Friday, October 30, 2020


I LOVE Halloween!

I  mean, I don't love EVERYTHING about Halloween.

I admit, my kids have always suffered at Halloween because I don't like trick or treating. LOL!

(small bladder)



To celebrate Halloween this year, I thought I'd share some sexy Halloween costumes of the past and present.

I hope you enjoy them!


(Technically speaking, these are not all photos from Halloween.)

I was "Little Red Riding Hood"
at a strip club in 2015 when I was
a massage goddess at the Byrd.

I dressed up as a Dominatrix
for a photo shoot! A client paid
for the shoot and paid me to model!

Sexy Santa photo from last Christmas.

Watch Out, Naughty Boys!
Or I'll have to arrest you!
Halloween 2016. xoxo


Just for you...

I dressed up as a sexy, slutty GEEK!

I can fully relate to this persona because I am TOTALLY a geek!

If you define "geek" as someone who researches everything, should have been a scientist, and loves going down the rabbit hole into subjects foreign and fascinating...


Maybe I don't look so geeky with my blonde hair, leaning naked over your body, with my breath in your ear...

But wait till you see these photos!

This is the real me in some ways. 

I wore glasses most of my life until I got laser eye surgery about five years ago.

I was not popular in high school.

I was in all the smart kid classes. 

I hung out with skaters and bangers, but I wasn't either one.

I was awkward with make-up and hair (still am).

I've never been good with fashion or shoes either.

I'm a sweat pants, tank top, and backpack-purse kind of girl.

And now, without further ado...


I've got something on my mind.

I saw it on a porn video.

A sexy, slutty GEEK...

...was tempting all the men.

She was such a tease.

You'll have to book to see. ;)

And just so you don't forget what I really look like after seeing me in all these disguises...

This week still has lots of openings!

I hope I get to see you. xoxo

Love Annie xoxo

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Drunk Love

Some of you may know I was sober for over a year.

However, I recently fell off the wagon.

I found myself at a party with other drinkers.

Friends I haven't hung out with in a long time were there.

There was also a man whom I'd never met. He had amazing posture which I found attractive immediately.

He introduced himself as Scott and I told him my real name.

I could tell that he recognized me but he did not look familiar to me at all.

"You look familiar," I said anyway, in hopes he would explain how we know each other.

"Oh really?" he said. "I don't think we've ever met in person."

That was a clue. 

"So, we've met online?" I asked.

"Not exactly," he admitted blushing. He looked around to make sure no one was listening to our conversation. "I think I follow you on Twitter."

"Oh," I said, smiling then realizing... "Ohhhhhh, you follow Annie, you mean?" I laughed. It's always fun to talk about myself in the third person.

"Um, yes," he said, looking a little embarrassed. "I am also friends with Annie on Facebook."

"Cool!" I replied. "Nice to formally meet you." I smiled at him, thinking maybe he'd book a massage sometime. 

He was super sexy - all polite and well dressed. I felt myself getting turned on at the thought of rubbing my naked body all over his.

Just then another friend approached and our discussion ended abruptly. 

Over the course of the evening, Scott and I locked eyes frequently across the room. 

As my vodka dwindled with my inhibitions, I became brazen. I wanted to make a move on the hot guy who has seen nude and semi-nude photos of me on my social media. Scott.

I was looking around for him when someone bumped into me from behind. I turned around. It was a drunk guy who was stumbling through the room I was in.

When he saw me, he stopped for a moment, then changed his course coming directly towards me.

Before I could get out of his way, the drunk guy reached out for me, picked me up, then fell backwards onto the floor!

I was sprawled over him, grappling to pull myself off of him. But he held me in a gorilla grip.

That's when Hot Scott came to my rescue.

He wrenched apart the drunk gorilla's arms, releasing me from my imprisonment, and pulled me to my feet.

I was very grateful, as you can imagine!

Others rushed to deal with the drunk and disorderly dude, while Scott led me to a private room in another part of the house.

"I'll be right back," he said after settling me on the edge of the bed. I nodded. I was still reeling a bit from the floor dive and I wasn't sober by any means.

Scott returned with a bottled water.

"Thank you," I said. 

"No problem," he replied. "Can I get you anything else?"

"A hug?" I asked. I was feeling pretty alone at that moment. And drunk. And horny.

"Sure," Scott said, as he sat down beside me. He opened his arms and enfolded me into them.

His firm embrace, tantalizing cologne, and stubble on my neck combined to ignite me. My pussy started burning. My breathing became laboured. 

I don't know if it was his heart or mine, but it was pounding.

I held Scott tighter and turned my face into his neck. I found his earlobe and couldn't help myself... I took a little nibble and pushed my breasts against Scott's chest suggestively.

Scott didn't waste any time. Alcohol made him bold too. He loosened one arm from our hug and began massaging my upper thigh with his hand.

I pulled away enough to take his face in both my hands. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment before leaning in for a testing, tasting kiss. 

His kiss was like his hand on my thigh -- teasing and tantalizing. It made me ache for more.

I reached for Scott's crotch and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was rock hard, which made me even more aroused. 

Within moments we both had our hands down each other's pants. He found the entrance of my wet pussy and started fingering me gently but urgently too.

We went at it like this for several minutes before regaining control of ourselves. Scott closed the bedroom door then stripped off his clothes while holding my gaze with his smoky eyes.

His cock stood at attention, all glorious and shit.

I started to undress but Scott took over, peeling my pants off me, then my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

Then we fell upon each other, all hands and mouths on each other's bodies.

Just then, my boyfriend walked in on us. Someone had texted him about the drunk guy assaulting me!

"Hey Baby," I said. "This is Scott."

Scott looked scared for a moment. But my boyfriend smiled and held out his hand good-naturedly. 

They shook hands and I couldn't help thinking about how much of my pussy juice was being transferred in that handshake. *giggle*

"Sorry for interrupting, Man," he said. "I'll be waiting out there," he told me.

Knowing my guy was waiting made me feel like I more urgently needed to get to the good stuff.

I asked Scott to lie down so I could straddle him. I come easiest when I am on top.

I was already so turned on, it didn't take long for me to orgasm. Scott held off as long as could, then he came too (all over his belly).

Scott was a gentleman through and through.

We shared a passionate kiss before parting ways. 

Scott grabbed my hand before I pulled the door open.

"Will I ever see you again?" he said.

"I hope so," I replied. "Check out my website for rates and services."

I giggled again. One more kiss.

And I never heard from Scott again. It's been an entire week!


PS. I am thinking of sending out mid-week emails to let you know when I have bookings available. Would that be okay with you? Please send me a message and let me know what you think. xo

Love Annie

DISCLAIMER: Stories are fiction (make belief) and do not imply full service offerings. They are simply to get you hot and horny so you'll book a massage with me. (Is it working?)

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Was This You?

Did you arrive smiling and enfold me into a hug?

Did you clean your whole body thoroughly before the massage?

Were you relaxed and easy going? Forthcoming and friendly?

Were you gentle when you touched me?

Were your gentle attentions respectful and within my boundaries?

Did you ask my permission if you were unsure about something?

Were you more careful if I reminded you to be gentle?

Did you stop when I asked you to stop if I asked you to stop?

Were you understanding and caring?

Did you appreciate how I communicated with you?

Did I moan with arousal or tell you how turned on I was?

Did I show you with my words and actions how you made me feel?

Did you show me with words and actions how I made you feel?

Were you surprised how good I could make you feel?

Was I what you expected the first time you booked with me?

Did you like how tiny I am?

Were you impressed with how perky my nipples were and how hard they got when you gently aroused them?

Did you enjoy looking at our naked bodies in mirrors?

Did my upper thigh massage turn you on?

Did my nails on your back and neck give you tingles?

Did you feel my love energy? 

Was my touch intimate and tender?

Could you tell that I care about your pleasure?

Did you like feeling my body on your body?

Did my touch make you feel regenerated?

Did you wish the massage could go on forever?

Did we have a connection? Was there chemistry?

Were you ready to turn over when I asked you to?

Did you enjoy touching me and pleasuring me?

Did you make me come?

Did I make you come?

Were you comfortable with me after your happy ending?

Did you like the hot cloth on your cock when I cleaned you up?

Did we have a little chat about life before you got dressed?

Did we cuddle? 

Were you still horny when it was time for you to go?

Was I still horny when it was time for you to go? 

Did I ask you to come back again sometime?

Did you tell me that you would?

Have you thought about me since then?

Was this you?

If so, I can't wait to see you again. xoxo

Love Annie

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

51 Things That Turn Me On

I am one of the most sexually aroused women you've ever known.

I don't know why I'm hornier than most, but my mother told me it's hereditary.

Recently, it occurred to me that maybe I'm such a horny woman because so many things turn me on!

So, this week, I compiled a list.

There are definitely more than 51 things that turn me on, but this was the list I came up with.

Some of these things I've learned in massage appointments with you!

For instance, I learned that #3 turns me on after a client was the first to pleasure me in this way!

Other things I've just learned about myself over the years. 

For instance, if I go out and do #13, I am sure to be checking out any hot guys in the vicinity because it makes me horny!

#32 has always made me horny!

I've been fantasizing about #39 for years.

And #51 is the reason I am so attracted to men like Robert F Kennedy Jr!

I hope you enjoy my list and it inspires you to reach out to me!

I've been largely unavailable the past two weeks due to family obligations...

So, now I am even hornier than usual. xxx

Please come get naked with me soon. xoxo

WARNING: Do NOT click on the links in this list if you're offended easily. xoxoxo


In no particular order...

51 Things That Turn Me On

  1. Stubble on my neck turns me on.
  2. A man doing dishes turns me on.
  3. Having my toes suckled turns me on.
  4. A gentle pussy massage with coconut oil turns me on.
  5. Salt-and-pepper hair turns me on.
  6. The light smell of cologne turns me on.
  7. Watching men masturbate turns me on.
  8. The entrance to my vagina being teased turns me on.
  9. My nipple being sucked gently turns me on.
  10. A gentle foot massage turns me on.
  11. Smoking a doobie turns me on.
  12. Sensual music turns me on.
  13. Naked hugging turns me on.
  14. Fresh smelling breath turns me on.
  15. Writing about this turns me on.
  16. A super laid-back client turns me on.
  17. Having my pussy licked turns me on.
  18. Watching a man work turns me on.
  19. Seeing a man with tattoos turns me on.
  20. The sound of a motorcycle turns me on.
  21. Dancing turns me on.
  22. A gentle leg and thigh massage turns me on.
  23. An intelligent man turns me on.
  24. A man who stands up for what he believes in turns me on.
  25. A ride on a motorcycle turns me on.
  26. Wind in my hair turns me on.
  27. A skinny dip in a lake turns me on.
  28. A healthy, delicious meal turns me on.
  29. A man who knows about nutrition turns me on.
  30. Prolonged foreplay turns me on.
  31. Being on top turns me on.
  32. A sober man turns me on.
  33. A really hard and erect cock turns me on.
  34. A cock that is being 'flexed' turns me on.
  35. Teamwork turns me on.
  36. A man who quietly moans his pleasure turns me on.
  37. Wearing a sexy cocktail dress turns me on.
  38. Fantasizing about a polite gang bang turns me on.
  39. Rubbing up on you all naked turns me on.
  40. Mood lighting turns me on.
  41. Sleeping in on the weekend turns me on.
  42. Feeling hands on my hips turns me on.
  43. Playing with my own nipples turns me on.
  44. An intelligent conversation turns me on.
  45. A naughty text message turns me on.
  46. A man with a passion turns me on.
  47. A man who smiles turns me on.
  48. Wearing high heels turns me on.
  49. A light touch turns me on.
  50. Respectful naughty playing turns me on.
  51. A brilliant speech turns me on.

Now that you've read my list, please send me a message telling me about something that turns YOU on!

I look forward to reading your messages while I touch myself, waiting for bookings. ;)

PS. I would love a new testimonial or two if any of you feel that my massage services are extra special.

Love Annie

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Friday, October 2, 2020

A Day in the Life of Annie

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do my job?

What exactly does a day in the life of a Massage Goddess like me look like?

Well, today I'm going to tell you.

Some of it isn't glamorous...

And some of it isn't sexy, but...


The rest is up to you until I see you again. ;)



6:00 AM

I wake up alone in my bed. My partner has already left for work. All the kids are still asleep. This is "mommy time." 

I pull my vibrator out of my drawer. Then I pull the blankets up over me to muffle the noise. (It's a noisy one!) 

I come two or three times. Sometimes four. Morning orgasms are quick and easy because I'm already all relaxed and horny.

6:15 AM

I hop out of bed and drink a large glass of water with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in it. I make myself some tea and smoke a joint.

6:30 AM

I have an epsom salts bath. I exfoliate my entire body (that's why my skin is so soft and smooth). I shave my armpits, lower legs, and bikini area. 

7:00 AM 

I wake up my kids and proceed to corral them through their morning routines. 

I play music, so they wake up to good vibes. I tell them I love them and send them off to school. 

Then I get in my car and either head to my massage studio in White Rock or off to do something else.

10:00 AM

This is the usual time for me to start my day. 

If someone books in advance, I give a massage at this time. 

If not, I schedule meetings around this time because my brain is optimal in the mornings. 

I may also go to the gym, or run errands, or work on my blog (like I am today). 

11:00 AM

This is my time to tidy and sanitize my work area, which is done before and between all sessions. 

(Once a week, I do a big clean at my studio. But I also do upkeep throughout each week to ensure my workspace is to your upmost satisfaction.)

Before each session, I put a fresh towel beside the bathroom sink.

I set-up the massage area and heat the coconut oil. 

I bathe my body to ensure it is immaculately clean. 

I put on makeup and perfume, lingerie and high heels.

If I have time, I masturbate again. Same vibrator! I bring it with me. Smart, right?

It's usually more difficult for me to come when I know a client will arrive soon. So, these orgasms take a little longer and I may only have time for one or two.

You're probably wondering when do I make time to eat?!

My first meal is never before 11 AM. I have a bite to eat between appointments but I don't eat a big meal till the end of my day, with my family.  

12:00 - 4:00 PM

This is often the best part of my day. I am very fortunate to have nurtured certain regulars who are super gentle with your touch. 

You are sensual, clean smelling, and good with your hands. You are the clients I love the most. 

I get horny when I know I'm going to see you. I miss you when I haven't heard from you. I love getting your dick pics and hearing from you now and then for no reason whatsoever, just to say hi. 

Sometimes there is a connection with clients from the very first appointment. With others, it takes time for us to know each other before our sessions progress to a deeper intimacy and more profound orgasms. 

I started this work two years ago and some of you came to me in the first few weeks or months. What we have is more than "client / practitioner." 

We have a friendship. We have an interest in each other's well-being. 

When you are struggling, I care. I am here to cheer you on. 

My time is limited, as you'll see if you make it to the end of this blog post, but that doesn't change what we have between us: 

A super sexy friendship that leads to naughtiness with no strings attached. 

It's perfect, in my honest opinion.

4:00 PM

Rarely, I will book a session around this time if someone is having trouble getting in to see me due to scheduling issues. 

Or perhaps one of my favourite clients makes a last minute booking and I haven't seen him in awhile. 

Some clients I KNOW will help me end my day with a bang! ...sending me home with pleasure bubbles rising up inside me for the rest of the night.

But usually, I am on my way home or home by now. 

My daughter needs to be picked up from her after school care. Dinner and general housekeeping must be attended to. Homework? Baths? Notices from school to sign?

Oh, and don't forget the word I love dearly and hear about every five minutes from the moment I get home until I retire for the day... "Mom?"

6:00 PM

Evenings are a blur except for the part where we all sit down for dinner. There are six of us now. My stepson moved in with us. 

I love our big family. We eat. We chat about our day. We laugh. I remind them to start cleaning up after themselves. The usual.

My youngest goes to bed at 8:30 but inevitably keeps me talking till 9. She doesn't fall asleep until 9:30 or 10. 

By then, I am exhausted. Is it even possible for me to get horny again...?

You bet your bottom dollar it is!

10:00 PM

Sometimes my man has to take a little extra time and effort to help me relax to that point where I'm ready to take his beautiful cock. 

He doesn't mind. 

Even though he has to get up early for work, he's willing to lose sleep for our end-of-day re-connection.

I've learned from all of you what things will relax me and turn me on quickly. We have but one hour after all.

Every time one of you does something extra special, I try to explain it to my guy so he can try it on me too.

Because we are both so open-minded sexually and honest with each other about our kinks and whatnot, our sexual communication is incredible. 

You may have noticed that I can talk about almost anything sexual and be very open about it. 

There is no room for shame or insecurity when you and I are naked together. 

I am the same way with my partner. We communicate and share very explicitly what we love for each other to do or say during our foreplay and sex.

Likewise with you, I will always tell you how I am feeling. I will tell you if the way you are kissing my breasts or fingering the entrance of my pussy feels good. 

I will ask you to be gentler, if needed. 

I will let you know with my voice and actions how you are making me feel during our session, even if you don't touch me. 

(I can get horny all by myself. Seriously! Rubbing all up on you. I'm sometimes horny before you even turn over.)

My partner and I have really great sex. It seems to get better and better over time. We go through our phases of getting into a certain kink for awhile and trying it out. 

Right now, I'm thinking of asking him to wear panties for me. I've had a few clients who like to wear panties and it's really HOT!

11:00 PM

I hope to be asleep by this time. After all, the morning comes all to quickly when you're a mom-preneur! 

(HAHA! I heard that term somewhere and I've been wanting to use it but I don't tell anyone in my square life what I do! LOLOL! Thank you for being people I can be myself with.)

While sleeping, I often have very naughty dreams and some of you have even featured in them. Thankfully my guy does not get jealous if I call out another man's name.

I hope you've enjoyed "A Day in the Life of Annie."

I am sending you big naked hugs and irresistible erections. Please send them back! XOXO

Love Annie

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