Saturday, July 25, 2020

My First Times

First photo I used in an ad on LL

I was feeling extra naughty this week after looking through old photos.

I posted a few in last week's blog post.

But I viewed a lot more.

Photos from my youth taunted me with memories of firsts.

The first time I fell in love.

The first time I had sex.

The first time I stripped.

The first time I gave a naked hug for money.

These are personal stories. I hope you enjoy them.

First Photo Shoot as a Stripper

The First Time I Fell In Love

I had boyfriends in highschool that I was crazy for. I truly thought I was in love with them at the time.

But looking back now, I know that my first love happened when I was 19. 

He was a beautiful, tanned, sexy young man with tattoos and no shirt on.

I lived in Kelowna at the time. Summer fashion is threadbare there.

He was a marijuana dealer when I met him. 

We lived together. I visited him in jail. He was a badass and he broke my heart.

We were young and dumb...

We have reconnected at brief times over the years. He no longer does crime to make a living.

I remember when he asked me how I could be a feminist and a stripper. He had seen an article in a newspaper about my activism efforts.

I tried to make him understand that I was a feminist

But now, almost 20 years later, I don't even call myself a feminist. I try not to label myself as anything, to be honest.

I don't think labels are good.

But they are useful for writing.

I haven't talked to my first love in years. I think he deleted me off Facebook.

But I still wonder how he's doing.

He is still special because he was my first love. 

First Time Hosting the Event
Exotic Dancers for Cancer

at The Drake

The First Time I Had Sex

I was only fifteen and my boyfriend was the same age.

The song by Tiffany

The real reason I lost my virginity that night was because my younger friend

How dare she?!

I was jealous.

I laugh at myself looking back, but such is life.

We are taught that our first sexual experience is meant to be with someone really special and we should definitely be turned on as fuck!

But for most women and maybe men too...? 

...the first time we have sex it is mediocre at best.

I dated that boy. I wrote him love letters. I thought I would die when he abused my feelings. I learned so much from him.

Particularly, I learned not to let my guard down. It took the next 15 odd years to bring those walls back down!

Can you imagine?!

All because of a boy who was thinking with his dick. LOL

First explicit photo shoot

The First Time I Stripped

I was desperate.

I had moved from my home town to Vancouver.

I had a shitty job making minimum wage in the rainy winter on Granville Street selling leather jackets.

I applied everywhere but that was all I could get.

I wasn't making enough to get by. I cried as I got ready for shifts.

I hated my job.

My best friend came to town in December. 

She was a stripper and had been for a few years. We'd gone to high school together.

That woman saw me through some of the hardest times of my life. And now we haven't talked in years.

While she was in town, I did "ecstasy" for the first time and we went to a rave.

I told her about my job.

She said, "You know, you could just work Sundays as a stripper and it would give you an extra $400 plus per month."

She wrote down the names and phone numbers of the three agencies that booked the Lower Mainland.

I never thought I'd actually do it, but about a month later, in January, I called the first number.

The man who answered booked an interview with me and I started working that night at the Marble Arch as a VIP dancer.

My first time getting naked was in the private show booth at the Marble Arch. 

Back then, the private show booths weren't even private!

It was an easy chair sitting in front of a small raised stage with a pole.

Another girl took pity on me and helped me get a few dances.

I had some drinks bought for me by horny men and it helped me hustle.

I made more that night in three hours than I made in two weeks at my shitty job.

The rest is herstory.

First Duo photo shoot.

The First Time I Gave A Naked Hug For Money

In some ways I wonder if it was inevitable.

After all the advocacy and project coordination I'd done for sex worker rights, health, and safety - was it inevitable that I would give naked hugs for money?

I didn't know that it was. I didn't know that one day I would.

But the day came when I wanted to.

Luckily for me, I had a partner who supported me.

The first thing I did was reach out to male friends who I knew would be interested.

It felt safer to start with people I knew. I could learn with them. They wouldn't begrudge my amateur technique.

They were men I'd met in strip clubs and become friends with.

I reached out to them and they were interested. 

I sent the messages out on a Friday and I immediately booked two massages for the weekend.

One of those men told me recently that my technique from massage number one to massage number two had improved dramatically.

What can I say, I'm a fast learner.

I admit... I was intoxicated the first time I stripped and the first time I gave a naked hug for money!

I'm not proud of that.

I have done both quite a bit better sober.

I drank because I was scared I wouldn't be good at it!

Thankfully both stripping and now sensual massage were a great fit for me. I am the happiest I've ever been.


And there you have it. Several of my "first time" sexual experiences!

I'd love to hear yours!

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