Friday, August 28, 2020

Naked Hugs Are The Best

Can you feel it?

When my naked body is pressed against yours...

When I embrace you, skin-to-skin...

Can you feel that feeling?

It's like gentle ocean waves of pleasure spreading over us.

I love that feeling.

If you have good energy, and I have good energy...

It is possible... we may even experience a connection.

It is amazing when that happens (and very arousing)!

I don't experience a connection with all my clients, but when I do...

I can't wait to see them again.


Are you one of the clients I have a connection with?

If so, you are very special to me.

The biggest perk of my job is giving a naked hug to someone I feel a connection with. 

I can hardly believe there was a time in my life when I was hardly ever touched!

Me! A super horny, loving, orgasmic woman! I was in a relationship with a man who didn't hug or touch me unless he wanted to fuck me.

And even sex was rare because we were so DISCONNECTED!

There was no intimacy between us.

After awhile, I wasn't even attracted to him anymore, even though we had had great sex for years.

Great sex was really all we had until we didn't have it any more.

There's something more to physical touch than having an orgasm.

Human beings need to be touched. Orgasm is not enough.

If it was, we would just masturbate our whole lives and never seek out physical contact with others.

Have you ever heard of "touch starvation"?

This article states:

"Humans are wired to be touched. From birth until the day we die, our need for physical contact remains.

Being touch starved — also known as skin hunger or touch deprivation — occurs when a person experiences little to no touch from other living things."

It goes on to say:

"...scientists have found that a nerve ending, called C-tactile afferents, exists to recognize any form of gentle touch.

In fact, according to a 2017 study, the ideal touching speed is between 3 and 5 centimeters per second.

This releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.”"

Fascinating, right? 

(I recommend reading the article!)

Do I release the "love hormone" for you?

Some of you definitely do it for me!

SOME OF YOU, I can't wait to see you again.

I start thinking about our next session before our current session is even over.

I think how amazing you are making me feel and how I hope you come back soon to make me feel this way again. xoxo

I can only hope that I make you feel the same way!

Some of the things I do during a massage session because it feels so good:

Hugs! And more hugs! Before we're even naked, I'm looking for a hug. 

Once your clothes are off, I want to give you a skin-to-skin caress; a little tease before I apply the massage oil. 

I love the feeling of my nipples over your skin. I have very sensitive nipples that love gentle touch!

I want you to feel like you've had a real massage when you walk out; not just a happy ending...

So, I massage you with my hands and my body.

When you turn over for your front massage, I want you to feel my arms around you.

Naked hugs are the best!

I love your sounds of pleasure and I enjoy watching our fun in the mirrors.

Your gentle touch arouses me.

Your arousal arouses me.

Our exchanges of gentle teasing and touching turn me on.

Your willingness to submit to my desires makes me desire you.

If you are clean, gentle, and kind...

Our session can be amazing.

Later, when I am alone touching myself, I will think about you.

I will fantasize about your hands... mouth... cock...

I wake up in the mornings hoping to hear from you.

I remember my hands on you and wonder what your cock is doing right now.

Yes, I am a naughty Massage Goddess.

I found one of my half show
costumes from my dancing days.

Writing this article is making me so horny!

I must go now. My vibrator is calling!

It will have to suffice until my next NAKED HUG.

Love Annie xoxo

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Do You Like My...



I've been SO HORNY this past week!

MORE HORNY than usual!

A first time client told me he's into gang bang porn and I've never really watched it even though I have a gang bang fantasy.

So, I went down that rabbit hole and you can probably imagine how many orgasms that led to. 

Just sitting around in lingerie! LOL

I had no idea there were so many KINDS of gang bang porn.

Cultural, kinky, gender diverse, etc.

I've seen a lot of cocks this week at work AND online!

Yes, I do love cocks.

So, it has been a great week.

Follow my lead. xoxo

Any client who saw me in the past week found themselves with a very horny, naked Massage Goddess!

And the horniness does not seem to be subsiding...

I believe it's possible that my increased libido is caused by a new health kick I'm on.

I've drastically reduced and almost eliminated refined sugar from my diet. 

I'm taking supplements to detoxify my body and probiotics to improve my microbiota.

Can I entice you to get a massage?

I'm exercising 5 days a week. WOOT! It feels AMAZING!

I'm praying about and meditating on and affirming all good things and banishing my negative thinking patterns.


Laughing boosts immunity!

What makes you feel wonderful?

When you open my blog post Monday morning or later in the week, does that make you feel wonderful?

Do you feel my love reaching out to you from my keyboard to your heart (and cock)?


Do you need a naked hug?

I recently hired a web developer for a side business I'm involved with and he can't wait to update my Hallelujah Annie website.

But that is project for another day. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I offer online here and in person at my studio. 

Do you like my panties?

I've talked in past blog posts about The Naked Truth. It is a labour of love for me. 

I am monetizing (with two colleagues) a website that will support both sex workers and clients through (initially) providing an ethical advertising platform for adult entertainers.

The Naked Truth has faced many obstacles on this path but nothing will stop destiny.

Right now it feels like my constant arousal will not be stopped.

I guess that's what happens when an already horny person gets healthy...


If you're one of my favourite regulars and you're horny too, I HOPE YOU BOOK WITH ME SOON!

This coming week is almost completely booked already, but I will do my best to fit you in, if I can.

Love Annie xoxo

PS. Carmen and I still have a spot available this coming Friday August 28 at 2 pm if anyone is interested. $400 for a duo massage. 


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Saturday, August 15, 2020

"Pure Unadulterated Curiosity" Survey Results!

The responses to this survey were very eye-opening!

I was alternately surprised, aroused, flattered, and enlightened.

Thank you, sincerely, to all who participated in this survey.

And now for the results...


How old were you the first time you saw a sex worker?

Out of 52 respondents, 8 of you had your first experience with a sex worker when you were 20 years old or younger!

I was very surprised about that!

The majority (eighteen) of you were between 21 and 30 years old.

That means that fully half of you saw your first sex worker by the age of 30!

The next biggest group was another eighteen of you between the ages of 31 and 50.

That leaves 8 of you who waited till you were in your 50's and 60's to experience seeing a provider.

How was that experience?

I found it fascinating that 67% of you said your first experience was "pretty good" or better!

Those who chose "other" were saying that their experience was "okay" or "so so." I obviously missed a category!

Can you describe to me why you picked the above answer?

Some of you who had a less than ideal first experiences listed these reason why...

  • mechanical
  • service transaction
  • no connection
  • different than pics
  • intimacy was lacking
  • "I was nervous."

Here are some of your other responses...

"I was not sure what to expect, it was a tantric massage, it was a combination of excitement, mystery of a tantric massage, second thoughts (social stigma am I a bad person) and that all quickly disappeared. It was a beautiful experience for what I thought was both of us because I learned how to massage and please her. But I think pleasing someone is what makes the experience worth having."

I agree!

"It was quite a thrill, but that was significantly offset by the guilt associated with cheating and the nervousness of getting caught."

Aww, I'm sorry you felt that way!

"Just wasn't what I was expecting, couldn't relax."

This is one reason why I post what to expect on my website... so new clients aren't disappointed!

"Enjoyable experience with a lady who enjoyed pleasing and liked to be pleased. She was my regular for a number of years and then she moved when her children graduated high school."

Ah, yes. Life goes on! I hope not to retire until I'm well into my sixties at least! LOL

"It was a simple massage with hj. The massage was kinda meh and the hj average. She was also reluctant to go top or bottomless. I was mostly there to dip my toe into that world though and so it was mission accomplished. I later graduated to better providers, FS providers, and I also entered into the contract better educated and prepared later on. Gotta start somewhere."

Yes, you do have to start somewhere and learn along the way. xoxo

"I didn't really know what I wanted in a sex worker. Where I worked, I drove by them every week. I worked weekends. When I moved, I went to the local strip club and the SW were across the street. Very beautiful. Very sexy. I had enough of looking so I let one seduce me. Random. I became more selective after that."

Ooh, sounds like an exciting first experience!

"When I was done I just wanted to tell everyone how great it was."

Aw, I hope this is how I make my clients feel!

"I didn't really know what to expect but I enjoyed it. Nice having someone else hold my cock. lol"

The feeling of someone else's hands is so arousing! I agree!

What did you learn from that experience?

I really loved reading the responses to this question so I decided to share quite a few with you...

"Sex trade is a business that doesn’t guarantee pleasure."

This is very true. However, I do believe there is a provider out there for everyone. Clients who love my services are looking for what I offer. Clients who want more than I offer are looking for a different kind of provider.

If you have a fetish or you want to be dominated, go to the fetish section of the advertisements.

If you want full service, there is a section for that too. ;)

"We need intimacy."

Amen to that. xoxo

"Life is too short to be vanilla."

I love this response because I wholeheartedly agree. We have one life to live and only this moment in time to live it.

"Find somebody you can get to know and have a decent customer relationship. One night stands no good."

I feel the same way. Regular clients are my favourite, especially if we have a connection right away. Certain clients I really miss when I haven't seen them for awhile.

Our sessions have become more and more exciting over time as we trust and care about each other more.

"Be more specific of expectations up front and ask questions if necessary."

Another great lesson learned! I feel bad when a new client hasn't read my website and arrives expecting things I do not offer.

But I still expect new clients to respect my boundaries even if they haven't done their homework.

"Try new things."

This is like life being short.

But it's also about being kinky!

"Not to be afraid."

I've heard somewhere that the opposite of fear is love.

I believe that intimacy is the act of being loving to another person.

I have so much love to give!

"That I would try it again and that I didn't feel guilty about the experience."

Good for you! Guilt and shame are very destructive emotions.

"That I can ever be without sex!"

I love sex too but what I love the most are the naked hugs, the teasing and touching that come before the climaxes, and the pleasure of being lost in the moment with another human being.

"I learned about the proper oral technique on a woman, better pleasure methods, how to be more open as well."

What a wonderful woman!

"It was a beautiful calm but intense experience, but what I really learned for myself was realization of mutual respectful pleasing and that she became a friend I cared for and respected outside of the beautiful experience."

This response fills me up with happiness. I feel ths way about my regulars.

"That if I was going to continue I had to figure out a way to be more calm."

I hope you found the calmness you were seeking!

"How good a massage is from a professional."

I try to give a great massage but also include intimacy and sensuality as well. I want my clients walking out of our sessions feeling like a million bucks.

"That this is a nice venture and that the ladies I see are angels -- people with nice souls."

Aww, that is so sweet. Sex workers are people too. And many of us are more compassionate than your average person. xoxo

"To always go in freshly showered, do your homework as to what they provide if there are restrictions."

Thank you!!!

"It was a way to relieve years of pent up frustration."

We need human touch and connection for our mental well being. *hugs*

"That I really enjoy closeness with beautiful women."

It's one of the perks, for sure! Beauty is everywhere in this industry.

"I love being touched and not judged."

Yes. We all do. That is perfectly worded.

"How beautiful sex could be."

That's truly a gift. Amazing.

"That I am very sexual and tactile. Also learned that there is no shame in paying for what you need sexually/physically/emotionally."

You are so right.  That's why we have professionals.

"That it wasn't dirty or perverted. It was fun, clean, sensual and left me feeling great. I was respectful. She was kind and sexy and very talented."

This is how it should be.

"What fun a cock in the "Right Hands" could be when hard and with an open minded woman!"

Naughty fun is the best!

"That I needed a little more than just a hand job (and I don't mean fs)."

I believe you are talking about the connection and intimacy that we, as humans, need in order to feel secure and happy in our lives.

"I can't just pick a worker at random. I've been to brothels, massage parlours, and online escorts/erotic massage. Massages are more intimate than full service. Beauty is great but the personality has to match too. Skill differs from one to another. The first two qualities are easy to find. All are beautiful, all are charming, and many have a personality that matches my ideal. The last, skill is very difficult to find. You are the best that I have ever been with. There are only two others that came close. When I have one, stick with her."

Thank you for your kind words! XOXO

Approximately how long did you wait before you saw a sex worker again (same provider or different)?

One person waited only one day! It must have been amazing the first time!

Three of you waited a week; and three of you waited two weeks. 

Twenty of you waited 1-3 months.

Six of you between 4 and 6 months.

Five waited a year-ish, while four of you waited two years or longer.

And TWO of you waited over FIFTEEN YEARS!

I don't know why this fascinates me, but it does.

Clearly the majority of you found it worthwhile enough to give it another shot within 3 months of your first experience. WOOT!

Did you find the right provider for you (then or eventually)? 



FOR MY REGULARS: If you could  offer me one piece of financial advice, what would it be?

Some of you offered me business advice which is different than financial advice, but I realize the question could be misinterpreted.

 "Offer full service to people you know."

 "Work to give me the best experience ever and I will return."

 "Offer some kind (within your boundaries) bonus service."

I definitely try to offer the best experience I can within my boundaries.

But I haven't really figured out a bonus service that I am willing to offer beyond what I am already doing.

And here is a taste of the financial advice many of you offered.

Thank you so much!

"Pay yourself first. Nothing lasts forever."

"Realestate, I would recommend you buying your own, besides income from customers, the property will appreciate faster than any stock and at some point you no longer provide service you could rent out unit for second income to pay mortgage."

"Make sure you file taxes and claim all deductions available to you. Try to maximize your RRSP deduction and /or your TFSA allotment. Be careful when investing in bank mutual funds. Their costs are higher than those funds available through an investment broker. Lastly, investing with a local broker, one with a best company in BC/Canada (eg. Odlum Brown) will almost always outperform a bank investment advisor. If you are trying to invest only online look to the long term not day to day. You will never beat the computer driven investors. Good luck!"

"Make a budget. Trim it down as much as you can. Don't buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Save the money. Buy a house. The 20 years of sacrifice scrimping will be worth it."

"Keep that debt to a minimum, and no matter what - save for retirement NOW. It might seem like a long way off but it comes faster than you think."

"Learn the basics of the stock market, even if you choose to have a financial advisor represent you, don’t be blind to what they are doing with your money. Financial advisors are not all cut from the same cloth and may not have your best interests at heart."

"Make a rule to put 10-20% of every date away in a tax free savings account or some other safe savings account for your future."

FOR MY REGULARS: What is your favourite part of enjoying a massage with me? Please rank in order of most enjoyment being the first and least enjoyment being the last.

I am so happy that for many of you, my body massage is enjoyed the most! 
Naked hugs and touching my body are the two next most popular aspects of a session with me. (Those are two of my favourites too.)
Chatting and intimacy are next. Yay! I truly have amazing clients.
Watching our session in the mirrors is slightly ahead of the weight of my body on yours, my nails trailing over your body, and the happy ending.
Not everyone likes to cuddle after the happy ending! But you're getting a hug anyway. ;) 

Other comments included:

  • Your sensuality.
  • Your personality.
  • The wonderful greeting at the door.
  • You give a great massage.
  • Your enjoyment of and interaction during massage. ;)
  • Just being open, honest and trusting.
  • Sexy, genuine and happy. Nice, clean and intimate room.
  • Those rankings are actually so close that the numbers don't tell the story. Love it all!
  • Hard to rank. All are 10/10.
  • The feeling of your BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! (X-rated compliments... thank you!)
  • Giving you a massage, pleasing you... Intimacy comes from enjoying each other, not just me enjoying you.
  • I enjoy being able to open up to you about my sex life. I guess that's part of "chatting."
  • I kind of walked around in a blissful state all day :-) I guess in my work world I am the dominant one dictating what gets done when, this was a total role reversal and I loved it.
  • The feeling of being with a friend, you listen and you share.
  • I just loved the whole experience with you Annie.

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback!

I feel the same way about you!


FOR MY REGULARS: Do you touch yourself and think about me between our bookings? (I'm only asking this because it turns me on to imagine LOL!)

"Every once in a while. I then usually visit your web site."

"Never seen you yet but do fantasize about you."

"Not a regular but have touched myself often thinking about a session with you."

"Every Monday when I receive your weekly email update. Okay sometimes when it read your twitter posts. Any time I come across something that makes me think of you and our time spent together. Until the next time..."

"I've only seen you once but I picture you all the time now."

And my favourite comment of all...

"Doing that right now. Hard to type with one hand." 

I laughed out loud. Thank you. xoxo


That concludes the survey results. 

If you are interested in a duo massage with me and Carmen, we have a spot available on Friday August 28 at 2pm.

First come, first serve! 


I hope you all have a great week!

Love Annie

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Vacation Surprise!

August 2020

Imagine this...

I'm in a hotel elevator in Whistler with my boyfriend when who gets into the same elevator..?

...A super sexy client of mine!

I suspected he was there for business staying in the same hotel.

My boyfriend and I were there for relaxation but we also had a date set up that night with a sex worker for a threesome.

This particular client REALLY turns me on during our sessions, so needless to say, I was aroused immediately.

We made eye contact in that elevator, but neither of us said a word. That's how this business goes. All discretion and horniness. ;)

My client was still in the elevator when we stepped off, so I didn't know which floor he was staying on.

I thought, if only I knew, maybe I could rendezvous with him later...

August 2020

I was so turned on by the thought that I took my boyfriend back to our hotel room and had amazing sex with him, all the while fantasizing about my client who was somewhere in the same hotel.

My boyfriend thought I was excited about the upcoming evening we had planned with the provider we'd contacted in advance.

I told him that, actually, I'd seen one of my clients that I find super sexy in our hotel.

(My boyfriend is not the jealous type. I can tell him these kinds of things.)

Understanding the situation perfectly, my boyfriend offered for me to spend the evening with my client rather than the date we planned.

He would go see the sex worker by himself.

I sensed that he and I both preferred this new idea, but I didn't know how I would track my client down or even if he'd WANT to get naughty with me!

We decided to see what happens that day. If it worked out that I saw my client and he was equally interested, then great.

If not, I would still get to have a fun threesome with my boyfriend and a sexy sex worker.

As though it was divinely orchestrated, I ran into my client in the lobby later that day.

My boyfriend had gone up ahead of me while I smoked a joint.

I entered the hotel, slightly buzzed, and standing there was this sexy man that I had seen naked and pressed my body against a number of times.

My client.

(Let's call him Adam.)

August 2020

He smiled at me and opened his arms for a hug. He had a question on his face like, "is this okay?"

I hugged him hard and told him how happy I was to see him.

It turned out he was on a business trip like I thought. A business party trip, he admitted.

There was a work function later in the evening.

This was my chance.

I quickly told him that my boyfriend was going out this evening around 6pm and was he free to hang out?

He said he would love that and it made my pussy hot hearing his words.

Back at the hotel room, I told my boyfriend that I had arranged the get-together with my client.

My boyfriend was happy for me. He said he was kind of hoping to go see the sex worker alone anyway.

We laughed and kissed. Then we both got ready for our dates.

After showering, shaving, and making myself as pretty as possible, I said goodbye to my boyfriend and went to Adam's hotel room.

He was looking sexy as ever. He, too, was all clean and smelling good.

I leaned into him and we stayed that way, clinging to each other, for several moments letting our arousal roll over us.

My nipples were hard already, visible through my shirt.

Adam casually and gently ran his thumbs over them. It was so erotic!

We took our time, as I like to do. He poured me a drink and we reclined on the bed in his room.

I broke my kissing rule and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He was a great kisser.

We undressed each other slowly. Taking time to worship and caress each other as we became more and more naked.

Finally, we were naked and I broke another rule getting a taste of Adam's cock.

We played like that for awhile, licking and kissing and sucking each other gently in every way.

His cock was not unfamiliar. I had had the pleasure of enjoying his whole body more than once.

But this was different because we both knew that we were going to fuck!

Adam is a very passionate man. I soon found myself lost in the bliss of his tongue and his hands.

I came on his face so hard and he loved it. He wanted me to come again and again.

Three orgasms later, I needed his cock inside me.

I was practically begging by the time he penetrated me!

Adam is such a tease!

Adam slid his cock into my pussy slowly and sweetly.

He was so attentive. I felt like he was worshiping my body; both of us lost in the sensations of his throbbing cock and my pulsating pussy.

At first we fucked slowly, kissing and staring into each other's eyes.

As our mutual arousal increased, so did our rhythm, until Adam's hips rocking against mine brought me to orgasm again!

"Can you turn over?" Adam asked.

"Yes, but please be gentle," I replied.

I arched my back, ass in the air, and accepted his throbbing cock.

He was absolutely gentle, pushing his cock in and out slowly.

He squeezed my ass cheeks and gripped my hips, fucking me very slowly and tenderly from behind.

I could feel his excitement growing. He was so sexy!

When Adam came a thrill went through my entire body. Our chemistry was amazing, as it always is when I see him.

Afterwards, we chilled out for awhile. Sipped our drinks. Chatted about our lives.

I was filled with gratitude to have Adam in my life.

I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing family and an amazing business with happiness and peace at the forefront of both.

Being with Adam reminded me how grateful I am for my wonderful regulars and my kinky boyfriend too.

What a night to remember!


I hope you enjoyed my naughty story, which was in fact entirely fantasy!

Stories are fiction, folks... designed to arouse you and tempt you into booking a massage!

July 2020

Two last things I want to say:

1. I want to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by last week's blog post. I referred to clients in their 70's and up as "dirty old men."

I received feedback that my comment was not appreciated.

I assured the gentleman in question that my words were honestly meant as a teasing endearment.

I love dirty old men!

(As long as they are clean, kind, respectful, and gentle.)

I apologize if anyone else was offended by my poor taste in humour. Please forgive me!

2. Just a gentle reminder to cut your nails before bookings and to always be gentle!

I know it's easy to get caught up in the moment, but certain parts of a woman's body are very delicate and fingernails can cause little tears.

I hope you have an amazing week!

Love Annie

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

New Photos! New Hair!

How are you enjoying the heat?


I am a sun worshipper.

I still need an air conditioner in my workspace, of course.

I have three dresses that are comfortable to wear braless and they are my summer wardrobe.

Bras and hot days DO NOT go together!

Today is exciting because I am posting new, recent photos of me with new hair.

Currently I am 100 lbs, 5 feet tall, tanned, tattooed, and fit. See for yourself below! XO

Please let me know if you my photos make YOU feel hot!

I've got naughty thoughts! ;)

Thank you to all who have responded to my survey!

The answers so far are fascinating and intriguing. I can't wait to compile it all and share it with you.

There have been 41 respondents so far.

I will give it another week or so to see if anyone else wants participate in the survey.

I was shocked to learn that some of you saw your first sex worker at the age of 17?!

I'm pretty sure that's illegal and I'm going to start asking for ID's!


My preference is for clients who are respectful and kind.

There are young men who fit that description.

But in my experience, most men start to mature in their 30's and their manliness kinda fills out in their 40's.

My clients in their 30's might have an older woman thing, or MILF fetish. Or maybe they just think I'm hot! ;)

Guys in their 40's listened to the same music I did growing up. They saw the same movies I saw.

They are likely to have kids and been through a marriage or two. We have those things in common.

By the 50's and up, my clients are still naughty and sexy. But you are also wise and "knowledgeable."

By the time you're in your seventies, you've reached the "dirty old man" stage!

Don't worry... I'm a fan!

(You know who you are, you naughty seniors.)

I didn't like my face in this
photo, so I cropped the top.

In the words of Aliyah, "age ain't nothing but a number."

I don't actually have an age preference.

My favourite clients are respectful, kind, clean, and gentle.

You make me feel safe and relaxed.

Our time together is much sweeter if we both feel safe and relaxed.

Blowing you a kiss!

I hope you like my mini shoot of amateur selfie photos!

They were taken with a phone tripod and a remote control to click the photos.

I used natural lighting from the windows. Hopefully none of my neighbours saw me!

There was no filtering or photoshopping done to these photos (obviously).

I recently had a new client who seemed relieved that I look like my photos when he arrived at my door.

This is why I post recent photos!

And last but not least...

The world seems really crazy right now but work is keeping me sane.

I think human contact and connection is far more important than I ever realized.

"While it's important to take care of the physical body, the need for trusted social bonds is equally necessary for a vital, healthy life. Intimate relationships, be they physical, emotional, or both, are proven to be critical to your happiness and overall quality of life.

In a longitudinal study of young adults over 40 years that measured their happiness during college and again 35 years later, the happiest participants were the ones who said they valued and enjoyed their close relationships.[ix] It wasn't critical to keep the same partners to benefit; those who placed a high value on developing close bonds were the happiest across time. In terms of intimacy versus isolation, intimacy is the remedy when isolation creates disease of the spirit."

We are not supposed to be isolated from each other. Our skin is meant to be pressed against other people's skin throughout our lives.

It is a basic need.

I sincerely thank those of you who are my regulars. You make my life amazing.

I love my work because of you. xo

I hope you have a wonderful week.

I wish you all big naked hugs in your near future! xoxo

PS. Next week's blog post is a naughty story about a VERY HOT Vacation Surprise!

Love Annie

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Vaginas, Sex, and Respect With a Mature Massage Goddess

As an older woman provider, I make assumptions about my clients who come to see me. I wonder about things like... Do you see older women pro...