Saturday, September 26, 2020

Booking Short Notice and Mindless Pleasure

Life is busy. 

Sexy time can be difficult to find!

I, for one, prefer getting naughty during the day.

I am a working mom. By the end of the day, I am usually exhausted.

Some of you find it hard to book daytime appointments with me because of your work.

When I started doing sensual massages two years ago, I used to work evenings.

But over time, I realized that I give my best massages during the day.

It's hard to get my head and heart into an evening massage. 

And I love spending evenings with my family.

Dinner at the table, checking in with my children... this is a whole other bliss I enjoy in my life.

I apologize to guys who wish for evening appointments but you will just have to take a day off work! LOL

Have a happy, horny week!

There are also many of you who can only book short notice.

Because of work or family, your schedule changes fast and you can't make appointments with advance notice.

Some of you try every day and get turned down by me over and over again.

My schedule usually fills up a day to a week in advance.

However, I want to encourage you to keep trying!

You are not bothering me by trying to book on short notice.

Not at all!

In fact, I appreciate that some of you want to see me so much that you're willing to keep trying.

I am grateful that you don't give up on me.

One of these days I will fit you in on short notice.

I'll get a cancellation or I'll be able to juggle my schedule.

Some days I have no bookings at all and just hope that I'll get a couple short notice texts.

It will happen! 

Naughty Massage Goddess ;)

I usually work between 10 AM and take my last booking by 4 PM. 

If you want a 10 AM booking, it is best to contact me at least the day before.

I book two, sometimes three, bookings a day.

I take days off for family obligations or when I need to re-energize.

Some of YOU fill me up with energy every time I see you!

But sometimes clients can also drain my energy.

They are usually in crisis, and I am a sensitive person who feels their emotions deeply; even if they do not share the reasons.

I accept that, as part of my work, I am a safe zone for people who may be struggling.

An intimate, sensual massage can help to distract you and release some of that pent up emotion.

If you are in crisis and you come to me for comfort and intimacy, please understand that I cannot read your mind.

Sometimes I misinterpret another person's emotional energy.

I don't know if they are uncomfortable with the experience I am trying to give to them, or if it has nothing to do with me.

An important part of communication in any interpersonal engagement or relationship, especially with a sex worker, is to reassure the other person that "It's not you."

I've seen marriages fall apart because they give each other no reassurances.

Reassuring each other is so important!

Every person you care about needs to hear and feel reassurances from you.

We are wired to seek approval and please others. Even if we are not "people-pleasers," as a rule; it is in our human nature to give and receive.

Reassurance is a huge part of that.

I want to know if I am making my client feel wonderful or if something I'm doing tickles or is uncomfortable.

For instance, some guys don't like the tips of their cocks touched. If this is you, please tell me!

But also be aware that a part of two way communication is that I will tell you if something is making me uncomfortable.

If you are rubbing my clit too hard, I will ask you to be gentle.

If your fingernails are tearing up my precious parts... (yes this happens) ...I will tell you that you need to cut your nails and I will pull your hands away from me.

If you ask me to get into a position I'm not comfortable with, I will tell you no.

If you start playing with my butthole (which is practically my only rule about touching me), I would tell you.

I realize that sometimes they are accidental, these boundary crossings.

When you are feeling mindless with pleasure and aren't paying attention to what you're doing with your own hands, boundaries can unintentionally be crossed.

I get it. I do it too!

I am learning to stop myself from touching when I get to that point where I don't know what I'm doing anymore. LOL

Yes, you absolutely drive me wild sometimes.

Mindless pleasure is the only way to describe it. 

One more ass pic because
I know how much you love it. xo

Any boundary or situation that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will say something.

This may concern you or scare you. 

The last thing you may want when your cock is hard and you're close to coming is for someone to kill the mood with a boundary.

Please, do not let it concern you.

Be grateful for my communication with you.

If I tell you what doesn't feel good, you will know how to better please me.

You can correct yourself and we can keep going!

You will always know if I am really enjoying myself because otherwise I would tell you if I wasn't. 

I am not just vocal about what doesn't feel good. 

I am vocal about what DOES FEEL GOOD!

I love for my clients to give me feedback too.

Tell me when something doesn't feel good, but also TELL ME WHEN IT FEELS GOOD!

It helps me to give you the best experience possible if you communicate with me.

Have a wonderful week! 

I hope to see you soon. xoxo

Love Annie

Text or Email today!

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