Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ask Annie: My Four Most Common Fantasies

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How are you?

Are you as horny as I am?

I've been masturbating A LOT!

Whenever I masturbate, I fantasize about the men I find sexy in my life.

And often, yes, they are clients with whom I've had super sexy sessions.

When will this virus hype be over so we can all go back to our lives?

Personally, I'm quite willing to take the 99% chance of surviving Covid-19.

I'm quite happy to risk an 80% chance of having it without any symptoms!

I view this virus pandemic like I view sex work. We should have the right to engage with each other if we want to!

We are all consenting adults! 

Now, some of you may be outraged towards my attitude about the coronavirus.

You don't need to call the cops on me. 

I'm obeying orders! My family and I have been happily isolating and we're going to have a great time until the food runs out.

How about you?

Are you fine? I would love to hear from every single subscriber to know how you are doing.

Are you with family? Are you alone? Are you still working? Are you scared, frustrated, completely at peace?

What is your take on this whole pandemic?  

Please send me an email saying hi and telling me how you're doing right now. It can be as short or long as you like.

I would truly love to hear from you. 

And especially to my regulars... I expect you to check in!  

Many of you already have and I appreciate it so much.

It means a lot to know that you care about me.  

Please stay in touch if you have any desire to. I love hearing from you.


In this article, I'm going to share some of the fantasies I think about when I'm masturbating.

They are VERY naughty! So, please don't judge me!

I have a kinky imagination and what can I say? *shrugs*

If you have a certain fantasy that you like to imagine while masturbating (especially if it includes me), please send me a message describing it!

That would help a lot for my future self-play sessions!

I have four main fantasies that I think about when I'm touching myself.

But before I tell you, first let me describe how I masturbate.

Even though I love the feel of dildos, I usually use my trusty Magic Wand for self play.

Truth is, I'm lazy when I'm touching myself.

With my clients and lovers, I like to draw out the teasing and build the anticipation.

But when I touch myself, I appreciate the convenient "quick and easy" approach.

I don't have to clean my wand because it doesn't go inside my pussy. In fact, I don't even take my panties off.

All I need to do is hold that powerful machine against my clit and think about sexy men and their cocks!

(Also in my fantasies, there are no STI's, so I don't have to think about condoms.)

Here are my four most common fantasies...


I have this fantasy where I go to a brothel for women.

And like some brothels that are out there for men, I get to pick who I want to enjoy some naughty time with.

Only, I don't have to choose only one.

The men in my fantasy are all men I know (clients, lovers, random people I am acquainted with).

They are all naked, sitting in chairs stroking their cocks.

All of these chairs are of the correct height for me to climb onto cocks, one at a time; riding each hot cock until I come, grinding my clit against different men over and over.

This fantasy is perfect when I have more than one sexy man on my mind lately.


This fantasy is similar the first one, in that I have sex with multiple men.

Again, they are men from my life (mostly clients who have really turned me on in the past). 

But in this fantasy, I am alone in a room with a blindfold on.

Each guy in my fantasy comes into the room one at a time and fucks me till I come over and over.

Even though I can't see who they are, I know by the way they smell and how their bodies feel - and some have very distinctive cocks too! - who each and every one of them is.

These two fantasies are great for enjoying multiple orgasms with multiple men while I play by myself in quarantine.


This fantasy is so ridiculously naughty.

It makes me giggle and come at the same time!

Basically, the fantasy is that I am hiding behind a counter in a store or shop of some kind. (Sometimes it's different but the theme is always that it's somewhere in public.)

The sexy man I want to fantasize about is standing behind the counter so that his cock and me are both hidden. He is talking to customers while I give him a blow job.

I don't know why this idea turns me on so much!

Excitement of getting caught? Feeling of power over the gentleman in question? Breaking cultural morals? 

I really don't know. If you have an idea, I'd love to hear it. LOL


I understand that for some of my more macho clients and subscribers, this may not be a very sexy idea for you.

But I learned almost 20 years ago that watching sexy men have sex with each other TURNS ME ON!

I guess it kinda makes sense because we all know that men get turned on watching women sexually pleasure each other.

For me, it all started with a show that used to be on television when I was a single mom around 2002. 

It was called "Queer As Folk." 

My kid would be sound asleep in her room, and I would be on the couch with my Magic Wand watching TV.


That show was incredibly hot!!!!

I love watching men kissing, crashing their sexy male bodies into each other with passion.

There's something so hot about men who are open-minded sexually, not bound by gender roles.

I have a bisexual male friend who once said to me: "Ten percent of people are heterosexual. Ten percent are gay or lesbian. The rest are in between."

I hope that's true!  

Whatever your sexual orientation, it doesn't matter! 

Fantasy can be something you'd never do in real life. (Like I would never be gang banged by a bunch of guys not wearing condoms! LOL)

In fantasies, you can do and be whatever and whomever you want to be. It's a fantasy! 

As long as your fantasies involve consenting adults and don't involve hurting anyone, you're good to go. Let your imagination run wild!

Writing this article is making me super horny. I've had to stop and touch myself so many times!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my four most common fantasies!

I look forward to hearing from you all about how you're doing and what your most common fantasies are!

Even just a note to say hello would be amazing!

Love Annie

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  1. Hi Annie. Glad you are doing fine, as well as I :). I take some time still reading Perb but do not participate in play at this time. Me, being a male.... your fantasy #3 is my Exact same scenario . I've always wanted to experience a " glory hole " similarity. A duo would be ideal. 1 massage while the other under the table. Or. a duo.

  2. Good your fantasies


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