Friday, August 7, 2020

Vacation Surprise!

August 2020

Imagine this...

I'm in a hotel elevator in Whistler with my boyfriend when who gets into the same elevator..?

...A super sexy client of mine!

I suspected he was there for business staying in the same hotel.

My boyfriend and I were there for relaxation but we also had a date set up that night with a sex worker for a threesome.

This particular client REALLY turns me on during our sessions, so needless to say, I was aroused immediately.

We made eye contact in that elevator, but neither of us said a word. That's how this business goes. All discretion and horniness. ;)

My client was still in the elevator when we stepped off, so I didn't know which floor he was staying on.

I thought, if only I knew, maybe I could rendezvous with him later...

August 2020

I was so turned on by the thought that I took my boyfriend back to our hotel room and had amazing sex with him, all the while fantasizing about my client who was somewhere in the same hotel.

My boyfriend thought I was excited about the upcoming evening we had planned with the provider we'd contacted in advance.

I told him that, actually, I'd seen one of my clients that I find super sexy in our hotel.

(My boyfriend is not the jealous type. I can tell him these kinds of things.)

Understanding the situation perfectly, my boyfriend offered for me to spend the evening with my client rather than the date we planned.

He would go see the sex worker by himself.

I sensed that he and I both preferred this new idea, but I didn't know how I would track my client down or even if he'd WANT to get naughty with me!

We decided to see what happens that day. If it worked out that I saw my client and he was equally interested, then great.

If not, I would still get to have a fun threesome with my boyfriend and a sexy sex worker.

As though it was divinely orchestrated, I ran into my client in the lobby later that day.

My boyfriend had gone up ahead of me while I smoked a joint.

I entered the hotel, slightly buzzed, and standing there was this sexy man that I had seen naked and pressed my body against a number of times.

My client.

(Let's call him Adam.)

August 2020

He smiled at me and opened his arms for a hug. He had a question on his face like, "is this okay?"

I hugged him hard and told him how happy I was to see him.

It turned out he was on a business trip like I thought. A business party trip, he admitted.

There was a work function later in the evening.

This was my chance.

I quickly told him that my boyfriend was going out this evening around 6pm and was he free to hang out?

He said he would love that and it made my pussy hot hearing his words.

Back at the hotel room, I told my boyfriend that I had arranged the get-together with my client.

My boyfriend was happy for me. He said he was kind of hoping to go see the sex worker alone anyway.

We laughed and kissed. Then we both got ready for our dates.

After showering, shaving, and making myself as pretty as possible, I said goodbye to my boyfriend and went to Adam's hotel room.

He was looking sexy as ever. He, too, was all clean and smelling good.

I leaned into him and we stayed that way, clinging to each other, for several moments letting our arousal roll over us.

My nipples were hard already, visible through my shirt.

Adam casually and gently ran his thumbs over them. It was so erotic!

We took our time, as I like to do. He poured me a drink and we reclined on the bed in his room.

I broke my kissing rule and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He was a great kisser.

We undressed each other slowly. Taking time to worship and caress each other as we became more and more naked.

Finally, we were naked and I broke another rule getting a taste of Adam's cock.

We played like that for awhile, licking and kissing and sucking each other gently in every way.

His cock was not unfamiliar. I had had the pleasure of enjoying his whole body more than once.

But this was different because we both knew that we were going to fuck!

Adam is a very passionate man. I soon found myself lost in the bliss of his tongue and his hands.

I came on his face so hard and he loved it. He wanted me to come again and again.

Three orgasms later, I needed his cock inside me.

I was practically begging by the time he penetrated me!

Adam is such a tease!

Adam slid his cock into my pussy slowly and sweetly.

He was so attentive. I felt like he was worshiping my body; both of us lost in the sensations of his throbbing cock and my pulsating pussy.

At first we fucked slowly, kissing and staring into each other's eyes.

As our mutual arousal increased, so did our rhythm, until Adam's hips rocking against mine brought me to orgasm again!

"Can you turn over?" Adam asked.

"Yes, but please be gentle," I replied.

I arched my back, ass in the air, and accepted his throbbing cock.

He was absolutely gentle, pushing his cock in and out slowly.

He squeezed my ass cheeks and gripped my hips, fucking me very slowly and tenderly from behind.

I could feel his excitement growing. He was so sexy!

When Adam came a thrill went through my entire body. Our chemistry was amazing, as it always is when I see him.

Afterwards, we chilled out for awhile. Sipped our drinks. Chatted about our lives.

I was filled with gratitude to have Adam in my life.

I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing family and an amazing business with happiness and peace at the forefront of both.

Being with Adam reminded me how grateful I am for my wonderful regulars and my kinky boyfriend too.

What a night to remember!


I hope you enjoyed my naughty story, which was in fact entirely fantasy!

Stories are fiction, folks... designed to arouse you and tempt you into booking a massage!

July 2020

Two last things I want to say:

1. I want to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by last week's blog post. I referred to clients in their 70's and up as "dirty old men."

I received feedback that my comment was not appreciated.

I assured the gentleman in question that my words were honestly meant as a teasing endearment.

I love dirty old men!

(As long as they are clean, kind, respectful, and gentle.)

I apologize if anyone else was offended by my poor taste in humour. Please forgive me!

2. Just a gentle reminder to cut your nails before bookings and to always be gentle!

I know it's easy to get caught up in the moment, but certain parts of a woman's body are very delicate and fingernails can cause little tears.

I hope you have an amazing week!

Love Annie

Text or Email today!

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