Friday, January 17, 2020

Ask Annie: Cock Talk

I love cocks.

You read that correctly.

I don't just love my job because of the flexibility it provides me.

I also love my job because I love cocks!

They fascinate me, entertain me, intrigue me and (best of all)...


In December I wrote an article about my pussy.

In the spirit of sharing more knowledge, I thought I'd write an article about your cocks!

Specifically, I want to answer some of the questions I've been asked by clients about their cocks, and offer some health advice that has worked for men I know.

I mentioned to a gentleman I know that I am writing about cocks, but I'm not an expert because I don't have a cock.

He scoffed. "Men need other men to coach them through their cock journey," he replied. "You're more of an expert than most men!"

So there you have it. I am officially a Cock Expert! (But not really.) xoxo

I hope this article makes your cock hard, healthy, and forever bursting with joy. ;)


I think we've all heard that the average size of cocks is 6 inches.

Average dick size is based on taking all the dick sizes in a sample, adding them together, then dividing that number by the number of dicks.

Basically, it gives you the very middle dick size of all the dicks represented in the sample.

But if you were to ask someone like me who has seen and touched A LOT OF COCKS...

I can tell you that most dicks are under 6 inches. 

Some guys are "growers, not show-ers." Their cocks appear smallish until they get erect, then they grow to a surprisingly large size!

A guy with a longer cock may have trouble making love without hurting his partner and has to go the extra distance to make sure she is hot and horny first.

One of my clients with a very long cock recently told me he starts with small thrusts increasing only as his partner opens up to him.

In my work, seeing and pleasuring so many different cocks, I do not discriminate.

All cocks are unique and beautiful! 


Cocks come in all different shapes. 

Some cocks are skinny and some are very thick.

Some have urethra openings on top of the cock, and some have them more parallel with the shaft.

Some dicks have a large hammer head on them. Others get wider at the base. 

I could go on and on. Dicks are truly individual, just like pussies.

I love your multi-shaped cocks!


You know what's way more important than dick size or shape?

Passion. Eagerness. Desire. Responsiveness. Communication.

Passion is contagious. If your eyes are burning with passion and your behaviour expresses your passion, your partner is more likely to experience her own passion.

Eagerness to provide pleasure to your partner is so incredibly appreciated. Women need foreplay (aka teasing, playing, pleasure) to get in the mood.

We all love to feel desired. Tell your partner how much you desire her! Tell her how sexy she is and how much you want to fuck her!

Responsiveness is so important. How do we know if you like what we're doing if you don't respond to what we're doing?

Communication is like responsiveness. 

We especially need to communicate if something doesn't feel great. For instance, I often remind clients to be gentle with my clit.

To be a good lover, your dick takes a huge backseat to all of the above.

In my work, I've learned that what you can do with your hands and mouth are more important than your cock!

And that includes hugging and talking. 


If you find getting erections difficult, you should know that your cock is not the be all and end all of a satisfying sexual experience.

I don't fuck my clients, yet I have some incredible sexual experiences with them without them having to "use their cocks."

However, I also know that erections are pretty important for sex. Which is something we all enjoy, right?

So, if you're having erection challenges, you probably want to find a solution.

There are many different reasons for erection difficulties, so what I suggest here is only right for some of them.

I know of several men who have benefited GREATLY from taking a natural herbal supplement that promotes healthy testosterone levels.

Doctors don't tell you about it because they'd rather get you hooked on pharmaceuticals and most of them don't even know themselves.

But the health supplement industry for libido is VERY ACTIVE!

There are tons of options to choose from. One supplement may not work for you, but another will. So don't be afraid to try a few.

Give it a month so you can see the true results. It requires taking the supplement regularly, unlike pharmaceuticals which work quickly but only get you hard for a short duration.

Health supplements that help balance your testosterone not only make your dick harder, but they help you ejaculate and make you hornier.

One supplement I've heard is really good is Testosterone Rescue.

In my work, I've witnessed firsthand how much of a difference a supplement can make!  

Make sure you bring those hard cocks over to my studio so I can get my hands on them! 


There are two main issues with ejaculations, right?

Some men feel that they come too soon, and some take forever and fear they might have a heart attack trying!

For coming too soon... my good friend, Carmen Shakti, a tantra practitioner says:
"The practice of semen retention has a lot of health benefits for people with penises. The best way to start is during self-pleasure, using edging, then graduating to holds that train the body to separate orgasm from ejaculation."

To learn more about using Tantra to have a great sex life, check out this link:

If, on the other hand, you struggle reaching your climax, you could try taking a herbal supplement as mentioned above in the "Erection" section.

They not only help with erections but they help with ejaculation too!

Since we're on the topic of ejaculations, I should tell you that multiple orgasms are also possible for men.

Some of my clients can ejaculate several times a day.

One of my clients comes a few times without ejaculating before coming with his final climax. Truly incredible, don't you think?

To learn more about multiple orgasms for men, check out this link:

In my work, I see men with large loads and small loads. Men who have trouble coming and men who come quickly or even multiple times.

I will never forget one client, while I was working hard to bring him to climax, he stopped me and said, "You shouldn't have to work so hard." 

He took over for me, allowing me to enjoy watching him pleasure himself while I touched myself. 

(It's true, I get off watching men masturbate. It's one of my favourite porn searches.)

I am not in any way put off by men who come "too soon" either. 

My service is not all about the climax. It's about the intimacy, relaxation, and connection. 

Some guys ask to have two releases so they can get the first one out of the way and relax for their massage.

Others spend the rest of their time with me getting a back massage or cuddling if they come a little earlier than they expect.

These are options I'm willing to accommodate. xo 


Does foreskin really matter to women?

I guess that depends on who you ask.

Personally, I don't see foreskin being an issue.

I didn't circumcise my son because I feel that we are born the way we are supposed to be and I didn't want to traumatize my newborn.

However, most of my lovers have been circumcised. 

I find that making love to a circumcised man usually requires more lube applied more often.

Other than that, a hard cock is a hard cock, and I wouldn't kick you out of bed because you're one way or another.

In my work doing sensual massages, I also do not have a preference.

The only thing I suggest is that men with foreskin take a little extra care cleaning - which the far majority of you already do. 


I don't have a cock so I'm going to direct you to this link for great instructions on cleaning your cock whether you have foreskin or not.

Thank you for cleaning your cocks! XOXO


According to Trade Secrets for Sex Industry Workers...
"The best way for a man to get used to condoms, is to use a condom a few times during masturbation. The idea is not to always masturbate with a condom, but to do this a few times to give yourself a chance to get comfortable with a little bit of latex.
To use a condom correctly:
  1. Check the expiry date on the package of the condom. If the expiry date has passed, throw it out.
  2. Check to see if there is air in the condom package. If there is no air, there is a good chance that the condom is damaged. Throw it out and take another one.
  3. Open the package with care, from the middle. Do not use your teeth or scissors to open it.
  4. Take the condom by the tip (closed tip). Ensure that it is on the right side: the edge to unroll needs to be on the outside.
  5. You can put one or two drops of lubricant on the inside of the condom, which will make it more comfortable and increase your sensation.
  6. Pinch the closed tip of the condom to let out any air before unrolling the condom on the penis. This step is very important and often neglected. If you don’t do this it can often cause a break in the condom. If there is air that stays in the tip of the condom, the condom can burst.
  7. If you are not circumcised, pull back the skin that covers the head of the penis until the penis head is well exposed.
  8. Put the condom on the head of the penis, while still pinching the tip of the condom, and slowly unroll the condom to the base of the penis.
  9. If you think you have done it wrong, take the condom off and start with a fresh and new one.
  10. Use water-based lubricant on the outside of the condom for vaginal and anal penetration. This will cause less friction and reduce the risk of the condom breaking. And it feels really good.
  11. After having ejaculated, pull out immediately (slowly). Take the condom from the base of the penis (the round side) while pulling out to ensure that it doesn’t fall off in your partner’s vagina or anus. And pay attention so that nothing spills out while you are taking it off.

Best Practices from Worker’s Across Canada
  • Using a condom will allow you to explore your sexuality without worry and totally let yourself go. It also creates less mess.
  • Do not keep condoms in your pockets, your wallet or other places where there is risk of movement or heat exposure that may result in damage
  • Pay attention to rings, nails, and body piercings while you handle a condom.
  • Never use a condom twice.
  • Do not use one condom on the top of another. This can cause friction and increase the risk of breakage.
  • Non-lubricated condoms and flavoured fruit or mint condoms are ideal for oral sex.
  • If you use non-lubricated condoms for penetration, put a water-based lubricant on the outside.
  • Do not use fruit or mint-flavoured condoms for vaginal or anal sex; the flavouring they contain may cause irritation.
  • Oil-based lubricants can seriously damage condoms and should not be used. Also, DO NOT use the following oil-based products as lubricants: Vaseline, topical creams, kitchen oil, massage oils, and hand creams.
  • The base of the penis is wider than the top, so a condom can roll up. To prevent rolling up, use a cock ring over the condom at the base of the penis. If a cock ring is not available, you can also break another condom and leave it rolled up, then use it as a cock ring.
  • Use lube on the outside of condom and a tiny bit in the tip on the inside to prevent the condom from breaking. Too much lube on the inside of the condom can cause it to slide off.
  • The oil in lipstick can weaken a condom.

In my work, I don't need condoms because I am not a full service provider.

But this is still important info for people with cocks!


I did some research and it turns out, blue balls are a real thing!

According to this article...

"When aroused, blood flows to the penis and scrotum. This is great news, since it’s how you obtain and sustain an erection. But when not “released,” the additional blood can put pressure on your testicles that cause this minor pain..."

Do not worry! There is a cure! It's called... EJACULATION!

I can help you out with that if you'd like. ;) 


Many bumps and spots are totally harmless!

In fact, pearly penile papules have been known to increase sexual pleasure for some men!

If you have bumps or spots that are not painful or irritating, then they are likely nothing to worry about.

Genital warts can also be painless but they are contagious, so if you suspect you have warts on your cock, simply go to the doctor and have them frozen off!

I'm told it is a painless procedure.

Some bumps and spots are not so harmless, however. Some are caused by STI's (sexually transmitted infections).

STI's are almost always easily treatable, especially if they are caught early.

You just have to get checked and then, if needed, take your prescription.

Most cities offer anonymous (fake name) testing at their public health units!

Too many people neglect STI screening either because they don't think it could happen to them, or they fear what the results may tell them.

I consider it the responsible thing to do to get checked.

Even though I don't do full service, I still get checked every three months! (So far, so good!)

There is a treatment for every kind of STI, so have no fear!

And remember, sensual massage is an STI SAFE experience! 


Some of you go pee a lot.

I can relate!

I have apologized many times during bookings when I had to take pee breaks because I drank coffee earlier or too much water.

Please don't ever feel self-conscious about having to go pee during our sessions!

I would rather you go pee five times than lie there holding it in and not enjoying the pleasure I'm trying to give you.

I have a tiny bladder and I've been known to leave a meeting to pee three times over one hour! So, I am definitely not one to judge!


That is the question!

I love hairy men! I also love bald men, men who shave it all off, and well... 

I'm a horny woman who just loves men (and cocks) in general.

As far as giving massages, I admit that guys who shave or wax make my job a little easier.

Less body hair requires less oil and makes the massage easier to perform as my hands glide more smoothly.

But if you don't like to trim or shave your body or pubic hair, that's perfectly fine with me!

Like I said earlier, I don't discriminate against any cocks!


I may not have covered all possible cock concerns you may have.

What am I missing? 

Any feedback I get may be used in a future COCK TALK sequel!

I really wanted to ask people for dick pics to use throughout this article.

But I was advised by a male friend that most of you don't want to see other men's cocks!

So, instead of putting them in my article, I am asking my subscribers to please email me photos of your cocks!

I am literally begging for dick pics!

Will you honour me with a dick pic from your own collection?

Or if you take a new dick pic and happen to think about ME while you are taking the photo, even better!

I get horny just thinking about you thinking about me with your cock in your hand!

(Oh my! I may need to pleasure myself again today. Two cancellations and I'm so horny and bored! This article is finally getting written but it's making me wet writing it!)

And that concludes Cock Talk With Hallelujah Annie!

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. xoxo

Love Annie

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Ask Annie: Ten More Fun Facts About Me!

Last September I wrote "Ten Fun Facts About Me!"

I told you...
  • how many bookings I do each day, 
  • that I'm a terrible hostess, 
  • that I like dick pics, 
  • that I want to touch people randomly when I'm in public, 
  • that I'm a clean freak and a health freak and generally just freaky, 
  • that I'm an activist, 
  • that I don't drink alcohol, and 
  • that I'm starting a business!

You surprised me with how interested you were to learn more about me!

So, this week I thought I'd tell you ten MORE fun facts about me.

I hope you enjoy this article and it makes you want to get to know me in person even better!

1. I'm VERY Short!

You may wonder why I greet you at the door wearing high heels.

Well, I'm only five feet tall.

I was the shortest or second shortest girl in all my classes growing up and when I hit 5 feet around age 15, I stopped growing!

I can tell you, I was not impressed. 

And it does create struggles - like reaching the gas and break, or reaching my favourite foods on the top shelf, or when someone in my home puts the coffee in the top of the cupboard.

But there are good things about being short too!

Like, I fit very well into any hug and my body is never too heavy for my clients when I rest my weight on you.

2. I'm a Mother

I have THREE amazing children! 

I feel so incredibly blessed.

My kids are truly beautiful, wonderful human beings and I couldn't be more proud of them.

None were planned so their ages are quite far apart.

At the writing of this article they are 19, 14, and 8.

3. I'm Native and Irish

My fair skin makes look like a white girl.

But I have more native ancestry than any of the other nationalities in my bloodline.

I list Irish second because my hair is naturally auburn and I have lots of freckles.

People are usually surprised to learn I'm Native but they are never surprised to learn I'm Irish.

4. I've Written Two Novels!

No, they are not published. I wrote them for my kids.

They are the first two in a series I hope to finish one day.

Probably the best time I've ever had in my life is writing youth fantasy fiction.

One day I hope to spend most of my time writing. It's my favourite thing to do. 

5. I Can't Gain Weight

Well, that's an exaggeration.

I *can* gain weight if I eat really poorly - like bags of chips and Starbucks every day.

But even then, I maintain a tiny figure.

I get excited whenever I gain a little weight. So don't worry if I tell you, "I gained weight!"

Just be happy for me. 

6. I've Been A Stripper & Nude Model

You may already know I'm a former exotic dancer.

I danced on and off between 1997 and 2010.

I also did a bit of nude modeling for a photographer who sold his work to websites. This was before I even owned a computer!

In my naivety, I never dreamed that people I know would see those photos!

One time, a so-called "friend" dude found photos of me, printed them, and brought them to church to show my girlfriend's husband. "Is this Annie?" he asked innocently. Grrrrr...

Yes, it's Annie, you #$%^&*! Don't you have any manners? Keep your horny internet pursuits to yourself! Don't go outing sex workers!

Ahem. I obviously still have unresolved feelings about that experience.

7. I Am A Marketing Professional

I've been to college and university for general arts and other pursuits but the one that stuck with me was Public Relations.

I used the skills I earned with that Diploma more than any other education I've ever received.

First I used it for my activism for the rights of sex workers.

Then I used it for a paycheque in the square world.

I've held management positions for organizations and I've consulted as a freelancer running my own business for years.

I'm good at it and my employers and clients have always appreciated me and my work.

But I wasn't happy doing it.

I've learned that just because you are good at something, doesn't mean you should do it.

I am much  happier in an active occupation where I can move around a lot.

I loved stripping. I loved giving neck massages in the strip clubs. And now, I love giving sensual massages. 

Loving your job makes a huge difference in the quality of your life.

8. I Ride A Motorcycle

Because I'm so short, it was literally a stretch to get me on a motorcycle.

I wear heeled boots with risers inside of them to give me more height, and I bought a lowering kit to bring my bike one inch closer to the ground.

Most of my life, learning new things has come easy for me. Not so with learning to ride!

I was not a natural, by any means! But I was determined.

I have been a passenger all my life starting with my dad when I was a little girl.

My dad rode a Harley so I thought that's what I would ride too. But I fell in love with a 2017 Indian Scout Sixty.

I've ridden for three seasons now and still feel like a new rider. 

But there's nothing like the feeling of flying down a long stretch of country road.

I've got one life to live and I choose to live it to the fullest! 

9. I Smoke Weed

I smoke marijuana. But not when I'm working.

I have experienced first-hand the healing benefits of marijuana. I always choose natural medicines over pharmaceuticals.

Although I am "420 friendly," I prefer my clients to be sober and straight when they come for a massage.

Weed can make a massage feel really amazing, but it can also inhibit orgasm and cause paranoia.

The best experiences are the ones we have with clear minds and hearts. 

I will make you feel high from my touch! 

10. I Masturbate Every Day

That may also be an exaggeration. 

I want to masturbate every day but sometimes I don't get a moment alone, or I don't have time to indulge.

MOST DAYS, however, I make time to indulge.

I've heard that orgasms release healing hormones in our bodies.

Having lots of orgasms must be good for me, right?

Therefore, I consider orgasms to be part of my self-care.

What else is a horny girl to do?

I can't work all day every day, so I have to touch myself.



I guess you could book a massage and touch me FOR me...

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Ask Annie: Five Amazing Things I've Learned From My Clients

It's my birthday week! I'm turning... OLDER!

My birthday wish is that all my favourite clients book with me this month - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

For my birthday week, I wanted to share something special with you all.

I am so grateful to my clients for so many reasons. This blog post is another appreciation article about how you enrich my world!

Life is full of lessons, don't you think?

I am the kind of person who is always looking for what I can learn from situations.

Being an erotic massage provider has taught me so many amazing things.

But today I will focus on FIVE things I've learned from YOU.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn these amazing things from you!

1. I Have Erogenous Zones I Didn't Know I Have!

I had no idea how enjoyable getting my toes sucked was until a client did it to me.

Another client licked inside my arm near my armpit and I was shocked how erotic it was.

I also experienced my first g-spot orgasm with a client.

Clients have taught me many erotic, sexy moves to enjoy and share. 

2. Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number

I've had great experiences with clients who are younger than me and great experiences with clients who are older than me.

In fact, age seems to have very little to do with how great a client will be. 

There are young assholes and old assholes. But there are also young, sweet, attentive men and older, experienced men with great passion!

My enjoyment has nothing to do with age and everything to do with cleanliness, kindness, and respect. (Oh, and I like gentle touching best!)

3. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Our society promotes a certain standard of beauty which is impossible for most of us to attain.

However, society standards miss the beauty that really matters. 

A beautiful person may not have the perfect body. But their beauty is obvious once I get them naked in my studio.

This work enables me to see people truly exposed. 

You can hide all kinds of details of your life from me, but it is very difficult to hide who you are as a human being when you're under my hands.

Some of the most beautiful people I know are clients who don't fit society's beauty standards. 

But they turn me on just as much as (and often more than!) the ones who do. 

Beauty is much more than what the world sees when we're walking down the street.

Raw, authentic beauty doesn't fade with age or get taken by an accident or injury.

In my work, I get to see that beauty. The eternal beauty of who my clients are. And I love it. I truly do.

4. Intimacy and Sexual Touching Are Important for Health and Happiness

I guess this seems like a no-brainer.

But this work has really driven the point home.

I see some men who have not been touched by a woman in years.

Others who have an active libido but struggle getting their sexual and intimacy needs met.

It's not just that these men are horny.

They enjoy pleasuring a partner and knowing they can be desirable to a woman.

I've seen clients go from living a series of repetitive motions to having a zest for life again... simply because they are getting their intimacy needs met by me and other sex workers.

It is one of the things that makes my work so rewarding.

5. I Have Unlimited Love to Give!

It's natural to develop feelings for the people we are intimate with.

It is the same for me with my clients.

Some of you I've grown to care very deeply for.

These feelings don't diminish the feelings I have for my partner, or the feelings I may develop for other new clients.

My feelings also don't diminish the more regulars I have.

I have learned that my love is truly boundless.

This is a remarkable and amazing gift that I believe we all have. 

It's not an "either/or" situation.

We are capable of unlimited love!

I hope you enjoyed reading this week's article!

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