Monday, August 24, 2020

Do You Like My...



I've been SO HORNY this past week!

MORE HORNY than usual!

A first time client told me he's into gang bang porn and I've never really watched it even though I have a gang bang fantasy.

So, I went down that rabbit hole and you can probably imagine how many orgasms that led to. 

Just sitting around in lingerie! LOL

I had no idea there were so many KINDS of gang bang porn.

Cultural, kinky, gender diverse, etc.

I've seen a lot of cocks this week at work AND online!

Yes, I do love cocks.

So, it has been a great week.

Follow my lead. xoxo

Any client who saw me in the past week found themselves with a very horny, naked Massage Goddess!

And the horniness does not seem to be subsiding...

I believe it's possible that my increased libido is caused by a new health kick I'm on.

I've drastically reduced and almost eliminated refined sugar from my diet. 

I'm taking supplements to detoxify my body and probiotics to improve my microbiota.

Can I entice you to get a massage?

I'm exercising 5 days a week. WOOT! It feels AMAZING!

I'm praying about and meditating on and affirming all good things and banishing my negative thinking patterns.


Laughing boosts immunity!

What makes you feel wonderful?

When you open my blog post Monday morning or later in the week, does that make you feel wonderful?

Do you feel my love reaching out to you from my keyboard to your heart (and cock)?


Do you need a naked hug?

I recently hired a web developer for a side business I'm involved with and he can't wait to update my Hallelujah Annie website.

But that is project for another day. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I offer online here and in person at my studio. 

Do you like my panties?

I've talked in past blog posts about The Naked Truth. It is a labour of love for me. 

I am monetizing (with two colleagues) a website that will support both sex workers and clients through (initially) providing an ethical advertising platform for adult entertainers.

The Naked Truth has faced many obstacles on this path but nothing will stop destiny.

Right now it feels like my constant arousal will not be stopped.

I guess that's what happens when an already horny person gets healthy...


If you're one of my favourite regulars and you're horny too, I HOPE YOU BOOK WITH ME SOON!

This coming week is almost completely booked already, but I will do my best to fit you in, if I can.

Love Annie xoxo

PS. Carmen and I still have a spot available this coming Friday August 28 at 2 pm if anyone is interested. $400 for a duo massage. 


Text or Email today!

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