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"Tell Me About You" Survey Results and Other Naughtiness

The results are in and they are very naughty!

I closed the survey last Thursday night with 65 respondents!


I absolutely love compiling survey data like this.

It makes me so horny!

You will see why as you read through the results!

"Tell Me About You" 

Thank you to all 65 of you who took time out of your day to share private details of your sex life (anonymously, of course!)

The results, as you'll see, are FUCKING FASCINATING!

I love learning about my current and potential clients.

You are fascinating fuckers! ;)

I absolutely love you and appreciate the time and care many of you took to respond to my survey.

Here are the results.

How old are you?

Of the 65 respondents who answered my survey, 85% of you are between the ages of 35 and 64.

Only 10% are under 35. And only 5% are 65 or older.

I love you all equally, as long as you are sweet, respectful, clean, and gentle! XOXOXO

What is your marital status?

65% of respondents are married or in common law relationships.

The next highest group are single guys weighing in at 21%.

The rest are dating, in relationships, widowed, and divorced. 

One lovely gentleman is separated from his wife by dementia. She lives in a care home now.

What are you views on monogamy?

This is where things start to get really interesting.

Quantitatively, those of you who prefer monogamy and those who prefer an open relationship were divided almost equally.

Prefer Monogamy - 37%
Prefer Open Relationship - 43%
Prefer Being Single & Playing the Field - 10%

However, it gets murky in the comments.

In many cases, you don't want to ask your partners for intimate moments very often because you feel like you are pressuring them.

One gentlemen wisely said he feels that his marriage is stronger because he's getting certain needs met by his chosen professional.

"I think the occasional, non-emotional release can be healthy for me in maintaining a long term relationship."

Many of you prefer monogamy but go to sex workers for needs that aren't being met at home.

"Hard question, I just said I prefer monogamy but here I am seeking a sensual massage. While I love my marriage, I still feel sad and at a loss without a physical relationship where I can please a woman and be pleased. So I guess I'm open as well. I'll think more about this... kind of stuck for words."

I can kind of relate to the gentleman above.

I consider myself and my partner to be monogamous and yet we both have sexual experiences outside our relationship.

I don't really feel that we are in an open relationship either.

For instance, I wouldn't just pick up two guys in Starbucks and fuck them behind my guy's back, or tell him later.

We trust that we can allow each other these experiences without it interfering in what we have.

Also, we fulfill our desires with others always in a professional capacity as an exchange of money for services. 

I am both a provider and a client.

Maybe that is why I feel like we are monogamous?

I don't know...

Perhaps that survey question was unfair.

What is your main reason for accessing the services of sex workers?

Well, guys, I have to say...

You are complex, interesting, caring, and beautiful people. 

Here are some of your responses:

"My wife and I do not have sex much anymore. But I love my wife more than life itself."


"I believe that SW's are actually great marriage counselors. They allow a safe fantasy experience. I believe my relationship has actually become much stronger because of it."

"I enjoy a really good massage from an attractive, intelligent woman with a happy ending."

"Craving intimacy. Pleasing and being pleased by a sensual woman."

"Exploring my sexual curiosities, experiencing different partners, and dissatisfaction with the intimacy in my relationship."

"Fantasy play."

"Health has made my home life complicated and the serenity and professionalism given by Annie is second to none and allows me to be me and relaxed and things work that have not in ages." You are so sweet! XO

"Form of therapy and a confidence boast. The need for physical touch."

"Feeling wanted, sexually and to feel the touch of a woman without any baggage."

"To feel special."

"To access female contact that is uncomplicated, simply because it's lacking in my relationship."

"Company and friendship."

"A feeling of closeness, connection, and being valued."

"Seeking intimacy outside of my marriage. Although our marriage is okay in many other ways, we have not been intimate in a long time."

"My work takes me out of town much of the time. Most women want something more stable than I can provide. Also, I'm terribly shy."

"After being married for almost 20 years and having no other previous sexual experiences, it is important to me to experience all life has to offer before it’s too late. A cancer diagnosis a few years back may have played a part in this decision as well, but it was something on my mind prior to that as well."

"Many reasons. I like the thrill of meeting someone for a discreet, sexually-charged encounter; I need more sexual-related activity than what my partner needs; I love getting to meet and know another human being who works in an industry that fascinates me from a sociological perspective. With you in particular, I like your personality, your smarts, your charm and of course your skills, so I really like being with you." Awwww, thank you!!!

"I want to be able to do it while unlearning backward, puritanical ideas about sex."

If you have an amazing experience with a sex worker, do you refer your friends? Why or why not?

This question was qualitative, in that I provided a comment box for your answers, but I wanted a quantitative result when I summarized the survey...

So, I went through and counted all the answers.

Out of 61 respondents who have been to see a sex worker and answered this question...

41 of you said it is a private experience and you do not speak about it, never mind refer someone. How could I even suggest it! 

I found it SUPER interesting that many of you admitted you wouldn't refer your friends because you don't like to share!  Haha, I love it!

18 of you said you WOULD refer your friends to a sex worker you had a great time with.

And two of you said you would post a positive review if the provider was okay with it. Thank you for caring about your provider's feelings on the topic of reviews!

See what I mean?

You guys are truly remarkable, wonderful fellows. You care about us and it means a lot. xoxo

Where do you browse for sex worker services most?

Now, this part of the survey is totally skewed.

The reason it is skewed is because respondents found me through one particular site - Leolist.

It goes without saying that if you found me through Leolist, then you probably browse Leolist the most.

And my results, indeed, indicated that 71% of respondents use Leolist the most.

I feel that the results of this question are not a true indicator of where all gentlemen are browsing the most. So, I have decided to not count it.

Plus, Leolist makes me crazy!

Thank you for finding me on Leolist - please find me on in the future! 

If you've ever gotten a massage from me, did you or would you return? Why or why not?

Many of the respondents haven't come to see me yet, but the ones who have had this to say...

"Yes...You are awesome."

"Of course time after time after time."

"Once and will return."

"I have had one massage, not sure if I made a connection, but would like to try more sessions."

"Yes I will."

"Yes and yes and will again as you're fabulous!"

"Yes, of course."

"Yes, I have and yes I will again. It was an amazing time."

"I would return for sure. I’m not rich but the experience was soooo wonderful and will get better next time."

"I would...I loved it. Only reason I haven't been back is time constraints."

"Absolutely, 100% would return. Would even be interested if you went ahead and offered toy shows as well."
(Hmmm, toy shows. What are those?!)

"Yes and yes. Loved the experience."

"I will put this as succinctly as I can... Hell, Yes! You are kind, warm, friendly, you have such a joyful spirit, your smile lights up the darkest night, you're beautiful, sexy, exciting."

"Of course I would."

"OH FUCK YEAH ! Have a crush on you. LOL."

"Yes, I have and I would. I enjoy communicating with you. It excites me to get a message from you. Brightens my day."

"I would return. It was a nice massage, loved the teasing, was super professional, and very nice."

"I have enjoyed many massages from you. I plan to come back for more."

In case some of you are wondering...

Yes, I take guesses at which ones of you wrote what. 

And I'll bet I'm pretty bang on! ;)

I know some of my regulars pretty well, if I do say so myself. 

And finally, do you have any suggestions for articles or stories you'd like me to write on my blog? 

I LOVED the answers to this question.

You gave me so many ideas for future articles and stories.

Here are some of my favourites. My responses are in red...

"Age related – like younger man with older woman." Sounds hot!

"A post about your best and worst experiences with clients. Your standpoint on seeing virgins. Have you ever taken someone's virginity?" Ooh, interesting! I've taken people's sensual massage virginity but only one boy's actual virginity in my life and I was a virgin too. ;)

"Talk about the experience I can expect in visiting you. Be detailed." There's a pretty good story here with some details. :) "The Hallelujah Annie Experience"

"After care of yourself and dealing with subtleties of guilt." Awww, it means so much that you worry about my mental health. I do need after care to ensure I don't burnout. It can be emotionally and physically demanding work. But I never feel guilty. Quite the contrary. I feel like I am giving a gift of pleasure. My work brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment.

"I know you write about encounters you’ve had (not sure if you are writing fiction or fact!) but I would just like to know what really turns you on!" Well, all of my stories ARE fiction, but there's some truth in every fabrication, isn't there? That, and I have a very horny imagination. I'm thinking an article about WHAT DRIVES ME WILD might be of interest to some of you?

"Whatever makes YOU horny!" Mmm hmm, I'll be definitely writing more horny articles and stories! PS. They all make me horny.

"Maybe explaining the 'laws' and some of the terms folks use in ads, etc." This is amazing! In all honesty, I'm still learning a lot of the terms used in ads. I usually google search it like this "FSSW sex work" to get the right slang definition. I would love to write about these subjects, thank you!

"You’ve been doing a great job with the stories. Some of my faves are those where you find yourself in a situation where you are attracted to the guy and are not afraid to make the first move." LOL! In real life, I am super shy and always wait for the guy to make a move. But I love to be the seducer in my stories.

"Love your articles, keep them to continue to hear your perspectives on this industry along with your clients..." Aww, thank you! I have lots more perspectives to share!

"Not really - you're a good writer and I enjoy reading your stories. I do have a curiousity about life as a sex industry worker - it would be interesting to me to hear more about what life is really like. But I love your fantasy stories too - so just keep doing what you're doing - you do it well." You are too sweet! It seems like you and few others would like to learn more about my industry and business. I will be sure to share lots more with you. Another great resource is . You can also subscribe to their articles which I help generate every week!

"Continued activism for ending the stigma around sex and all that it relates to." Fuck yeah! I love my clients!

And that concludes the results of my "Tell Me About You" Survey!

Thanks again for responding to my survey and for subscribing to my blog!

Love Annie xo

Text or Email to book a massage today!

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