Saturday, October 10, 2020

51 Things That Turn Me On

I am one of the most sexually aroused women you've ever known.

I don't know why I'm hornier than most, but my mother told me it's hereditary.

Recently, it occurred to me that maybe I'm such a horny woman because so many things turn me on!

So, this week, I compiled a list.

There are definitely more than 51 things that turn me on, but this was the list I came up with.

Some of these things I've learned in massage appointments with you!

For instance, I learned that #3 turns me on after a client was the first to pleasure me in this way!

Other things I've just learned about myself over the years. 

For instance, if I go out and do #13, I am sure to be checking out any hot guys in the vicinity because it makes me horny!

#32 has always made me horny!

I've been fantasizing about #39 for years.

And #51 is the reason I am so attracted to men like Robert F Kennedy Jr!

I hope you enjoy my list and it inspires you to reach out to me!

I've been largely unavailable the past two weeks due to family obligations...

So, now I am even hornier than usual. xxx

Please come get naked with me soon. xoxo

WARNING: Do NOT click on the links in this list if you're offended easily. xoxoxo


In no particular order...

51 Things That Turn Me On

  1. Stubble on my neck turns me on.
  2. A man doing dishes turns me on.
  3. Having my toes suckled turns me on.
  4. A gentle pussy massage with coconut oil turns me on.
  5. Salt-and-pepper hair turns me on.
  6. The light smell of cologne turns me on.
  7. Watching men masturbate turns me on.
  8. The entrance to my vagina being teased turns me on.
  9. My nipple being sucked gently turns me on.
  10. A gentle foot massage turns me on.
  11. Smoking a doobie turns me on.
  12. Sensual music turns me on.
  13. Naked hugging turns me on.
  14. Fresh smelling breath turns me on.
  15. Writing about this turns me on.
  16. A super laid-back client turns me on.
  17. Having my pussy licked turns me on.
  18. Watching a man work turns me on.
  19. Seeing a man with tattoos turns me on.
  20. The sound of a motorcycle turns me on.
  21. Dancing turns me on.
  22. A gentle leg and thigh massage turns me on.
  23. An intelligent man turns me on.
  24. A man who stands up for what he believes in turns me on.
  25. A ride on a motorcycle turns me on.
  26. Wind in my hair turns me on.
  27. A skinny dip in a lake turns me on.
  28. A healthy, delicious meal turns me on.
  29. A man who knows about nutrition turns me on.
  30. Prolonged foreplay turns me on.
  31. Being on top turns me on.
  32. A sober man turns me on.
  33. A really hard and erect cock turns me on.
  34. A cock that is being 'flexed' turns me on.
  35. Teamwork turns me on.
  36. A man who quietly moans his pleasure turns me on.
  37. Wearing a sexy cocktail dress turns me on.
  38. Fantasizing about a polite gang bang turns me on.
  39. Rubbing up on you all naked turns me on.
  40. Mood lighting turns me on.
  41. Sleeping in on the weekend turns me on.
  42. Feeling hands on my hips turns me on.
  43. Playing with my own nipples turns me on.
  44. An intelligent conversation turns me on.
  45. A naughty text message turns me on.
  46. A man with a passion turns me on.
  47. A man who smiles turns me on.
  48. Wearing high heels turns me on.
  49. A light touch turns me on.
  50. Respectful naughty playing turns me on.
  51. A brilliant speech turns me on.

Now that you've read my list, please send me a message telling me about something that turns YOU on!

I look forward to reading your messages while I touch myself, waiting for bookings. ;)

PS. I would love a new testimonial or two if any of you feel that my massage services are extra special.

Love Annie

Text or Email today!


  1. Some thing that turns me on is a woman running her finger nails down my back and especially the sides of my back they are oh so sensitive, I have Many things that turn me on but that is just one. One thing I've always wanted to try that turns me on thinking about it is being bound to a bed and masturbated and after the happy ending the masturbation continues and continues while I struggle and cannot take it any more or I have another happy ending lol

    1. Thank you for sharing what turns you on! Very kinky, that last part. ;)


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