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Ask Annie: My Best and Worst Clients

It goes without saying that there are certain standards that set a client up to make a great first impression.

This article covers the qualities and behaviours of my best clients and my worst clients


My best clients read my ad thoroughly and click through to my website before booking with me.

I know who you are because you introduce yourself in your first text message to me.

I especially love you guys who send me a photo of your face.

It shows respect towards me and my desire to feel safe in my work.

My best clients do your due diligence. You look for clues to ensure I am legit and professional.

You can easily see by visiting my site that I am in it for the long haul. I am a business woman. My business is doing pleasure with you.

Knowing that I am legitimate and professional, you can also depend on me to be discreet.

Discretion is the name of the game in this business.

Our world is extremely uptight about sexuality and the sex industry. Neither you nor I wants to have a spotlight on what we're doing.

In cases where there's a partner or other loved one who could get hurt, I can especially see why some clients are reluctant to provide their information.

However...'s an inconvenient truth that sex workers are targeted by predators. 

Assaults on sex workers are not rare.

Therefore, to do this work, I have to have a certain amount of trust in you.

I trust a gentleman who tells me his real name and shares a photo.

I trust the ones who have read my site, know my rules, and book with me intending to respect my boundaries.

Screening is not just about what you tell me. It's also about how you tell me.

I watch for clues in attitude and energy.

Do you treat me with respect? Are you kind? Are you forthcoming with your name and introduction? Are you already asking me to bend my rules for you?

The benefits of beginning our transaction with openness and trust are more than a screening technique.

We will experience a more immediate connection and a deeper level of intimacy on our first meeting if you have trusted me with an honest and upfront interaction prior to the booking.

In other words, I'll be... MORE HORNY!


My best clients show me respect by how you treat our booking.

You don't cancel at the last minute (unless there's a very good reason, of course).

You don't show up early and buzz to get in before I'm ready. You sit in your car and let me know you've arrived. You wait till I say I'm ready before you approach my building.

You don't chat up my neighbours or take your time getting to my door.

You understand that discretion goes both ways. 

My best clients know how to behave on their way to a booking.

And I get it. Some guys are new to being clients and they make mistakes while they're learning the etiquette. That's one of the reasons I write articles like this!

My best clients also respect my time. You don't get offended when I hustle you out the door at the end of our agreed upon session.

You understand that I have a life, other clients, children, and a whole world of obligations outside of my session with you.

My best clients apologize to me when you realize we're over time, even if we're over time because of me!  

You are caring and don't want to impose. Gosh, you are good to me.

Clients who don't respect my time or my need for discretion will shower when they should be walking out the door and talk loudly at my door so that I worry my neighbours will hear what they are saying.

Clients who don't respect my time or my business will try to engage me in chatting before or between bookings, repeatedly asking for free photos, stringing me along like they're going to book a massage, but never actually committing to a booking.

I'm getting pretty good at recognizing these types and ignoring them because I'm fucking busy!

Of course, if I see you regularly, I will naturally think about you between bookings. 

I will love hearing from you even just to say hi.

And if you're a regular, you probably know how much I like pics! ;)


There are certain basic things that my best clients do.

You shower directly before the booking paying attention to cleaning your cocks and bums.

You make an effort to keep your breath smelling fresh. (I provide mouthwash too!)

We all have bad breath sometimes because of something we ate or a medication we're on. 

Simply an effort to provide fresh breath for our one hour together is a beautiful thing.

Clean, nice smelling men turn me on! A simple recipe for success if you want a horny session.


My best clients in session are the ones who allow me to lead the appointment.

Guys who suddenly try lifting me up or flipping me over...  Please don't do that.

It might be hot when you're fucking your partner. But it's not hot in a session with me.

I have no idea how other providers feel about this kind of behaviour, but I don't like it.

If you want to do something outside of the usual massage experience, like massage me or lie next to me and cuddle or come on my ass or whatever you're thinking about - please ask me.

Most suggestions can be accommodated as long as they fit within the boundaries I have set.

If not, then I will tell you no. But I will not shame you. I encourage communication!

My best clients express your desires and are not offended if it's something I'm uncomfortable with.

You take the first "no" as my answer. 

My worst clients will push and push and push the boundaries till I stop taking them back.

Other things that I like clients to do once they've arrived...

  • Please take your shoes off at the door. If you need to sit down to put them back on, there's a stool to sit on in the foyer.
  • Please place the donation down or hand it to me BEFORE you shower or wash your hands. Money is dirty and if you want your hands on me, I'd like them to be clean. (Don't worry, I'll remind you if you forget.)
  • Talk, moan, groan, tell me how turned on you are, what you like, what you don't like, if you're nervous, if you're concerned about something, worried about anything. Communicate with me! It will make our session much more relaxed and enjoyable if I know what's going on for you.

My Worst Clients

Honestly, the most common "worst" clients are the ones who pull a no show.

Booking a session and then not showing up is the height of disrespect.

I put a lot of time and care into preparing for each booking.

I bathe, shave, put on makeup, apply perfume, ensure my studio is clean and welcoming, set-up the massage area, put on lingerie and heels, set some mood music, and more.

When you book with me, you aren't just paying me for an hour. You're paying me to become your fantasy - a sexy woman who is dressed and ready to make giving you pleasure my priority.

I take pride in my work and strive to offer the best experience possible, so when someone pulls a no show, I consider it very disrespectful.

I may have driven away from my children across town to prepare for this booking. 

I may have turned down other clients. 

I may have turned down an event that I would have liked to attend. 

I may have declined posting my ad because I only had time to do one session that day.

Clients who pull a no show are definitely some of the worst clients... 

But there's another kind of client that is even worse than no shows.

The absolute worst clients come to me with pre-conceived notions about me as a sex worker. 

They think I am lesser than them and their behaviour and energy let me know it.

They come full of shame for paying me for my service. 

These kinds of clients are energy vampires. I can't wait for the hour to end and sometimes their toxicity hangs around me for awhile afterwards.

I never take them back. 

Here's a great article about why sex work is not about desperation.


As you can see, my best clients are not the ones who make me orgasm (although some of my best clients do!) 

They are the ones who do their research, read my website, and trust me with their screening information.

They are discreet and respectful of my time.

They are clean and smell nice.

And they are absolute gentlemen in the bedroom.

If this describes you, I hope you are one of my clients.

And if you're not, I hope you'll consider giving one of my massages a try. xoxo

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