Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ask Annie: What I LOVE About My Married Clients

I LOVE my  married clients!

This is not to say that I don't love my single clients.


It's just that there are some things that, generally speaking, most of my married clients do that I love!

This all sounds a little cryptic, doesn't it?

Don't worry, I'll get straight to the point shortly. 


I didn't want to be part of the Coronavirus madness because it's everywhere.

But I also did not want to neglect an issue that has many people living in fear right now.

There is a lot of pressure to isolate ourselves from social situations and for some, this is probably a great idea.

Although I would LOVE to "hunker down" for a couple weeks with my kids and do the deep cleaning I've wanted to do forever around my house... most people, I have bills to pay!

For those of you who are interested, I am offering my massage services per usual.

I am not sick. And if I become sick at any time, I will cancel all bookings and stay home.  

If you are sick, I'm sure you'll do the same.

I am aware that people cough for many reasons other than Coronavirus. And I am not living in fear.

I am taking reasonable precautions: washing my hands frequently; not breathing in people's faces; and disinfecting my massage studio regularly.  

However, my understanding is that people can be carriers without showing symptoms. So, that is a risk you must be willing to take.

Although I recognize the seriousness of this pandemic, I am one of those people who cannot live in fear. I hate that feeling, so I choose not to give in to it.

Also, the health food stores where I shop still have stocked shelves, so the shortages haven't affected me yet.

For people who cannot or do not want to risk coming to see me, I am offering *phone sex chats* for $100 for 30 minutes (includes a naughty photo to enjoy during our call).

I have a VERY DIRTY mind and I'm really good at talking dirty.

What's your fantasy? 

As long as it's ethical (not about harming anyone, not about children or animals, etc), I can weave a very compelling sexual scenario into our conversation.

I love kinky fantasies so don't be shy!

Donations will be required via e-transfer prior to our hot, naughty phone sex session.


Does that sound amazing?

A few days ago, Carmen and I did another duo massage and it was FUN!

This time, our sexy client paid a little extra to watch Carmen go down on me while he pleasured her.

It was a kinky, fun threesome session!

If you're interested in booking a Four Hand Massage, let me know!

This is what I LOVE about my married clients...


True, some of you married guys prefer short notice booking, but the vast majority of you plan out your naughty sessions well in advance.

I love having my schedule filled up; knowing who I am going to see this week and looking forward to my favourite regulars (married and single alike!).

You are also the most likely to let me know as soon as possible if you have to reschedule a session. Your consideration allows me time to fill that spot, so I don't lose out on income.


Most of my married clients truly understand the limits of our monogamy-based culture.

Like me, many of you don't consider our sessions cheating. 

I am in a relationship too, but I do not consider my work to be "cheating" no matter how much fun it is.

I simply view the "naughty fun" aspect of my work as a bonus. I am one of the blessed people in this world who gets to do work she loves.

My married clients are usually very honest about being married and will share openly their feelings about their wives.

They tell me they love their wives and would never dream of going outside their marriage. 

Most of them put a lot of thought into accessing sexual services before taking the leap.

The majority of them concluded that my service simply fills a void enabling them to be better, more present, loving spouses.

Yes, I get this isn't the case for every married guy seeing a sex worker. But it's a very common theme in my practice. 


Sometimes single clients will grow attached to their regular providers, which is natural because we share intimate moments together.

If you are lonely, I may be the only person in your life providing intimacy.

This can create confusing feelings which I fully understand. 

I grow attached too...

However, I don't entertain romantic ideas about clients because I'm already in a really great relationship.

Married clients don't usually develop unrealistic expectations about their providers.

They, like me, view our relationship as something that enriches our lives but not as something that should be central to our lives.


My married clients are most likely to respect my boundaries.

They appreciate the safety measures I take to ensure that no one goes home with an STI - not me or you.

They appreciate this little extra fun outside their marriage without jeopardizing their marriage. 

And I appreciate their respect of my boundaries.

I am very fortunate. I am not desperate for clients. My single regulars are all guys who also respect my boundaries.

Regardless of marital status, I prioritize my health and therefore I fire clients who don't respect my simple rules. 

Big love to all of you guys who respect my boundaries and also want to protect us both. XOXO


Married clients who love their wives are the best regulars.

They value the intimacy that comes with getting to know their provider, so they often stay with me over the long term.

They don't stop showing up because "they got a girlfriend." 

I am absolutely happy to be the woman my single clients come to see when they don't have a special someone.

But I miss them when they're gone!

My married clients are less likely to stop seeing me for long periods of time, which provides stability in my business.

It's also nice because I grow very fond of my regulars.

(That's a hint for those of you I haven't seen in awhile. xo) 


My married clients tend to be older. Most have had a voracious sex life with their wives at one time. 

They have healthy libidos, even if the equipment isn't what it used to be for some of them.

They are experienced in the bedroom.

Don't get me wrong! I have single clients who are amazingly experienced and skilled too.

But if a client is married, it ups the odds that he will be good with his hands and his mouth. 

He will very likely suck my nipples in a very arousing way and know to be gentle with my precious parts.

Now that their wives are maybe not as horny, they enjoy keeping their skills alive by practicing on me. 

I'm grateful!

For all those reasons and more, I love my married clients. 

Well, I love ALL of my regular clients. 

But this article is in appreciation of the married ones. 

Hope to see you soon!

Love Annie XOXO

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