Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ask Annie: What Really Happens Between A Sex Worker and Client

I'm one week into my market research survey and the results are beautiful.

YOU are beautiful!

I love learning about the people who read my website. 

It's very clear that the majority of you are absolute sweethearts who desire intimacy, connection, and stress release.

In my sessions, I have had interesting conversations with brilliant men.

I've learned a lot from some of you.

And you're not just interesting and intelligent! You are also generous and caring.

Respondents to my survey expressed a desire to please me!

I asked in my survey what is the main reason you access sex worker services.

Overwhelmingly, you are looking for intimacy, connection, and stress release.

Radical feminists like to say you (clients) are objectifying us (sex workers).

But I ask you this: Who seeks intimacy and connection with an object?

Quite impossible, wouldn't you say?

Great conversations and mutual pleasure-seeking aren't the only things that happen between sex workers and clients...

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but lo and behold... friendships happen!

We grow to care for each other. Do we not?!

I belong to a sex worker group online and sometimes we chat about how much we care about our clients.

We actually get worried when we don't hear from you for a long time.

It's not like we can just call you up, right?

That's not professional.

And yet, if it's been a long time and we're used to seeing you often, we can't help but wonder... is he okay?

If a sex worker - client relationship was completely about stress release and sexual engagement, we wouldn't worry about each other's well-being.

My really special clients give me huge energy boosts after seeing them.

You can literally make my day, even my week!

When I'm feeling burned out, I will decline to see new clients and only see the clients I'm closest to because I know they will regenerate me.

Human connection is a powerful thing. 

Connecting with people who feed my soul gives me the peace of mind I need to get back to work offering the best service I can to new and regular clients alike.

When my regulars send me sexy messages or little notes to check in with me, I feel special.

We are human beings living a human experience.

Our interactions with each other can enhance our lives or oppress us. 

My clients are not the ones who oppress me.

I dislike getting onto a negative idea, but I feel it's important to say that there are people who oppress me for being a sex worker.

The problem is people who think I am "less than" because of the work I do.

Most clients do not see me as "less than."

You respect me, appreciate me, and value what I have to offer.

The people who devalue me are people who have moralistic values around sexuality and pleasure.

They are often very insecure people who resent me for exposing my body and embracing my sexuality.

They are a problem because their voices are loud and they influence policy and public opinion.

They like to shame and criminalize sex workers and clients of sex workers.

(They are probably lacking sexual intimacy and connection, don't you think?)

I feel sorry for those people living their hate-filled, toxic lives.

I much prefer my beautiful life.

A life that includes special encounters with incredible men.

These men are YOU!

I appreciate you so much.

You are more than "customers" to me.

You are beautiful people who bring beauty into my life.

What really happens between sex workers and clients - at least for me - is that...  

  • we laugh, 
  • we tease, 
  • we talk, 
  • we touch, 
  • we connect, 
  • we listen, 
  • we encourage, 
  • we please, 
  • we care,
  • and we share special moments together.

I am grateful for my work because I get to share such special moments with such special men.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

I hope to see you again soon. xoxo

PS. Thank you to many of you for answering my survey! If you haven't had a chance yet, CLICK HERE to answer my short survey to help me get to know you better!

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