Sunday, January 12, 2020

Ask Annie: Ten More Fun Facts About Me!

Last September I wrote "Ten Fun Facts About Me!"

I told you...
  • how many bookings I do each day, 
  • that I'm a terrible hostess, 
  • that I like dick pics, 
  • that I want to touch people randomly when I'm in public, 
  • that I'm a clean freak and a health freak and generally just freaky, 
  • that I'm an activist, 
  • that I don't drink alcohol, and 
  • that I'm starting a business!

You surprised me with how interested you were to learn more about me!

So, this week I thought I'd tell you ten MORE fun facts about me.

I hope you enjoy this article and it makes you want to get to know me in person even better!

1. I'm VERY Short!

You may wonder why I greet you at the door wearing high heels.

Well, I'm only five feet tall.

I was the shortest or second shortest girl in all my classes growing up and when I hit 5 feet around age 15, I stopped growing!

I can tell you, I was not impressed. 

And it does create struggles - like reaching the gas and break, or reaching my favourite foods on the top shelf, or when someone in my home puts the coffee in the top of the cupboard.

But there are good things about being short too!

Like, I fit very well into any hug and my body is never too heavy for my clients when I rest my weight on you.

2. I'm a Mother

I have THREE amazing children! 

I feel so incredibly blessed.

My kids are truly beautiful, wonderful human beings and I couldn't be more proud of them.

None were planned so their ages are quite far apart.

At the writing of this article they are 19, 14, and 8.

3. I'm Native and Irish

My fair skin makes look like a white girl.

But I have more native ancestry than any of the other nationalities in my bloodline.

I list Irish second because my hair is naturally auburn and I have lots of freckles.

People are usually surprised to learn I'm Native but they are never surprised to learn I'm Irish.

4. I've Written Two Novels!

No, they are not published. I wrote them for my kids.

They are the first two in a series I hope to finish one day.

Probably the best time I've ever had in my life is writing youth fantasy fiction.

One day I hope to spend most of my time writing. It's my favourite thing to do. 

5. I Can't Gain Weight

Well, that's an exaggeration.

I *can* gain weight if I eat really poorly - like bags of chips and Starbucks every day.

But even then, I maintain a tiny figure.

I get excited whenever I gain a little weight. So don't worry if I tell you, "I gained weight!"

Just be happy for me. 

6. I've Been A Stripper & Nude Model

You may already know I'm a former exotic dancer.

I danced on and off between 1997 and 2010.

I also did a bit of nude modeling for a photographer who sold his work to websites. This was before I even owned a computer!

In my naivety, I never dreamed that people I know would see those photos!

One time, a so-called "friend" dude found photos of me, printed them, and brought them to church to show my girlfriend's husband. "Is this Annie?" he asked innocently. Grrrrr...

Yes, it's Annie, you #$%^&*! Don't you have any manners? Keep your horny internet pursuits to yourself! Don't go outing sex workers!

Ahem. I obviously still have unresolved feelings about that experience.

7. I Am A Marketing Professional

I've been to college and university for general arts and other pursuits but the one that stuck with me was Public Relations.

I used the skills I earned with that Diploma more than any other education I've ever received.

First I used it for my activism for the rights of sex workers.

Then I used it for a paycheque in the square world.

I've held management positions for organizations and I've consulted as a freelancer running my own business for years.

I'm good at it and my employers and clients have always appreciated me and my work.

But I wasn't happy doing it.

I've learned that just because you are good at something, doesn't mean you should do it.

I am much  happier in an active occupation where I can move around a lot.

I loved stripping. I loved giving neck massages in the strip clubs. And now, I love giving sensual massages. 

Loving your job makes a huge difference in the quality of your life.

8. I Ride A Motorcycle

Because I'm so short, it was literally a stretch to get me on a motorcycle.

I wear heeled boots with risers inside of them to give me more height, and I bought a lowering kit to bring my bike one inch closer to the ground.

Most of my life, learning new things has come easy for me. Not so with learning to ride!

I was not a natural, by any means! But I was determined.

I have been a passenger all my life starting with my dad when I was a little girl.

My dad rode a Harley so I thought that's what I would ride too. But I fell in love with a 2017 Indian Scout Sixty.

I've ridden for three seasons now and still feel like a new rider. 

But there's nothing like the feeling of flying down a long stretch of country road.

I've got one life to live and I choose to live it to the fullest! 

9. I Smoke Weed

I smoke marijuana. But not when I'm working.

I have experienced first-hand the healing benefits of marijuana. I always choose natural medicines over pharmaceuticals.

Although I am "420 friendly," I prefer my clients to be sober and straight when they come for a massage.

Weed can make a massage feel really amazing, but it can also inhibit orgasm and cause paranoia.

The best experiences are the ones we have with clear minds and hearts. 

I will make you feel high from my touch! 

10. I Masturbate Every Day

That may also be an exaggeration. 

I want to masturbate every day but sometimes I don't get a moment alone, or I don't have time to indulge.

MOST DAYS, however, I make time to indulge.

I've heard that orgasms release healing hormones in our bodies.

Having lots of orgasms must be good for me, right?

Therefore, I consider orgasms to be part of my self-care.

What else is a horny girl to do?

I can't work all day every day, so I have to touch myself.



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