Saturday, October 17, 2020

Was This You?

Did you arrive smiling and enfold me into a hug?

Did you clean your whole body thoroughly before the massage?

Were you relaxed and easy going? Forthcoming and friendly?

Were you gentle when you touched me?

Were your gentle attentions respectful and within my boundaries?

Did you ask my permission if you were unsure about something?

Were you more careful if I reminded you to be gentle?

Did you stop when I asked you to stop if I asked you to stop?

Were you understanding and caring?

Did you appreciate how I communicated with you?

Did I moan with arousal or tell you how turned on I was?

Did I show you with my words and actions how you made me feel?

Did you show me with words and actions how I made you feel?

Were you surprised how good I could make you feel?

Was I what you expected the first time you booked with me?

Did you like how tiny I am?

Were you impressed with how perky my nipples were and how hard they got when you gently aroused them?

Did you enjoy looking at our naked bodies in mirrors?

Did my upper thigh massage turn you on?

Did my nails on your back and neck give you tingles?

Did you feel my love energy? 

Was my touch intimate and tender?

Could you tell that I care about your pleasure?

Did you like feeling my body on your body?

Did my touch make you feel regenerated?

Did you wish the massage could go on forever?

Did we have a connection? Was there chemistry?

Were you ready to turn over when I asked you to?

Did you enjoy touching me and pleasuring me?

Did you make me come?

Did I make you come?

Were you comfortable with me after your happy ending?

Did you like the hot cloth on your cock when I cleaned you up?

Did we have a little chat about life before you got dressed?

Did we cuddle? 

Were you still horny when it was time for you to go?

Was I still horny when it was time for you to go? 

Did I ask you to come back again sometime?

Did you tell me that you would?

Have you thought about me since then?

Was this you?

If so, I can't wait to see you again. xoxo

Love Annie

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