Sunday, June 14, 2020

Blessed to be Sexed!

How important is sex to you?

If you suddenly couldn't have sex (and I know this has happened to many of us), how would (did) it affect your life?

Health, relationship, financial, social-emotional and other barriers prevent many of us from getting our sexual needs met.

And then there's intimacy... separate from but irrevocably intertwined with sex.

Can we live without both? Does the impossibility of sex negate the possibility of intimacy?

How does the lack of sex and intimacy affect us emotionally and physically?

Do you believe that sexual experiences and intimacy are basic human needs?

In my work (as a stripper, strip club massage goddess, and sensual massage provider - over 20 years in the biz), I've learned a lot about sexual desire and intimacy.

I've learned that people lack sex and intimacy in their lives for different reasons.

Some reasons include:

  • Social Awkwardness
  • Health Conditions
  • Disability
  • Shyness
  • Sexless Marriage
  • Distrust of Others
  • Working Too Much
  • Lack of Libido
  • Shame
  • Depression
And the list goes on.

This is the reason I oppose laws that vilify clients! 

Clients are human beings who are, for the most part, seeking intimacy!

I know that is not always the reason. Sometimes it's to fulfill a fantasy, satisfy a kink, mix things up, increase excitement, etc.

But intimacy is a big part of it. 

Clients are not only men. They are all genders. I am a client! I'm certainly not a predator.

Most clients are good people seeking a professional, satisfying experience. 

Many are in emotional pain, and the touch from a provider can ease that pain.

When couples hire a sex worker - they are increasing the intimacy and trust in their own relationship. 

There's a myth in our society that women like to cuddle after sex but men don't. 

This is absolutely untrue!

Certainly, not every woman and not every man likes cuddling post-coitus.

But THE MAJORITY of my clients like to cuddle after their happy ending. 

Many don't even really care about the happy ending. They are visiting me for INTIMACY.

What do you like the best about my service?

Is it the naked hug?

(It's my favourite part.)

If you hug me back, and we get that rush that comes from naked hug endorphins... ahhhhh, it's fucking amazing.

Don't we, as human beings, need that feeling to survive?

I remember when I didn't have it in my life. I was literally starving for affection. 

I cried the first several times I had really good sex after that stark, loveless part of my life. I hid my tears because I was too distrusting to be truly vulnerable yet.

In the darkness of the strip clubs, under the influence of alcohol and my touch; I've had customers literally break down from the weight of the world and the lack of touch in their lives.

No one should have to live without love, touch, and mainly... INTIMACY.

Sex is a wonderful way to attain intimacy.

But it is not the only way.

I love doing massages because our entire session is devoted to worshipping each other's bodies. 

There is no pressure of sex. There is only reciprocal pleasure.

Some clients are too shy or uncomfortable to touch me, but they still love the naked hug. 

Who wouldn't?

Skin-to-skin touch IS a basic human need! Babies would die without it. 

Just because we are adults does not mean we no longer need to be touched.

The blessings from intimacy are not just for my clients.

I am blessed to be sexed!

Doing this work has given me so much (and I'm not just talking about orgasms). 

The heartfelt thanks and beautiful messages I receive from clients fill me up.

Photoshopped Gift From
Subscriber After Reading
My "Best Asset" Post

They make me feel like I'm doing something really beautiful and important with my life. 

I am an intimacy replacement specialist for some of you. For others, I am simply someone to bring some excitement and naughtiness to your life!

And each of you brings something to my life too. Naked hugs being NUMBER ONE!

Message From First Time Client!

You bring me so much more though. Each relationship I have with my regulars is unique and treasured.

Thank you for blessing my life, Sexy People!

Remember me next time you touch yourself! XOXO

Love Annie

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  1. For me personally it's about the touch and intimacy not sex. I've often paid a SW for a few hours and we just cuddled after mutual oral. No penetration sex. To ne that's often better than sex. Just feeling you in my arms would be euphoric.


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