Saturday, April 25, 2020

Photos That Make Me Feel Sexy

I haven't had a photo shoot in awhile!

I thought about doing an amateur selfie shoot for my blog and will probably still do it!

But I haven't gotten off my lazy ass to do it.


Today, I thought I'd share amateur and professional photos of me taken over the past two years.

These are the photos of me that make me feel sexy!

I hope you enjoy them. xoxo

This was the first photo
I ever used in an ad.

I love this photo because my ass
wants to be spanked in it! LOL

When I was giving massages in the strip club,
I would take selfies in the bathroom
and post them on social media to let
my customers know I was at work.

This photo makes me feel powerful and sexy.
I also loved my red hair.
This photo makes me feel sexy because
my fake eyelashes look SO DAMN GOOD!
I wore a mask in my first pro shoot with Jonny Ray
because at the time I wasn't showing my face in ads.
In future photos, I blurred my face and tattoos.
This photo makes me feel sexy
because (obviously) RED STILETTOS!
I love this photo because of the unique angle
and my perky little nipples pointing at the sky.

This photos makes me feel sexy because
it looks like I'm waiting to get the fuck of my life.

For some reason, I really like this pose for photos.
Ass in the air. It's a very "stripper" derived pose.
Don't you think?
I love the smoldering look in my eyes in this photo.
I hated blurring my face when I originally
posted this photo on my website and ads!

This is a VERY naughty photo!
My partners and I decided against using it in
ads for because my pussy lips are showing. 
But isn't it sexy?
This is another photo that
I feel powerful sexy in!
This photo makes me feel sexy
because it shows my personality.
My regulars know I am always smiling. xo
A strong, sexy woman always
asserts her boundaries!
Don't fuck with me, boys!
So, maybe this photo isn't the SEXIEST photo ever
and my body isn't perfect, BUTT I love my butt. LOL
There's that stripper pose I love so much again! ;)
I feel sexy in this photo because of the
contrast between complete nudity and
a sequin Santa hat. So HOT!
Doesn't this look like an invitation?
Another invitation. I love this white
lace bra and panties set!
Hey Sexy... Can I tempt you into a massage?
This photo is sexy because I look so innocent.
Are you fooled? XOXO

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  1. You are super sexy. Not fooled by the innocent look.

  2. Oh, Annie, you are so beautiful. Please never hide your beauty again, darling.

  3. You are the most beautifully sexy woman I have ever seen. Your booty is devine perfection.


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