Monday, August 26, 2019

Ask Annie: Five Reasons To Become A Regular

Do you subscribe to my blog but haven't booked a massage yet?

Have you booked with me once and had a great time?

Are you an older gentleman with a young man's spirit?

Or a young guy with a taste for older women? 

Do you like having fun, relaxing while you're touched all over, and being used for a short girl's own pleasure? 

(lol, just kidding about the last part...maybe)

Are you the kind of man who would benefit from becoming one of my regulars?

If you think you might be...

Here are FIVE REASONS to give you the push you need. xoxo

#1. Intimacy & Connection Increases

As I mentioned in another blog post, there's an intimacy and connection that develops between two people who experience naked fun together on a regular basis... 

I become more comfortable with you and you become more comfortable with me. 

Our sessions become more exciting and enjoyable too!

#2. Flexible Booking Times

If you want to book with me outside my regular hours, I will try very hard to fit you in. Not always possible, but for regulars, I will do my best.  

I do not usually take first time bookings outside my regular hours because of no-shows and time-wasters. 

I know with my regulars that I will be treated with respect and consideration. 

I am happy to fit them in outside my regular hours when possible. 

#3. Naughty Text Messages

Once you've booked with me a few times and we've developed a rapport, I love to receive naughty text messages from you from time-to-time between appointments. 

Obviously not to the point of it interfering with my life (LOL) but I love a sexy dick pic from a favourite client every once in awhile. xxx

Were you thinking of me this morning? 

#4. I Learn New Techniques On You!

My favourite regular clients are the ones I feel most comfortable trying out kinky new techniques and services with. 

So, if you fit into this category, expect to be my guinea pig! xoxox

#5. Instagram Access

Regulars are invited to follow my Instagram account where I do not cover my tattoos or blur out my face. 

If you are a regular and would like to follow me, just send me a text or email!

Text or Email to book a massage today!

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