Sunday, August 2, 2020

New Photos! New Hair!

How are you enjoying the heat?


I am a sun worshipper.

I still need an air conditioner in my workspace, of course.

I have three dresses that are comfortable to wear braless and they are my summer wardrobe.

Bras and hot days DO NOT go together!

Today is exciting because I am posting new, recent photos of me with new hair.

Currently I am 100 lbs, 5 feet tall, tanned, tattooed, and fit. See for yourself below! XO

Please let me know if you my photos make YOU feel hot!

I've got naughty thoughts! ;)

Thank you to all who have responded to my survey!

The answers so far are fascinating and intriguing. I can't wait to compile it all and share it with you.

There have been 41 respondents so far.

I will give it another week or so to see if anyone else wants participate in the survey.

I was shocked to learn that some of you saw your first sex worker at the age of 17?!

I'm pretty sure that's illegal and I'm going to start asking for ID's!


My preference is for clients who are respectful and kind.

There are young men who fit that description.

But in my experience, most men start to mature in their 30's and their manliness kinda fills out in their 40's.

My clients in their 30's might have an older woman thing, or MILF fetish. Or maybe they just think I'm hot! ;)

Guys in their 40's listened to the same music I did growing up. They saw the same movies I saw.

They are likely to have kids and been through a marriage or two. We have those things in common.

By the 50's and up, my clients are still naughty and sexy. But you are also wise and "knowledgeable."

By the time you're in your seventies, you've reached the "dirty old man" stage!

Don't worry... I'm a fan!

(You know who you are, you naughty seniors.)

I didn't like my face in this
photo, so I cropped the top.

In the words of Aliyah, "age ain't nothing but a number."

I don't actually have an age preference.

My favourite clients are respectful, kind, clean, and gentle.

You make me feel safe and relaxed.

Our time together is much sweeter if we both feel safe and relaxed.

Blowing you a kiss!

I hope you like my mini shoot of amateur selfie photos!

They were taken with a phone tripod and a remote control to click the photos.

I used natural lighting from the windows. Hopefully none of my neighbours saw me!

There was no filtering or photoshopping done to these photos (obviously).

I recently had a new client who seemed relieved that I look like my photos when he arrived at my door.

This is why I post recent photos!

And last but not least...

The world seems really crazy right now but work is keeping me sane.

I think human contact and connection is far more important than I ever realized.

"While it's important to take care of the physical body, the need for trusted social bonds is equally necessary for a vital, healthy life. Intimate relationships, be they physical, emotional, or both, are proven to be critical to your happiness and overall quality of life.

In a longitudinal study of young adults over 40 years that measured their happiness during college and again 35 years later, the happiest participants were the ones who said they valued and enjoyed their close relationships.[ix] It wasn't critical to keep the same partners to benefit; those who placed a high value on developing close bonds were the happiest across time. In terms of intimacy versus isolation, intimacy is the remedy when isolation creates disease of the spirit."

We are not supposed to be isolated from each other. Our skin is meant to be pressed against other people's skin throughout our lives.

It is a basic need.

I sincerely thank those of you who are my regulars. You make my life amazing.

I love my work because of you. xo

I hope you have a wonderful week.

I wish you all big naked hugs in your near future! xoxo

PS. Next week's blog post is a naughty story about a VERY HOT Vacation Surprise!

Love Annie

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