Monday, September 30, 2019

Ask Annie: Ten Fun Facts About Me!

Let me introduce myself...

I am Annie and I love making you feel amazing!

Here are ten more fun facts about me!

1. Number of Bookings Per Day...

Some of you may think that I'm available for all the  hours I list on my website and in my ad.

However, that's not how it works. 

I am not an erotic delivery machine! LOL

I usually book 1 or 2 sessions per day during my working hours with a maximum of  three.

To offer you the best experience possible, I have to make sure I don't burn out.

Limiting the number of bookings I do each day is one way I do self care.

Another way is by having two days off every week. 

It can be difficult to get in to see me sometimes.

But you will enjoy your time with me much more when I am feeling energized and excited to provide your service.

2. I'm a Terrible Hostess! Sorry!

I have filtered water available to offer you! Really, I do!

But I often forget to offer it.

Please ask me for water if you need it. And please forgive my terrible hostess skills.

I think I'm getting better over time. *shrugs*

3. I Like Dick Pics

So, unlike a lot of women, I actually like dick pics!

However, I only want to see the dicks of people I know.

Save your dick pics if you're not a regular client of mine.

Sometimes I ask clients if I can take a photo of their cock during a session. So far, 100% have said YES!

Thank you, guys!

4. When I'm in Public, I Want to Touch People

I see physical and emotional pain everywhere and I want to help!

When I see someone suffering, I wish I could reach out and give them a shoulder massage.

People I know in person, but probably shouldn't be touching a lot (due to society's norms) are my biggest challenge. 

I find myself reaching out to rub their backs, squeeze their shoulders, offer hugs. 

It's a part of who I am and my job makes it so normal for me to touch people!

I literally have to hold myself back from touching people all the time.

Help me! LOL

5. I'm a Clean Freak

I want my workspace to be clean. 

I want you to be clean.

And I promise I will be very clean for you!

6. I'm a Health Freak

Some of you know that I went through some serious health issues a few years back.

I learned the importance of taking my health into my own hands.

I eat a very clean diet and take important supplements like a daily probiotic.

I know A LOT about nutrition and helping the body to heal itself.

And I am supremely grateful every day to have my health back so I can provide a healing service to you!

7. I'm Just Freaky 

Many of you who've been to see me already know this.

I am a very horny woman!

I love giving and receiving sensual pleasure.

I love having my toes sucked and massaged too, by the way. (For you freaky guys out there.)

8. I Am An Activist

I started doing sex worker activism in 2000.

I've been involved in all kinds of efforts, including getting liquor laws changed in BC so strippers could receive tips, and coordinating a health and safety project for sex industry workers. 

I've also coordinated events to promote ethical adult entertainers and raise money for sex industry workers and their families who are facing health challenges.

In other words... I'm not just a pretty face!

9. I Am Sober

My favourite alcoholic beverage used to be vodka water (unless it was Grey Goose...then it was vodka on the rocks).

I worked in the strip clubs and there were years when I was drinking every shift!

There were years when I hardly drank at all!

But one day, I found my drinking was interfering with my health and making me less effective as a mother and in my professional life.

I have zero judgement for people who drink.

I only ask one thing of clients...

Please be sober for our sessions.

Believe me, my service is at maximum pleasure level when you are not fucked up on any substances.

Let me get you high with my touch.

I put the "penis" back in happiness. ;)

10. I'm Starting Another Adult Entertainment Business!

I am part of a sex worker cooperative in Canada that is starting our own adult classifieds website and screening system for sex workers and clients. 

I will post more about this soon!

Thank you for reading Ten Fun Facts About Me!

Do you feel like you know me now?


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