Monday, December 2, 2019

Ask Annie: How to Touch It But Don't Crush It

Guys love pussy.

Am I right?

You love looking at it, touching it, fingering it, licking and sucking it...

You just love it!

Well, I love that you love pussy.

And I appreciate when you try to please me by paying attention to mine.

So, today, I'm writing about how to touch it without crushing it.

To begin with, I will explain the different parts of the pussy using the technical terms.

The Parts of the Pussy

Vulva - The parts that you see! The outer and inner labia.

Outer Labia - These are the big lips on the outside of the pussy. Some women don't seem to have them and they have what many of us call "outies." My pussy has outer labia.

Inner Labia - These are the folds that are inside the outer labia and closer to the entrance to the vagina. 

Clitoris - The hooded fleshy little guy at the top of the outside of the pussy. It's where the inner labia meet at the top.

Vagina - This is the inside of the pussy where you put your fingers when you finger fuck and where you put your cock when you have sex.

Cervix - If you reach all the way into the pussy until you touch the end, the end part is the cervix. The cervix is like another set of tight lips. It opens wide for childbirth but otherwise only opens slightly during ovulation.

Ovulation - That's when a woman is fertile and she has released an egg. It is also when I am the MOST HORNY!

G-Spot - Inside the vagina behind the clitoris.

Pussy Facts

Now that you know the parts of the pussy, I'd like to share some pussy facts with you...

  • Pussies do not get stretched out from childbirth or too much fucking!
  • Clits get hard like cocks when women are horny!
  • The hornier a woman is, the more her pussy will expand to accept big cocks (and receive sperm)!
  • The clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as a penis!
  • Penetration alone will not lead to orgasm for most women!
  • Women get pain down there when sexually frustrated too! (pink balls!)

The Most Important Things To Remember About Pussies Are...

  • The skin is delicate on the outside and on the inside. Jabbing your fingers into any area of the pussy should be avoided. (And please cut your nails!)
  • Different women like differing amounts of pressure on their clits when being stimulated. Personally, I like it very gentle. Rubbing my clit too hard HURTS!
  • Rubbing dry labia or fingering a dry pussy is not a good idea. It can cause small tears making sexual experiences painful. It also doesn't feel nearly as good as a pussy that has been moistened by saliva, oil, or lube. (I provide coconut oil for my sessions!)
  • It can take up to 20 minutes of clitoral stimulation to get a women's juices flowing! I hope you like foreplay! 
  • It feels really good to have the labia around the opening of the vagina gently played with. ;) (Try it, she'll like it.)

No "jabbing" anywhere inside or outside the pussy; cut your nails; use oil or lube; and be gentle (especially with the clit)!

A couple more hints...

Some women (like me) enjoy finger penetration while the clit is being stimulated.   

Another technique is to finger or tongue the clit until orgasm, then penetrate the vagina with your fingers while your lover is "coming."

Orgasm Etiquette

You've followed all the advice above and you've given your lover an orgasm.. Now what?!

I cannot speak for all women, but after an orgasm, I like the pressure on my clit to remain for a few moments - maybe even up to a minute or so. 

But then my clit needs a break.

Women are multi-orgasmic but we need recovery time between orgasms.

We also need to know when to stop which is difficult because orgasms are so fun!

But if we have too many orgasms, it can make our clits very sore.

Ensuring that there are breaks between orgasms and avoiding the common mistake of trying to go for a world record number of orgasms will enable your lover to enjoy sexual relations again a lot sooner.

In other words, touch it but don't crush it!

To finish, I thought I'd share a funny poem I wrote about masturbating. 

I hope you all enjoy it. Please send me an email to tell me what you think of this article.

I hope to see you soon!

PS. Book before Christmas so I can spoil my kids! LOL

Love you guys. xoxox

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By Hallelujah Annie

Sometimes I feel like an orgasm glutton
I can't have just one, without having a dozen
It's something I'm sure every woman will agree
That's hard not to do when they come so easy

I just plug in my super and powerful vibe
The one that you actually can't put inside
With the vibe on my clit, I work the controls like a tuner
I notice that if I breathe hard I come sooner

That first one is sometimes elusive, it's true
So that's when I think of a hard dick or two
But after I finally feel myself blow
I know that the next "O" will quickly follow

So I rest for a moment and plan out my day
Then I shift my attention back to my self play
And after each little eruption of joy
I tell myself, now I should put back the toy

And that's when I feel like an orgasm glutton
I know I can come at the touch of a button
Cause every orgasm comes faster than before
But after awhile my clit gets real sore

Then later when I am in bed with my lover
My clit is so raw that I hide in the covers
And realize I went way too far and that sucks
Cause "O"'s are much better when you're getting fucked!

Have a great week, sexy people!


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