Saturday, September 12, 2020

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and... New Selfie Photos!

My clients are gentlemen.

You really are.

You care about my health, my comfort, my pleasure.

I appreciate you so much.

You honestly can't imagine how grateful I am for you.

Many of you know my position on masks and dick pics.

But new clients, or those I haven't seen for awhile, may be less clear.

In this article, I answer the following frequently asked questions...

  • Do you wear a mask during the massage?
  • Why don't you kiss or give blow jobs?
  • Are you covid safe?
  • Why do you require a face photo to book the first time?
  • Am I contacting you between bookings too much?
  • Can I talk about my wife?
  • If we have a connection, will you do full service?



I know this is on a lot of people's minds right now, so it is important to be clear.

I DO NOT wear a mask during sessions.

I have many reasons for this, but the biggest reasons are:

1. Being masked gives me anxiety.

2. Giving a massage requires physical exercise and people should not wear masks while exercising.

HOWEVER, if YOU would like to wear a mask, please feel free to do so!

I have no problem with you wearing a mask during our session.

In fact, you won't be the first!

I have equal love for mask wearers and non-mask wearers alike!



Kissing and blow jobs are more of a full service thing (which I do not offer).

But besides that, I'm really just not much of a kisser.

I have to be very close to and intimately involved with someone to kiss them deeply.

Blow jobs are reserved for special people too. 

I need trust and a deep connection to really enjoy giving a blowjob.

I would rather give you an authentic experience than offer services I may not enjoy.

My sessions are designed for maximum comfort and pleasure.

For that to occur, we both need to be in a great frame of mind.

There are a lot of providers who do offer kissing and blow jobs, so I encourage you to reach out to others if I do not provide the services you are looking for.


I took these photos in my hotel room while I was away.


I work only when I am healthy and well!

I wash my hands frequently and require you to wash yours before our session begins too.

My handwashing requirement for clients has been in place since I started this work. (wayyyyy before covid)

I sanitize the bathroom, bedroom, and door handles frequently.

I have likely already been exposed to covid months ago, but I do not know for sure.

The nature of the massage and the intimacy I offer prevent me from being socially distanced from you.

If you are worried about getting covid and this is something that gives you anxiety, I suggest you look for a provider who is willing to wear a mask or watch some awesome pornos!




The reason I require a face photo is for my protection and safety.

Despite offering a loving, professional service... 

I am sometimes not treated the way I deserve to be treated.

There are men with mental illness who target sex workers.

This work actually puts me at a higher risk of being murdered than most other jobs.

That's some heavy shit, right?

I require a face photo from new clients to ensure they aren't predatory clients that I've blacklisted from my services...

And also because I feel that clients who are willing to send a face photo are less likely to have bad intentions.

I know that there are a lot of amazing, decent men I am missing out on because of this screening practice.

However, I feel safer and look more forward to bookings with new clients who are willing to send a face photo.

I make sure the person coming to my door is the same as the photo that was sent.

Our experience together is based in trust before we even meet each other.

It makes for a better first massage for both  of us. 


My nipple is pointing at you! ;)


If I have told you in person that I enjoy receiving your text messages, then I really do!

I don't say that to everyone.

Some clients don't text, they email... and that's great too.

I love hearing from my favourite clients between bookings.

So, if that's you, then you are not contacting me too much!

Maybe you're not contacting me enough! LOL

If you contact me between bookings and I don't answer you, it is honestly because I am busy (not because I don't want to text you back).

I have several children and A LOT of housework at home and at work!

I have obligations outside of work and family, as well.

So, please understand if my messages back to you are short and quick or if I cannot message you back at all.

Sometimes I look at a message while I'm at a red light or making dinner and I forget to respond later.

I am never purposely ignoring you. 

My service is not just a massage with some naked hugging.

My clients and I enjoy safe, sensual, intimate, caring relationships with each other with no strings attached.

I care about you and I am grateful if you care enough about me to send messages.

Don't stop!



I get asked this a lot.

I wonder... do you like pussy pics?

In my experience, men love to look at women's pussies.

A whole industry has been created because of it!

If this is an accepted truth, then why is it hard to believe that I like dick pics?

I think you've been brainwashed by society!

In fact, I think we all have been.

Maybe there are women who truly don't like dick pics...

Or maybe, we've all been shamed into believing that!

I don't know the answer.

All I know is that I do, indeed, enjoy receiving dick pics from my clients.

First of all, they are cocks that I am familiarly acquainted with.

They are cocks I've enjoyed touching, massaging, and looking at.

Some of you have masturbated for me, which is sexy as fuck.

And what else can I say?

I love cocks, therefore I love pictures of cocks!

I am not recommending you send random dick pics to various women you're horny for.

Consent is key. 

(As it always is.)

I consent to receiving dick pics because:

  • I love my clients,
  • I think cocks are beautiful,
  • Dick pics turn me on,
  • They come in handy when I'm touching myself, and
  • They let me know you're thinking of me (which makes me feel great!)

If you're thinking about me while you're touching your cock, I'm even more honoured.

(If I don't get a deluge of dick pics after this article, then the societal brainwashing is deep!)



Some clients have apologized for talking about their wives or asked me if it bothers me.

It does not bother me at all.

You can literally talk to me about anything.

I've been in a marriage and a few marriage-like relationships too.

I'm in one right now!

I expect that the majority of my clients are in relationships or between relationships.

It is the way of humanity. We form connections.

Anyone who is important to you is important to me.

I respect your willingness to share things about your life with me.

I am honoured to be trusted enough or make you comfortable enough to do that.

I will never share your secrets.

I hope that you will also keep mine.

I am quite open with clients about my life and my views.

I am also a person who is open-minded to other viewpoints.

I am one of those people who can respect and accept others, even if we do not agree on everything.

I am also the kind of person who loves to learn.

Please teach me about you and the things you know!

Conversation is a part of what I offer.

If you don't want to talk though, I am happy to shut the fuck up and give you an AMAZING SENSUAL MASSAGE. 

If I sense that you'd like to relax and focus on all the pleasure I'm giving you rather than talk, that's all good with me.

I am good at focusing on pleasure too. ;)


Want to touch this? XOXO


Okay, I'm not going to lie. 

I bend some of my rules sometimes (rarely) for some regular clients that I know well and have become comfortable with.

However, I do not offer full service and if you are booking a session with me, you should expect an amazing massage (better than full service!)!

But you should not expect full service.

The reason I think my massages are better than full service is because of the teasing.

The entire session is a relaxing, sensual tease.

I was a striptease artist for 17 years.


I love to make you feel amazing, sexy, and horny!

The great news is you'll get a happy ending when the teasing is done.

Prepare to feel like a new man after seeing me.

It's not just a massage.

I provide a luxury, sexual experience. 

(At least, that is my goal.)


I hope this article has answered any questions you might have.

Please send me a note to let me know what you think!

Did I miss anything?

What's your burning question?

I will try to answer you in a future article!

Love Annie

Text or Email today!

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