Friday, September 6, 2019

Sexual Healing

Tyler was in my anger management class.

We both had issues.

We both had unresolved shit making us crazy.

Youth is like that for some of us.

Sitting in that room with all those people, I was immediately attracted to Tyler.

I had a boyfriend at the time, so I was only looking.

I noticed he was hot, felt a little tingle in my pussy when I was near him, and spent whole anger group therapy sessions fantasizing about fucking him.

The class went on indefinitely.

Week after week, Tyler and I showed up.

We smiled. We said hi. Then we ignored each other for the rest of the time until we said goodbye and sometimes hugged.

Those hugs! I would push my breasts into him, willing for him to feel how turned on I was.

But I honestly suspected he barely noticed me.

Fast forward several months...nothing had changed between me and Tyler, but my boyfriend and I had a huge fight.

I was at anger class, and it was my turn to speak.

I admit, I got a bit emotional.

I vented about how my boyfriend had betrayed me and how I felt like such a fool.

I admitted that I had said horrible things to him and other people too.

At the end of that session, Tyler approached me.

"Do you want to go for coffee?" he asked.


We went to a nearby cafe and talked for over an hour.

Tyler shared that he'd been through a similar experience and knew how I felt.

He told me I was beautiful inside and out and that I deserved better.

The whole time we talked, I imagined putting his cock in my mouth and straddling him right there in the chair where he sat.

I don't know if he could read my mind but when he reached across the table and grabbed my hand, electricity shot through my body making my pussy blaze with heat.

I had to take a deep breath and try to control myself.

No, I had to take control of this situation...

I looked Tyler in the eye and quietly, so other people in the cafe could not hear me, I said, "Is there any chance you will take me home and fuck me right now? Please?"

Tyler was quiet for a moment and I braced myself for rejection.

Then he said, "Annie, there is nothing I'd like more than to fuck you right now. Shall we take your car or mine?"

It happened that I was not driving that day.

As soon as we were sitting in Tyler's car, our mouths and hands were all over each other.

Tyler's cock was hard and bulging through his jeans.

I rubbed and squeezed it while he got his hand up my skirt and under my panties, finger fucking me right there in the parking spot... in broad daylight!

We realized we should go somewhere more private, as we could barely control ourselves.

When we finally got to Tyler's apartment, we undressed each other hastily.

As he peeled my panties away from my moist pussy and pushed two fingers gently inside me, I moaned in anticipation.

I wanted his cock, but first he gave me his mouth.

I swear...that guy could lick a clit like nobody's business!

We somehow found ourselves in 69 position and at long last, I had the pleasure of putting his cock in my mouth.

I had fantasized about this so many times sitting across from him in anger class.

Reality was even better!

When he felt the heat of my mouth on him, he groaned and pushed his tongue inside my hot cunt.

It drove me wild!

I was ready to have sex much faster than usual.

All those fantasies had served as a perpetual foreplay so that when I finally got him naked, I was practically coming from anticipation!

First I rode Tyler's cock, having orgasm after orgasm.

I'd catch my breath, and he'd say, "One more. I want you to have one more."

Angry people fuck hard, and we were no exception.

But it's not like he pounded me the whole time!

Our fucking was very passionate and intimate.

We connected on a level that other people just can't understand.

Our lovemaking was almost violent, our mouths crashing together...our bodies coming together like a thunderstorm.

When we changed positions, Tyler fucked me from behind, biting my neck and earlobe gently, like he was holding himself back from hurting me.

His stubble on my shoulder and his dirty words whispered hot in my ear pushed me to the limits of ecstasy.

We finished in missionary position, coming together noisily and frantically.

I clawed at his back trying to grind myself against him, prolonging that sweet bliss.

We were both shaking as we lay beside each other afterwards, coming back to reality.

After a time, I felt Tyler looking at me, so I turned to him.

I placed my hand on his chest over his pounding heart.

"Wow," he said.

"That was..." I had no words.

"Incredible," Tyler finished.

I nodded. "I don't think I need anger management anymore," I said.

"Why, because you were only there to see me?" Tyler asked.

"No, because you just fucked the anger out of me."

We burst out laughing.

We spent the next few years fucking each other's anger away regularly.

Then we grew apart.

I still wonder about Tyler...where he ended up. If he's married with kids.

All I know is that Tyler gave me what I needed at a time when I really needed it.

I've never had a problem with anger since.

The moral of the story is...

Sexual experiences are therapeutic!

Do you need a little therapy?

A sexy massage from me might be all you need.

I'm here to give it to you when you need it. ;) 

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DISCLAIMER: All my stories are fiction from my horny imagination. Sex stories do not imply full service offerings in my massage practice. 


  1. I love your hot, sexy stories. Hard as a rock. Think I'm going to do something about it. Wish you were here. ~ S

    1. Thank you for your sexy feedback! Hope to see you again soon!


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