Saturday, July 4, 2020

What Every Client Should Know

If I could ask every client to read certain articles on my website in particular, these are the articles I'd want you to read. 

I bet you haven't read them all!

Below I've linked several articles with a short synopsis of each. 

I've attached a sexy photo for every article.

(You'll also get to see some recent selfie photos of me from Canada Day.) 

How To Be A Great Client

Learn the basics! In this article I share ten tips on what makes a great client for me. I dare say all sex workers prefer clients who do these ten things.

Your First Time With A Sex Worker?

Lots of people put off hiring a sex worker because they don't know what to expect. In this article I share what to expect with me and how I feel about my clients. 

Dealing With Shame

Our society likes to shame people for enjoying sexual pleasure, especially with sex workers! In this article I break shame down from my perspective and share a little I learned from university too.

What About Married Men?

You probably know how your wife feels, but how do you think I feel? In this article I share my perspective on seeing married clients. 

Five Reasons to Become a Regular

Do you like to find a provider who is amazing and stick with them, or do you prefer to spread out the love and see different providers most of the time? In this article I share five reasons it's beneficial to become a regular of mine. 

Cock Talk

In case you haven't noticed, I love cocks. In this article I share everything I know about cocks and also a little I didn't know before writing it. 

How to Touch It But Don't Crush It

I realize that all women probably feel differently about how their pussies are touched. In this article I share how I like mine to be touched and why. xxx

How to Sexually Arouse and Satisfy A Woman

Like the above article, this one is biased because I'm telling you basically how to sexually arouse ME! I can only speak from experience, right? However, I have no doubt you can modify these suggestions to your partners in life as well. ;)

To me, there is a big difference between a client and a predator. I do not think of them as the same thing at all! In this article I describe what behaviours I consider predatory and the reasons sex workers screen clients before seeing them.

Talk Dirty To Me Survey Results

I like to send out surveys every once in awhile. This survey was my favourite so far because it really helped me to understand what my clients are looking for when they come to see me. I thought you'd enjoy checking it out to see if you agree with the results!

The Hallelujah Annie Experience

A horny little story or the real thing? In this article, I share one client's experience (name changed to protect the innocent). I hope every client who sees me walks out feeling like Gavin does in this story. 

Funny, Sexy Memes to Cheer You Up!
Since we are still experiencing the covid 1984 pandemic, I thought I'd share some funny, sexy memes I created in March 2020. Only click on this article if you have a sense of humour! XOXO


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