Sunday, April 12, 2020

Annie's Mall Sex Fantasy

Another week has gone by under the lock-down.

How are you holding up?

I'm spending time with my kids which is awesome.
I'm going for walks and sleeping in.

I take a few moments every day to dance like a crazy woman around my living room for exercise.  

(I leave my blinds open so my neighbours can get a laugh.) LOL

And I'm hornier than fuck!

My guy can't keep up with me and I have to escape to my studio to masturbate because my kids are home 24/7.

Last week I shared my four most common fantasies. 

Many of you sent me your fantasies and now I'm am HORNIER THAN I WAS LAST WEEK!

What is a woman with a high libido to do???

If any of you are like me, you're probably walking around with perma-boners every day!

Please keep sending your fantasies and stay in touch!

At some point, I may have to go back to work regardless of the lock down. You know how it is... groceries, car insurance, rent, etc.

If some of you are in need of a great massage and a naked hug, let me know!

In the meantime, here is another fantasy I have had lately during my self-pleasure sessions.

This fantasy stems from my secret double life!

It has a whole story line around it that makes me get more and more aroused until I come many times over.

Here it is...

I'm walking through the mall in White Rock and I see one of my clients.

Of course I don't approach him or say hi or anything, wanting to respect his privacy; but he makes eye contact and smiles at me.

His smile makes my nipples hard and my pussy moist, and I return the smile and arch my eyebrows at him suggestively.

I think he must be horny too, because he shifts his jeans slightly and nods his head towards a store that's under construction.

I watch him disappear behind the construction sign and a white curtain into the store.

Looking around to make sure no one is watching, I follow him inside.

Behind the curtain, our bodies come together for a hungry kiss. I rub his cock through his jeans. Our instant arousal is intense!

Quietly, we make out against the wall, the thrill of people walking past us on the other side of the curtain making us even more aroused. 

I'm wearing a skirt, and my client gets his hand inside my panties and starts fingering me (driving me wild)!

I release his cock from his jeans and go down on my knees, taking it into my mouth.

He holds his hands against the wall above me while I cover his cock in my saliva.

As I stand up, I drop my panties and my client pushes me up against the wall and slowly slides his cock into my pussy.

It's so difficult to be quiet!

We fuck against the wall for a few minutes, then he carries me to a bench where he lays me back and continues fucking me, holding my breasts with his hands and massaging them gently.

I wiggle urgently, wanting to take his cock as deep inside me as I can.

When he leans down to kiss me again, he fucks me in the most exquisite rhythm. 

With my clit grinding against him and his cock pleasuring me from the inside, I get closer and closer to orgasm.

I can't be quiet any more, so my client puts his hand over my mouth as waves of intense orgasm burst through my pussy and the rest of my body!

(Usually at this point in my fantasy I have my first real orgasm too.)

But I'm not done yet!

My client pulls away from me and grabs my hand, helping me off the bench.

He leads me over to a chair where he sits down and pats his knee, smiling roguishly.

His cock is erect and throbbing as I place myself over him and slide down onto him.

This is a great position for me to come again and again. (In my fantasy and for real as I pleasure myself with my vibrator.)

I ride his cock with our tongues in each other's mouths.

Every time I'm close and start to get louder, my client puts his hand over my mouth to help me through my climax as quietly as possible.

I can tell he's getting close too and I want him to be as satisfied as I am.

So, I start whispering in his ear about how good his cock feels in my pussy.

"Thank you so much for this," I gush. "This is so hot. I've wanted to fuck you for so long."

I bite his earlobe and continue to talk dirty. "I want to feel your cock explode inside me," I tell him. "My pussy loves your cock. Please come inside me."

The dirty talk usually gets me another orgasm for real and yes, I say it out loud while I'm touching myself. It's a great fantasy!

(If you only knew how many times I say your names when I'm fucking you in my fantasies. My boyfriend is kinky and lets me call him client names when we fuck sometimes too! Don't worry, I only use first names and he has no idea who you are.)

Back to my mall sex fantasy!

My client gets closer and closer to coming and I can feel his orgasm energy, which turns me on even more!

Finally, I can tell it's the moment.

I return the favour and put my hand firmly over his mouth stifling his groan as he thrusts and comes deep inside me.

This is when I have my final orgasm with my vibrator. It's time to stop playing and that's where my fantasy ends.

I have a few special clients that usually get the starring role. You probably know who you are. 

Text or Email today!

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