Friday, November 8, 2019

The "Hallelujah Annie" Experience Was Just What He Needed

Gavin was horny and a little lonely.

But he did NOT want to get into another relationship right now.

He also did not want to have random hook-ups.

The guys at work talked about hiring escorts like it was no big deal.

But Gavin was nervous.

All of his previous intimate experiences had been with girlfriends, or happened when he was drunk.

His best friend laughed at him.

"Just get a massage," he said.

Hmmm, a massage.

That didn't sound so bad.

Gavin scrolled through the listings. 

Then he came to Annie's ad.

She didn't show her face but the photos were sexy. The wording suggested that she was professional.

Gavin clicked through to her website.

She listed her donation price, limitations, services, and expectations.

She promised cleanliness and asked the same in return.

She was non-smoking and required sobriety.

Gavin started to relax a little.

Maybe it wasn't so scary after all.

He sent her a text...

Hey Annie, my name is Gavin. I am a single guy missing that intimate feeling. I'd like to book a massage for Wednesday at 1pm if you're available. This will be my first time.

Annie replied that she was available.

When Gavin arrived to his first booking with Annie, she was dressed in sexy lingerie and high heels. She smiled and hugged him.

Gavin placed his donation on the dresser before hopping in the shower. He used the mouthwash she provided and was sure to clean himself with soap, washing his hair, as well.

A sign on the bathroom wall reminded Gavin what was and wasn't allowed "in the bedroom."

Gavin knew he could touch, lick, and suck her nipples as long as he was gentle. He could gently stimulate her pussy with his fingers using the coconut oil provided.

His cock hardened slightly thinking about it.

Once Gavin was face-down on the bed with Annie's hands on his body, he started to relax.

Within a few moments, Gavin started to feel like he was melting.

Just when he felt like he was going to fall asleep, Annie's hands woke him up.

She was massaging his inner thighs, grazing his package. 

Then she pressed her body against his, nipples poking his back.

Her breath on his neck brought goosebumps to his skin.

Gavin watched her in the mirror on the wall. Her arched back and round bum turned him on.

When it was time to turn over, Gavin started to feel a little nervous again.

Annie continued to massage his chest and shoulders. She rubbed coconut oil into his cock and balls "to say hi" as she put it.

Tentatively, Gavin reached out and started to run his hands over Annie's breasts and ass.

She seemed to enjoy his touch, so he became bolder; taking a nipple into his mouth and gently sucking it.

"Mmm," said Annie. "That feels good."

Gavin loved women who weren't afraid to let you know when they like what you're doing.

The next several minutes were hot.

Annie continued to massage him from different angles, so he could enjoy the view while also practicing his pleasure skills.

Gavin played gently with Annie's clit with one finger while teasing her silky entrance with another.

She pushed her clit at him, rocking her hips faster and Gavin knew she was close to having an orgasm.

He watched her face as the waves burst over her. He nearly came himself!

By the time Gavin experienced his happy ending, both were spent!

They shared a long, naked hug before parting.

Gavin walked out of Annie's studio feeling like a new man.

He had gotten exactly what he needed.

Annie's massage was intimate, sexy, and exciting.

Her personality was genuine, bubbly, and kind.

Between the massage, the naked hugs, and Annie's hands on his cock; Gavin felt completely at peace as he climbed into his car to drive home.

At home, he recalled the cute faces she made when she was lost in her pleasure. He remembered the shape of her ass; the gliding of his coconut oily fingers inside her pussy.

Gavin booked more sessions with Annie and they became more and more comfortable with each other.

Sometimes they talked about their personal lives. Gavin never felt like he had to watch what he said.

Annie was easy to talk to.

The sensuality of their sessions increased too.

He started dating again, but until he found "the one," Annie was his maintenance program.

It wasn't just the physical pleasure she offered that brought him back to her apartment again and again. 

Annie was funny and interesting.

They laughed together. They were excited for each others triumphs and consoling when life was hard.

She convinced him to send her dick pics. What a woman!

They had a playful, intimate... friendship, if he was honest.

Both knew it would never be more. But it didn't mean they didn't care about each other.

Their relationship was special. 

No matter what happened, Gavin would always remember Annie as someone he spent wonderful moments with.

It was perfect for what Gavin needed...

You could have this too! 

Text or Email to book a massage today!

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