. 

But a few moments after that, another hot guy walked in and headed straight for hot guy #1!

It just so happens that I love guy-on-guy porn, so now my imagination was running wild.

I was so turned on but felt helpless to do anything about it.

I had no idea the sexual orientation of these two men. Or their relationship with each other for that matter.

But I was sure that eye contact moment was not one-sided.

His eyes had been smoldering and he'd given me a deliberate once over.

Those signs are unmistakable.

Remembering that moment renewed my horniness.

I noticed hot guy #1 talking quietly to hot guy #2 and both of them glancing over at me.

Again my imagination ran wild. Me, him, his friend doing kinky things on the Starbucks counter...

What could I do?

Finally, I gave up trying to work; decided to go home and masturbate.

I packed up my computer and surreptitiously rubbed the moistness between my legs, worrying it might show through my tight pants.

As I passed their table, I couldn't help but enjoy the view one more time. 

As I looked down at hot guy #2, he stood to intercept me.

"Hello," he said. "My name is Tyler and this is my friend, Kade. We were wondering if you would like to join us for a few minutes?"

I blinked for about a second, then accepted their invitation.

For the next ten minutes we chatted and laughed.

And we lusted. (At least I did.)

It was becoming obvious that one of us had to say something to move this tryst along.

I took a risk...

"So, what are you guys doing after this?"

"We're going back to my place," Kade replied. "It's just around the corner from here. Would you like to join us?"

"I'd love to," I replied enthusiastically.

When I arrived, they were relaxed and topless.

They offered me wine but I don't drink, so they gave me a glass of water with lemon.

"You're very beautiful," Tyler said.

"Thank you. I think you are both very beautiful too."

I started to undress but Tyler stopped me.

"Let me do that," he said.

They undressed me together, taking turns kissing my neck and suckling my nipples.

As we played, we discussed our boundaries. 

They explained that they were a couple, both of them bi-sexual, and asked me if that was okay with me.

Damn rights, it was!

I was in heaven, my hands on two different beautiful cocks. 

I'd brought my own condoms and lube.

Tyler was the first to put his cock in my pussy.

Lying on the bed, he mounted me missionary style; all the while kissing and caressing me.

When he pulled his face away, I saw that Kade was positioned at my head, his cock straining towards my mouth.

Naturally I took it in my mouth.

Kade was careful not to gag me with his hard as fuck cock; as his partner, Tyler, fucked me rhythmically and deeply.

It was so fucking hot!

Then Tyler pulled out and motioned for Kade to fuck me.

I was in fucking heaven!

Kade mounted me missionary too. He was a more gentle lover than Tyler.

He stared into my eyes and leaned down over my face, telling me how beautiful I am and how my pussy feels so good.

I was getting close to orgasm when Kade stopped for a moment and I saw Tyler over his shoulder coming up behind him.

A moment later Tyler started fucking Kade, making Kade's thrusts into me harder and deeper.

I shattered into a waterfall of orgasmic bliss almost immediately; I was so aroused!

But this was only the beginning.

Tyler was the unspoken leader of our little rendezvous.

He instructed Kade to lie down on the bed so I could ride him.

This is the easiest way for me to come when I'm having sex, so I was all for it!

Once I was positioned on top of Kade, Tyler entered Kade from behind me.

I cannot tell you how amazing it was having Tyler's hands, lips, and stubble on me as I came over and over again on Kade's cock.

It was so sensual and naughty!

We played for quite awhile, switching positions, talking dirty, and enjoying the incredible sensations of sensual lovemaking.

They were at all times gentle with me, yet they fucked me hard each in their own way and treated me with special care to ensure I did not feel left out at any time.

We exchanged numbers and I hope they will invite me back again some time.

For now, I will never forget that amazing experience of getting fucked by a man who is getting fucked by another man at the same time.

One more thing to cross off my bucket list. ;)

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DISCLAIMER: All my stories are fiction from my horny imagination. Sex stories do not imply full service offerings in my massage practice.

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