Sunday, March 29, 2020

Funny and Sexy Memes to Cheer You Up

This quarantine is depressing!

I miss working a lot and hope it doesn't go on much longer.

How are you doing? 

I'd love to hear from you. Please send me an email or text to say hi!

To break the boredom and have a little chuckle, I am sharing COVID-19 memes with you.

Some of them I found on the Internet and some of them I created myself.

I hope you enjoy them. xoxo

Internet Memes

Those are some awesome 
healing crystals! 

How do women stay alive?!!! 

 Thank goodness someone 
put this together!

It's that easy, 


So, that's who bought up all 
the hand sanitizer! 

This made me laugh and laugh. 
Good one!

I want to receive a text 
message meant for 
someone else like this! 

Fuck diamonds! 
This is really a 
woman's best friend! 

I hope people are getting laid 
with their free time!
Hint: Massage her first and 
turn off the TV!

Hallelujah Annie Memes


 Don't you agree?

I hope you film it too! ;)

 Okay, I know but it's so dumb it's funny!

How I feel without you. XO

 Evil temptress that I am. ;)

 There's no other job for me!

 Send dick pics, Save lives.

 Just kidding... or am I?

 And she's even Covid-free!

 I hope you enjoyed checking out these sexy and funny memes.

I truly miss working. I'm hornier than ever. 

When all this is over, I'm going to need a lot of retroactive naughtiness.

I hope you'll join me!

Love Annie xoxo

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