Sunday, December 8, 2019

Ask Annie: Why I'm "Hallelujah Annie" and Other News!

'Tis the Season!

I LOVE Christmas.

I love the songs, the tree, the lights, the excitement on my kids' faces.

I love sending gifts to my baby sister and my nieces and nephews.

My tree was up at the beginning of November!

This week I have so much to tell you! Starting with...


Yesterday I went to see my photographer, Jonny Ray, for a sexy Christmas-themed photo shoot!

I can't wait to share those photos with you next week!

My goal is to get YOU so much into the Christmas spirit, that you can't help but book a massage with me!


It just so happens that my kids will be away for a week before Christmas!

This frees up my schedule considerably.

If you'd like to get a session in with me before Christmas, let me know!

I'll be available almost every day between now and December 24th.

It is best to book 1-2 days in advance, when possible. But you never know, sometimes I'm available on short notice - just ask!


Some of you have asked me for my Christmas Wish List.

Thank you so much for wanting to buy gifts for me!

Christmas is an expensive time of year for parents - me included! 

After buying gifts and attending events, it does leave me a little strapped for necessities.

What I really need and what would really help me at this time of year is:
  • Gift card for gas
  • Gift card for groceries (Save On Foods, Choices, Nature's Fare)
  • Gift card for Starbucks (my biggest vice!)
  • Items for my massage studio - Organic Coconut Oil; hand towels, wash cloths, soft pillow slips.
  • Items needed at home because mine are getting worn out - dish towels; Norwex body cloths; sheet sets for my kids (two single beds for boy and girl, one queen for girl).

Honestly, I do not expect gifts, but if you insist, these are the things that my family really needs.

Thank you so much.


I know many of you can't really take these gifts home because of the secretive nature of our relationship, but for those of you who CAN enjoy something like this, I've had sexy magnets made for you!

If you come see me before Christmas, you can have a magnet too!


If you've been reading my articles regularly, you may already know that I am starting another adult-oriented business with two partners who also work in the sex industry.

I recently posted an article about how "Sex Workers Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Their Advertising Platforms."

In this article, I explain the challenges we face dealing with classifieds websites like Leolist and I also share an update on the new site we're releasing in the very near future!

CLICK HERE for more information!


I have been asked a few times about why I call myself Hallelujah Annie and since this is the season for many songs with "hallelujah" in them, I thought it would be a good time to share this little nugget.

As many of you know, I started stripping when I was 23 primarily doing stage and non-contact private dances.

I also did some nude modeling over the years.

However, I never had contact with my clients until I started doing neck rubs in the strip clubs, then graduated to the sensual one-on-one massages that I offer now.

During those years, I twice found myself in financial crises where I thought I had no choice but to get into contact sex work to support my family.

Both of those times were following separation from my husband.

(Yes, I separated from him twice. Gave him a second chance. It didn't work out, obviously. LOL)

Anyhow, both times I separated from my husband I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief and grace - like I had been truly blessed to escape that toxic relationship.

The word that played itself over and over in my head every time I thought about how I was now free from living in a miserable relationship with an emotionally abusive man was...


However, I was also in the position of having to be the sole provider for my children.

In each case, I began to plan my next steps as a contact sex worker.

What would I call myself?

The only word that I could conjure up was always the same... "Hallelujah."

As a stripper, I went by "Annie."

But I didn't want to use my stripping name because I haven't come out to my family as a massage provider. (They knew about the stripping but that's another long story.)

For different reasons, I never ended up doing contact sex work during those financial crises. 

I got into subsidized housing. I got a square job just in time... etc.

About a year ago, I was tired of working square jobs where I made shitty money and got treated even worse.

Fed up, I decided it was time to do contact sex work.

This time, I did not feel like I had no other choice. 

I could keep working and getting by on square world wages.

But I was tired of working for people who didn't appreciate me.

I missed being self-employed.

I missed being a part of the sex worker community.

This time, I was choosing contact sex work because I really wanted to do it.

This decision made me feel much like I felt when I left that shitty relationship with my ex...

This time I was leaving shitty bosses and shitty money that barely provided for my family.

That amazing word full of joy came into my head once again...


Thank you, God! I'm free from these shackles!

The definition of Hallelujah according to Google is:

noun: an utterance of the word “hallelujah” as an expression of worship or rejoicing.
Because I was rejoicing, Hallelujah seemed appropriate. But I was and always will be Annie, also.

And that is why I chose "Hallelujah Annie" for my sensual massage name.

I hope you enjoyed this week's article!

If I don't see you this month... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Text or Email to book a massage today!

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