Friday, October 23, 2020

Drunk Love

Some of you may know I was sober for over a year.

However, I recently fell off the wagon.

I found myself at a party with other drinkers.

Friends I haven't hung out with in a long time were there.

There was also a man whom I'd never met. He had amazing posture which I found attractive immediately.

He introduced himself as Scott and I told him my real name.

I could tell that he recognized me but he did not look familiar to me at all.

"You look familiar," I said anyway, in hopes he would explain how we know each other.

"Oh really?" he said. "I don't think we've ever met in person."

That was a clue. 

"So, we've met online?" I asked.

"Not exactly," he admitted blushing. He looked around to make sure no one was listening to our conversation. "I think I follow you on Twitter."

"Oh," I said, smiling then realizing... "Ohhhhhh, you follow Annie, you mean?" I laughed. It's always fun to talk about myself in the third person.

"Um, yes," he said, looking a little embarrassed. "I am also friends with Annie on Facebook."

"Cool!" I replied. "Nice to formally meet you." I smiled at him, thinking maybe he'd book a massage sometime. 

He was super sexy - all polite and well dressed. I felt myself getting turned on at the thought of rubbing my naked body all over his.

Just then another friend approached and our discussion ended abruptly. 

Over the course of the evening, Scott and I locked eyes frequently across the room. 

As my vodka dwindled with my inhibitions, I became brazen. I wanted to make a move on the hot guy who has seen nude and semi-nude photos of me on my social media. Scott.

I was looking around for him when someone bumped into me from behind. I turned around. It was a drunk guy who was stumbling through the room I was in.

When he saw me, he stopped for a moment, then changed his course coming directly towards me.

Before I could get out of his way, the drunk guy reached out for me, picked me up, then fell backwards onto the floor!

I was sprawled over him, grappling to pull myself off of him. But he held me in a gorilla grip.

That's when Hot Scott came to my rescue.

He wrenched apart the drunk gorilla's arms, releasing me from my imprisonment, and pulled me to my feet.

I was very grateful, as you can imagine!

Others rushed to deal with the drunk and disorderly dude, while Scott led me to a private room in another part of the house.

"I'll be right back," he said after settling me on the edge of the bed. I nodded. I was still reeling a bit from the floor dive and I wasn't sober by any means.

Scott returned with a bottled water.

"Thank you," I said. 

"No problem," he replied. "Can I get you anything else?"

"A hug?" I asked. I was feeling pretty alone at that moment. And drunk. And horny.

"Sure," Scott said, as he sat down beside me. He opened his arms and enfolded me into them.

His firm embrace, tantalizing cologne, and stubble on my neck combined to ignite me. My pussy started burning. My breathing became laboured. 

I don't know if it was his heart or mine, but it was pounding.

I held Scott tighter and turned my face into his neck. I found his earlobe and couldn't help myself... I took a little nibble and pushed my breasts against Scott's chest suggestively.

Scott didn't waste any time. Alcohol made him bold too. He loosened one arm from our hug and began massaging my upper thigh with his hand.

I pulled away enough to take his face in both my hands. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment before leaning in for a testing, tasting kiss. 

His kiss was like his hand on my thigh -- teasing and tantalizing. It made me ache for more.

I reached for Scott's crotch and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was rock hard, which made me even more aroused. 

Within moments we both had our hands down each other's pants. He found the entrance of my wet pussy and started fingering me gently but urgently too.

We went at it like this for several minutes before regaining control of ourselves. Scott closed the bedroom door then stripped off his clothes while holding my gaze with his smoky eyes.

His cock stood at attention, all glorious and shit.

I started to undress but Scott took over, peeling my pants off me, then my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties.

Then we fell upon each other, all hands and mouths on each other's bodies.

Just then, my boyfriend walked in on us. Someone had texted him about the drunk guy assaulting me!

"Hey Baby," I said. "This is Scott."

Scott looked scared for a moment. But my boyfriend smiled and held out his hand good-naturedly. 

They shook hands and I couldn't help thinking about how much of my pussy juice was being transferred in that handshake. *giggle*

"Sorry for interrupting, Man," he said. "I'll be waiting out there," he told me.

Knowing my guy was waiting made me feel like I more urgently needed to get to the good stuff.

I asked Scott to lie down so I could straddle him. I come easiest when I am on top.

I was already so turned on, it didn't take long for me to orgasm. Scott held off as long as could, then he came too (all over his belly).

Scott was a gentleman through and through.

We shared a passionate kiss before parting ways. 

Scott grabbed my hand before I pulled the door open.

"Will I ever see you again?" he said.

"I hope so," I replied. "Check out my website for rates and services."

I giggled again. One more kiss.

And I never heard from Scott again. It's been an entire week!


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Love Annie

DISCLAIMER: Stories are fiction (make belief) and do not imply full service offerings. They are simply to get you hot and horny so you'll book a massage with me. (Is it working?)

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