Saturday, September 26, 2020

Booking Short Notice and Mindless Pleasure

Life is busy. 

Sexy time can be difficult to find!

I, for one, prefer getting naughty during the day.

I am a working mom. By the end of the day, I am usually exhausted.

Some of you find it hard to book daytime appointments with me because of your work.

When I started doing sensual massages two years ago, I used to work evenings.

But over time, I realized that I give my best massages during the day.

It's hard to get my head and heart into an evening massage. 

And I love spending evenings with my family.

Dinner at the table, checking in with my children... this is a whole other bliss I enjoy in my life.

I apologize to guys who wish for evening appointments but you will just have to take a day off work! LOL

Have a happy, horny week!

There are also many of you who can only book short notice.

Because of work or family, your schedule changes fast and you can't make appointments with advance notice.

Some of you try every day and get turned down by me over and over again.

My schedule usually fills up a day to a week in advance.

However, I want to encourage you to keep trying!

You are not bothering me by trying to book on short notice.

Not at all!

In fact, I appreciate that some of you want to see me so much that you're willing to keep trying.

I am grateful that you don't give up on me.

One of these days I will fit you in on short notice.

I'll get a cancellation or I'll be able to juggle my schedule.

Some days I have no bookings at all and just hope that I'll get a couple short notice texts.

It will happen! 

Naughty Massage Goddess ;)

I usually work between 10 AM and take my last booking by 4 PM. 

If you want a 10 AM booking, it is best to contact me at least the day before.

I book two, sometimes three, bookings a day.

I take days off for family obligations or when I need to re-energize.

Some of YOU fill me up with energy every time I see you!

But sometimes clients can also drain my energy.

They are usually in crisis, and I am a sensitive person who feels their emotions deeply; even if they do not share the reasons.

I accept that, as part of my work, I am a safe zone for people who may be struggling.

An intimate, sensual massage can help to distract you and release some of that pent up emotion.

If you are in crisis and you come to me for comfort and intimacy, please understand that I cannot read your mind.

Sometimes I misinterpret another person's emotional energy.

I don't know if they are uncomfortable with the experience I am trying to give to them, or if it has nothing to do with me.

An important part of communication in any interpersonal engagement or relationship, especially with a sex worker, is to reassure the other person that "It's not you."

I've seen marriages fall apart because they give each other no reassurances.

Reassuring each other is so important!

Every person you care about needs to hear and feel reassurances from you.

We are wired to seek approval and please others. Even if we are not "people-pleasers," as a rule; it is in our human nature to give and receive.

Reassurance is a huge part of that.

I want to know if I am making my client feel wonderful or if something I'm doing tickles or is uncomfortable.

For instance, some guys don't like the tips of their cocks touched. If this is you, please tell me!

But also be aware that a part of two way communication is that I will tell you if something is making me uncomfortable.

If you are rubbing my clit too hard, I will ask you to be gentle.

If your fingernails are tearing up my precious parts... (yes this happens) ...I will tell you that you need to cut your nails and I will pull your hands away from me.

If you ask me to get into a position I'm not comfortable with, I will tell you no.

If you start playing with my butthole (which is practically my only rule about touching me), I would tell you.

I realize that sometimes they are accidental, these boundary crossings.

When you are feeling mindless with pleasure and aren't paying attention to what you're doing with your own hands, boundaries can unintentionally be crossed.

I get it. I do it too!

I am learning to stop myself from touching when I get to that point where I don't know what I'm doing anymore. LOL

Yes, you absolutely drive me wild sometimes.

Mindless pleasure is the only way to describe it. 

One more ass pic because
I know how much you love it. xo

Any boundary or situation that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will say something.

This may concern you or scare you. 

The last thing you may want when your cock is hard and you're close to coming is for someone to kill the mood with a boundary.

Please, do not let it concern you.

Be grateful for my communication with you.

If I tell you what doesn't feel good, you will know how to better please me.

You can correct yourself and we can keep going!

You will always know if I am really enjoying myself because otherwise I would tell you if I wasn't. 

I am not just vocal about what doesn't feel good. 

I am vocal about what DOES FEEL GOOD!

I love for my clients to give me feedback too.

Tell me when something doesn't feel good, but also TELL ME WHEN IT FEELS GOOD!

It helps me to give you the best experience possible if you communicate with me.

Have a wonderful week! 

I hope to see you soon. xoxo

Love Annie

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Too Hot to Handle "Oral Pleasure" Story and Photos


A gentle tongue on my clit, or any part of my pussy for that matter, is like heaven.

Recently, I paid a male performer to do an "oral sex" photo selfie shoot with me.

He agreed to it and let me just say...

We got a little carried away.

So much so, that I could only get four good photos out of the many I took while receiving oral pleasure from this fellow.

First he teased me around the thong part of my lingerie. 

The fabric became wet from his saliva and clinged to my pussy lips.

He ran his tongue under the flimsy material, teasing my outer labia, gently and searchingly, as though he was seeking entrance. 

Soon after, sans lingerie, he went to work with his gentle tongue...

...kissing my inner thighs and teasing the edges of my pussy lips...

I played with my own nipples while he teased and licked and kissed me so gently, it drove me wild.

His tongue would touch the entrance to my womanhood so lightly for a moment, then he would move on, tantalizing and teasing my precious petals.

I couldn't help but push my pussy against his face, desiring to feel his tongue in my cunt.

But his restraint was relentless.

I rocked my hips and gyrated my pelvis slowly at times and then quicker when I could feel an orgasm building.

Always, he pulled back. I was blind with ecstasy and horniness!

Gently, he ran his soft tongue along the folds of my labia and over my clit.

I couldn't think of anything except the pleasure I was experiencing!

My sexy lover continued his delicious attentions, licking around and sucking my clit very gently, so I pressed against his stubbly face compulsively.

He took care not to push a hard tongue onto my sensitive clit.

He went on like that alternating between gentle licks and sucks to literally fucking my pussy with his tongue.

My pleasure became suddenly amplified and I knew I was going to come.

I held my breath enjoying those intense 'near-climax' sensations. 

His tongue again pressed lightly against my clit and that was all it took...

I came undone.

I came hard against his face and pushed my clit on his mouth, holding onto that incredible feeling for as long as I could.

As I recovered myself, that beautiful man started gently licking the folds of my labia again, teasing the entrance again.

Then he began another exquisite assault, plunging his tongue into my pussy, setting my entire lower body on fire... like it might never go out!

He fingered me gently, rhythmically tickling my g-spot with a come hither finger in my cunt.

My nipples hardened as I moaned and encouraged him to keep doing what he was doing!

He made me come several more times. 

I stopped taking photos after the first orgasm.

I hope you like them. ;)

Love Annie

PS: Please let me know what you think of duo photos like the ones in this week's article. Sexy? Not your thing? I appreciate your feedback very much! XOXO

One more thing for my 'very' open-minded readers...


I am now offering my clients the opportunity to experience a blissful thrill of a duo massage featuring yours truly and a tall, gorgeous male provider! 

You will lose yourself in an incredible, erotic massage enjoying his large, strong hands and my tiny, naughty hands all over your body.

Prepare to experience a massage you'll never forget... from two very passionate, horny people!

$350 / hour

Contact me for more information if you're interested.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and... New Selfie Photos!

My clients are gentlemen.

You really are.

You care about my health, my comfort, my pleasure.

I appreciate you so much.

You honestly can't imagine how grateful I am for you.

Many of you know my position on masks and dick pics.

But new clients, or those I haven't seen for awhile, may be less clear.

In this article, I answer the following frequently asked questions...

  • Do you wear a mask during the massage?
  • Why don't you kiss or give blow jobs?
  • Are you covid safe?
  • Why do you require a face photo to book the first time?
  • Am I contacting you between bookings too much?
  • Can I talk about my wife?
  • If we have a connection, will you do full service?



I know this is on a lot of people's minds right now, so it is important to be clear.

I DO NOT wear a mask during sessions.

I have many reasons for this, but the biggest reasons are:

1. Being masked gives me anxiety.

2. Giving a massage requires physical exercise and people should not wear masks while exercising.

HOWEVER, if YOU would like to wear a mask, please feel free to do so!

I have no problem with you wearing a mask during our session.

In fact, you won't be the first!

I have equal love for mask wearers and non-mask wearers alike!



Kissing and blow jobs are more of a full service thing (which I do not offer).

But besides that, I'm really just not much of a kisser.

I have to be very close to and intimately involved with someone to kiss them deeply.

Blow jobs are reserved for special people too. 

I need trust and a deep connection to really enjoy giving a blowjob.

I would rather give you an authentic experience than offer services I may not enjoy.

My sessions are designed for maximum comfort and pleasure.

For that to occur, we both need to be in a great frame of mind.

There are a lot of providers who do offer kissing and blow jobs, so I encourage you to reach out to others if I do not provide the services you are looking for.


I took these photos in my hotel room while I was away.


I work only when I am healthy and well!

I wash my hands frequently and require you to wash yours before our session begins too.

My handwashing requirement for clients has been in place since I started this work. (wayyyyy before covid)

I sanitize the bathroom, bedroom, and door handles frequently.

I have likely already been exposed to covid months ago, but I do not know for sure.

The nature of the massage and the intimacy I offer prevent me from being socially distanced from you.

If you are worried about getting covid and this is something that gives you anxiety, I suggest you look for a provider who is willing to wear a mask or watch some awesome pornos!




The reason I require a face photo is for my protection and safety.

Despite offering a loving, professional service... 

I am sometimes not treated the way I deserve to be treated.

There are men with mental illness who target sex workers.

This work actually puts me at a higher risk of being murdered than most other jobs.

That's some heavy shit, right?

I require a face photo from new clients to ensure they aren't predatory clients that I've blacklisted from my services...

And also because I feel that clients who are willing to send a face photo are less likely to have bad intentions.

I know that there are a lot of amazing, decent men I am missing out on because of this screening practice.

However, I feel safer and look more forward to bookings with new clients who are willing to send a face photo.

I make sure the person coming to my door is the same as the photo that was sent.

Our experience together is based in trust before we even meet each other.

It makes for a better first massage for both  of us. 


My nipple is pointing at you! ;)


If I have told you in person that I enjoy receiving your text messages, then I really do!

I don't say that to everyone.

Some clients don't text, they email... and that's great too.

I love hearing from my favourite clients between bookings.

So, if that's you, then you are not contacting me too much!

Maybe you're not contacting me enough! LOL

If you contact me between bookings and I don't answer you, it is honestly because I am busy (not because I don't want to text you back).

I have several children and A LOT of housework at home and at work!

I have obligations outside of work and family, as well.

So, please understand if my messages back to you are short and quick or if I cannot message you back at all.

Sometimes I look at a message while I'm at a red light or making dinner and I forget to respond later.

I am never purposely ignoring you. 

My service is not just a massage with some naked hugging.

My clients and I enjoy safe, sensual, intimate, caring relationships with each other with no strings attached.

I care about you and I am grateful if you care enough about me to send messages.

Don't stop!



I get asked this a lot.

I wonder... do you like pussy pics?

In my experience, men love to look at women's pussies.

A whole industry has been created because of it!

If this is an accepted truth, then why is it hard to believe that I like dick pics?

I think you've been brainwashed by society!

In fact, I think we all have been.

Maybe there are women who truly don't like dick pics...

Or maybe, we've all been shamed into believing that!

I don't know the answer.

All I know is that I do, indeed, enjoy receiving dick pics from my clients.

First of all, they are cocks that I am familiarly acquainted with.

They are cocks I've enjoyed touching, massaging, and looking at.

Some of you have masturbated for me, which is sexy as fuck.

And what else can I say?

I love cocks, therefore I love pictures of cocks!

I am not recommending you send random dick pics to various women you're horny for.

Consent is key. 

(As it always is.)

I consent to receiving dick pics because:

  • I love my clients,
  • I think cocks are beautiful,
  • Dick pics turn me on,
  • They come in handy when I'm touching myself, and
  • They let me know you're thinking of me (which makes me feel great!)

If you're thinking about me while you're touching your cock, I'm even more honoured.

(If I don't get a deluge of dick pics after this article, then the societal brainwashing is deep!)



Some clients have apologized for talking about their wives or asked me if it bothers me.

It does not bother me at all.

You can literally talk to me about anything.

I've been in a marriage and a few marriage-like relationships too.

I'm in one right now!

I expect that the majority of my clients are in relationships or between relationships.

It is the way of humanity. We form connections.

Anyone who is important to you is important to me.

I respect your willingness to share things about your life with me.

I am honoured to be trusted enough or make you comfortable enough to do that.

I will never share your secrets.

I hope that you will also keep mine.

I am quite open with clients about my life and my views.

I am also a person who is open-minded to other viewpoints.

I am one of those people who can respect and accept others, even if we do not agree on everything.

I am also the kind of person who loves to learn.

Please teach me about you and the things you know!

Conversation is a part of what I offer.

If you don't want to talk though, I am happy to shut the fuck up and give you an AMAZING SENSUAL MASSAGE. 

If I sense that you'd like to relax and focus on all the pleasure I'm giving you rather than talk, that's all good with me.

I am good at focusing on pleasure too. ;)


Want to touch this? XOXO


Okay, I'm not going to lie. 

I bend some of my rules sometimes (rarely) for some regular clients that I know well and have become comfortable with.

However, I do not offer full service and if you are booking a session with me, you should expect an amazing massage (better than full service!)!

But you should not expect full service.

The reason I think my massages are better than full service is because of the teasing.

The entire session is a relaxing, sensual tease.

I was a striptease artist for 17 years.


I love to make you feel amazing, sexy, and horny!

The great news is you'll get a happy ending when the teasing is done.

Prepare to feel like a new man after seeing me.

It's not just a massage.

I provide a luxury, sexual experience. 

(At least, that is my goal.)


I hope this article has answered any questions you might have.

Please send me a note to let me know what you think!

Did I miss anything?

What's your burning question?

I will try to answer you in a future article!

Love Annie

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Six Common Sexual Stereotypes About Men

Men are stereotyped in many ways.

Perhaps the most pervasive stereotypes revolve around men's sexuality

This week I am deconstructing some of those stereotypes to showcase my expertise on the male species. ;)

Working in the sex industry for the past 23 years has taught me a lot about men!

Particularly, I've learned WHAT MEN ARE NOT. 

I hope you enjoy my perspective. xo

Common Sexual Stereotypes About Men... 



1. Men with big hands have big dicks 

Men with big hands do NOT necessarily have big dicks.

This stereotype is false.

Some men with big hands have big dicks. 

But also, some men with small hands have big dicks.

And vice versa.

Men, you probably already know this and I am preaching to the choir.

2. Men prefer women with BIG BOOBS

While I believe there are definitely some men who prefer large breasts...

There are equally men who prefer small breasts.

And the majority prefer ALL breasts.

In this case, ALL BREASTS MATTER, Gentlemen.

(I hope you're not offended by my little joke.)

3. Men don't care about their partner's pleasure

This is laughable in many ways. Sure, there are men who will fuck their partners even if they know she's not into it.  

In fact, I believe our culture has kind of encouraged us to believe that women have lower sex drives, therefore they may not want sex...

However, men still want sex...

So, that means they should expect sex from their wives.

To a degree, I concur with this thinking.

For instance, I believe that no one should have to resign themselves to a life without sexual intimacy.

However, having sex with a woman when she has made it clear she's not interested works against you.

First, she will look even less forward to any future sexual experiences because this one was not enjoyable.

And second, she will feel that you do not care about her pleasure.

I believe sincerely that most men DO CARE about giving pleasure to their female partners.

The majority of my clients care about whether or not I'm enjoying our time together.

It is their caring that makes our time together special.

I have to say, from my experience, this stereotype is false.

4. Men want to fuck everything that moves

Certainly men with high sex drives may be interested in a variety of partners. 

But women with high sex drives are the same!

It doesn't mean that we want to fuck everything that moves.

It doesn't even mean that we are going to be promiscuous.

(Although, some of us do go through promiscuous phases.)

It simply means we have horny imaginations.

I'm speaking as a person with a high sex drive.

I fantasize about a lot of men.

Men in movies, men in public, clients, porn actors...

I may have fantasized about you.

But that does not mean I fuck you...

...or them. Or whomever.

Being horny is not solely a quality of men.

5. Men don't like to cuddle after they come 

Some men do not like to cuddle after they come.

There are comedy acts... and pop culture news articles... and feminist essays... and even historical reviews that claim men are wired to fuck and run.

Apparently, cavemen of the past, by primal instinct to ensure survival of our species, were compelled to spread their seed. 

And therefore, men today become uninterested in any kind of emotional or physical afterplay following their happy ending.


The majority of my clients like to cuddle after their happy ending.

Many are even still horny!

I believe that if a man (or woman) wants to leave directly after the sexual experience is over, it is simply because the interest is not there.

Not everyone connects the same.

It may also be because they are in a hurry.

Men are not, in my opinion, hardwired to fuck and run. 


6. Older men don't need sex anymore

This is not only a stereotype about men but a stereotype about women as well:

The idea that as we age, we lose our sexuality.

I'm reading a novel right now and a character in the book assumes that another character in his 70's could not possibly be having sex.

What an absurd assumption!

My clients in their 70's would strongly disagree.

What I mean by that, is age ain't nothing but a number.

I do not see a difference in the sex drives of my older clients versus my younger clients.

They may be getting older, but they're still horny as fuck!

(With all their horny years of experience to guide them.)

The wonderful thing about sexuality is that you don't need to have sex to enjoy it.

Sensual massage, for instance, is an amazing and intimate way to get those sexual needs met.

(Forgive me for my blatant self-promotion.)


I'm writing this article from Kelowna where I am spending the weekend by the beach.

I hope you are happy and horny (no matter how old you are).

Love Annie


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