Saturday, September 21, 2019

I'm a Little Tied Up At the Moment...

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being tied up by two amazing men I've known for over a decade and possibly over two decades.

I met them in the strip clubs when I was dancing and doing massages and our friendship continues.

They've been tying up my colleagues for the sheer enjoyment and art of it for many years and I finally got my chance! 

And here are some photos of that experience to share with you!

This is me getting tied up at the beginning.
I'm not going to lie. It was hot!

Now he's tying me into the Dream Weaver he created.

Now I'm praying I won't fall. LOL

Patiently waiting to be strung up!

This is truly NAKED FUN!

Showing off my ASSets ;)

Always gotta include a "fuck you" shot, right?
Dedicated to those who deserve it. haha

It's a lot harder than it looks!

The moment of truth has arrived...

SUCCESS! I'm suspended!

What do you think? Do I look sexy all tied up?

Now that I've lured you  in with naughty photos, check out this incredible review I received yesterday!

“A session with Annie is like being in a dream except it’s not... it’s real! I should say bad things so that I can keep her all to myself but a woman this incredible needs to be shared. Not only is Annie an amazingly sexy and beautiful woman, she is incredibly easy to talk to. Her touch will make you melt like butter and she enjoys what she does with no sense that she is acting or going through the motions! You’re time with Annie goes by in the blink of an eye and you leave her comfortable abode in a state of bliss that that makes your mind look ahead to your next meeting with her which seems like it can never come fast enough! If you were to have a rating scale from 1-10 she would be a solid 11. Gentlemen you need not look any further than Annie. She is a true gem in an industry where they can be few and far between. As I said earlier, feel free to try others because that leaves more of her for me! I know though once you have a session with Annie, she will become your new erotic obsession!” -R

I can't express how flattered I am at that review!

It explains exactly HOW I WANT YOU TO FEEL when you experience my services! 

Thank you to the sweet, sexy fellow who offered to write me this review.

I have been very fortunate to meet truly wonderful men doing this work.

Love Annie xoxo

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  1. Annie you are a dream weaver! These are a Super Sexy set of photos and I bet the entire adventure would make a great story. Dream catchers are meant to capture one's dreams and fantasies. This particular one has caught one of the best dreams possible!

  2. I have known Annie for almost 20 years but R has expressed himself far more eloquently than I have ever been able to in all of that time. Annie is a remarkable woman who gives her soul to everything that she does. Being with her is to melt away into blissful oblivion. She is intimate, warm, kind, unbelievably generous. Being with her, you enter a timeless bubble. Simply amazing. Well said, R.. ~S

  3. Once again Annie shows how beautiful and sexy she truly is. Annie never fails to show us how delightful and creative she is with the way she titillates and teases. What a privilege it is to know her and spend precious time with her. Simply an amazing Goddess ~S


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