Saturday, September 19, 2020

Too Hot to Handle "Oral Pleasure" Story and Photos


A gentle tongue on my clit, or any part of my pussy for that matter, is like heaven.

Recently, I paid a male performer to do an "oral sex" photo selfie shoot with me.

He agreed to it and let me just say...

We got a little carried away.

So much so, that I could only get four good photos out of the many I took while receiving oral pleasure from this fellow.

First he teased me around the thong part of my lingerie. 

The fabric became wet from his saliva and clinged to my pussy lips.

He ran his tongue under the flimsy material, teasing my outer labia, gently and searchingly, as though he was seeking entrance. 

Soon after, sans lingerie, he went to work with his gentle tongue...

...kissing my inner thighs and teasing the edges of my pussy lips...

I played with my own nipples while he teased and licked and kissed me so gently, it drove me wild.

His tongue would touch the entrance to my womanhood so lightly for a moment, then he would move on, tantalizing and teasing my precious petals.

I couldn't help but push my pussy against his face, desiring to feel his tongue in my cunt.

But his restraint was relentless.

I rocked my hips and gyrated my pelvis slowly at times and then quicker when I could feel an orgasm building.

Always, he pulled back. I was blind with ecstasy and horniness!

Gently, he ran his soft tongue along the folds of my labia and over my clit.

I couldn't think of anything except the pleasure I was experiencing!

My sexy lover continued his delicious attentions, licking around and sucking my clit very gently, so I pressed against his stubbly face compulsively.

He took care not to push a hard tongue onto my sensitive clit.

He went on like that alternating between gentle licks and sucks to literally fucking my pussy with his tongue.

My pleasure became suddenly amplified and I knew I was going to come.

I held my breath enjoying those intense 'near-climax' sensations. 

His tongue again pressed lightly against my clit and that was all it took...

I came undone.

I came hard against his face and pushed my clit on his mouth, holding onto that incredible feeling for as long as I could.

As I recovered myself, that beautiful man started gently licking the folds of my labia again, teasing the entrance again.

Then he began another exquisite assault, plunging his tongue into my pussy, setting my entire lower body on fire... like it might never go out!

He fingered me gently, rhythmically tickling my g-spot with a come hither finger in my cunt.

My nipples hardened as I moaned and encouraged him to keep doing what he was doing!

He made me come several more times. 

I stopped taking photos after the first orgasm.

I hope you like them. ;)

Love Annie

PS: Please let me know what you think of duo photos like the ones in this week's article. Sexy? Not your thing? I appreciate your feedback very much! XOXO

One more thing for my 'very' open-minded readers...


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You will lose yourself in an incredible, erotic massage enjoying his large, strong hands and my tiny, naughty hands all over your body.

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  1. A gentle tongue, which pays homage attention to your partner's labia, hood, and clit gives pleasure not only to the receiver but the giver as well. Love having my face pulled against a warm throbbing pussy and my head squeezed by convulsing thighs as my partner cums...shared enjoyment is the best

    1. Fabulous article love it ..And your Bi massage opportunity mmmm

    2. Fabulous article love it ..And your Bi massage opportunity mmmm


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