Friday, August 16, 2019

August Photo Shoot!

It's that time of month!

Photo Shoot Time!

Check out these Sexy Lingerie Photos taken by Jonny Ray.

I hope they make you...
  • horny
  • interested
  • excited
  • book a session with me ;)
Do you like what you see?
I've been waiting for you.
I want you to undress me.
I love being a tease.
 Does this tease you?
Wouldn't you like a massage, right now?
Come over here and get the massage of your life. ;)

Give me some love, guys! 

Do you like my new photos? 

Text or Email to book a massage today!

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  1. Hello Annie:
    You are as gorgeous and sexy as usual. I love the photos and am definitely interested. You are an incredibly warm and charming woman. Love you ~S

  2. Texted multiple times to book an appointment and never have gotten a reply back ...
    Except for one saying pardon me

    I must say good advertising but not great on keeping a wanna be costumer

    1. I apologize for your experience. If you have texted outside my work hours (Monday to Friday, 12 - 7) or only texted with a comment, not for an appointment, I don't usually respond. If you have no-showed me in the past, then I also will not respond. There are some people who text "Hi" and nothing else. I will wait to hear why they are texting before responding. I don't have time to chat - too many kids and other things on the go plus work! Such is life. If you texted me with the details I ask for: name, day and time you want to be booked, a short bio, and maybe even a face pic...I will DEFINITELY respond!

    2. I found your text messages to me and it turns out you were rude to me. That's another reason I won't respond. Lose my number, please!


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