Saturday, November 28, 2020

Updated COVID Protocols and NEW SELFIE PHOTOS!

COVID-19 restrictions are amping up and I know some of you are concerned about accessing my services.

Here are the protocols I have in place to reduce risk when visiting me and other ways to reduce stigmatization you may worry about experiencing.


Between all bookings I sanitize door handles, sink taps, shower taps, and bathtub with a bleach and water solution.

Viruses are killed by bleach.

Coconut oil bottles are sanitized between uses, as well.


I provide a fresh, clean hand towel beside the sink for each session. 

Clean towels are available for shower use, as well.

The bed is made up with clean bedding for each session.

The entire studio is cleaned from top to bottom once a week with maintenance activities in between.

The rooms that you will be using (bathroom and bedroom) are sanitized between every session.


I use pure, organic coconut oil for all of my massages.

According to the Institute of Food Studies:

"The antiviral activities of lauric acid and monolaurin were first noted in a 1979 study and later in 1982 [pdf]. Because the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is a lipid-coated virus, coconut oil seems promising."

There is a study being done to learn more but this is good news for us!



I have my own personal protocols that I've engaged in since long before covid 19.

I shower very thoroughly with hot water and soap before every session.

I take natural supplements that are antiviral and immune boosting such as Vitamin D and Wild Oregano Oil.

I NEVER work sick!

A study of almost ten million people in Wuhan, China showed that asymptomatic people DO NOT transmit the Covid 19 virus, even to their closest loves ones!

(This is not to say that Covid is not a risk; only that people who are not showing symptoms have a very low to zero risk of transmitting the virus according to the results of this huge study.)

I use colloidal silver as a disinfectant on my nipples and genitals directly before every booking (on top of the shower I've had).

According to this study (which also links to many other studies):

"Metal nanoparticles, especially the ones produced with silver or gold, have proven to exhibit virucidal activity against a broad-spectrum of viruses, and surely to reduce viral infectivity of cultured cells."

These are some of the precautions I personally take to protect you and myself from Covid 19 and other viruses. 

You may not know that I am considered immune compromised because I was diagnosed with Crohn's many years ago. 

The good thing about my diagnosis is that I learned all about natural healing and boosting immunity.

I have not had a flu-like illness in 10 years!

I believe this is because of the antiviral supplements I take and my unwavering commitment to self-care (including lots of sleep and healthy food!).

I also fast whenever I get low on energy and this helps my body to recover from whatever stress is affecting me.

I highly recommend intermittent fasting!


I only see 1-2 clients per day and I do not work every day.

In fact, I've started home-schooling one of my children, so I am working even less these days.

I also have started screening clients to see if they've recently returned from a trip.

I ask that you please do not come to see me if you have returned from travel less than two weeks before our session.

The low number of clients I see and my reduced schedule lower your risk when visiting me.

As you can see, I take your health and the health of your loved ones seriously.

In fact, my motto has been "health is wealth" for at least 10 years.


There are also things you can do to reduce your risk of contracting Covid 19:

  • Take 5000 IU Vitamin D / day.
  • Shower when you arrive to my studio.
  • Use mouthwash before and after our booking. It has 65% alcohol which kills viruses. I provide mouthwash and disposable paper cups for your use.
  • Shower before you leave.
  • Wash your hands in hot water with soap frequently.
  • If you wear masks, change and clean them often.
  • Reduce your stress and take care of your mental and emotional needs. Stress and fear make you more susceptible to viruses.
  • Eat whole foods and reduce your sugar intake.
  • Recognize that your mental health is integral to maintaining your physical health - so get your mental health needs met!


Many of us are feeling anxiety about going out in public because of stigmatization.

However, personal services are still allowed under the current restrictions (and hopefully stay that way!).

I will be working through this pandemic because I have children to feed, so please know that I will not judge you for reaching out to see if I'm available.

When coming to my studio, take these steps to reduce any anxiety you might feel:

  • If you can, wear a mask entering my building. I have lots of elderly people living here who may be concerned about people not wearing masks. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask, I respect exemptions.
  • Be careful when buzzing me that you push the right button and don't buzz my neighbours instead!
  • Be quiet and respectful entering and exiting my building.
  • Try not to be too loud during our session. I know that is difficult during orgasm for some, but please do your best. ;) 
  • Text me when you're parked rather than buzzing me and waiting at the door till I'm ready. That way, once I'm ready, it is a smooth and quick entrance to my building.


I hope you enjoyed my new selfie photos and that you feel better knowing about the safety measures I am taking.

Personally, masks cause me anxiety, so I don't wear one during the massage.

If that makes you uncomfortable, it is probably best to see another provider who does wear a mask during sessions.

I miss my regulars who are staying away because of the pandemic. Please know I am thinking of you!

To those who are still coming to see me...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me through this time that is difficult for everyone.

This work is wonderful, beautiful work that I enjoy intensely. But it is also how I feed my kids and pay my bills.

This work is essential for me and my family.

I am truly grateful for those of you who continue to access my specialized services.

I will continue to offer the best possible service I can for each and every one of you.

You are people I care about and I treasure your support and kindness.   

(Not to mention the sexual pleasure you give me!)

Until we meet again, please take care of yourself!

Check in when you think of me to let me know how you're doing.

I am here for you, sexy people!



Love Annie

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

That Thing You Do (XXX-Rated Poem)

You arrived at my door

Smelling clean and sweet.

You hugged me in my lingerie,

And I could feel your heat.

We hugged for minutes

Because it felt so good.

You pressed your cock against me

Like I hoped you would.

We weren't even naked yet

But energy was flying.

You smirked at me, I smirked at you.

We were horny without even trying.

I gave you your space

Because you know the drill.

You undressed and washed your hands.

I fetched the coconut oil.

Before your massage could truly start

I had to feel your skin on mine.

I pressed my breasts against your back,

And gave my hips a little grind.

A naked hug is so damn good

I held on for a few.

A naked hug is all it takes

To turn me on with you. 

I began to rub your body down

And felt you relaxing under me.

I was so excited to turn you over;

Your massage ended prematurely.

Once I had you face-to-face,

The real fun then began.

Now, I could hug you really close

And enjoy your gentle hands.

Teasing is amazing

And we do it very well.

You and I were right aroused

And it became difficult to quell.

You did that sexy thing you do

And I went all to mush.

In minutes I was coming from

The pleasure of your touch.

You wanted more:

Told me to come again, and then again.

I obeyed you because I can't say no;

I feel like I'm in Heaven.

When it was finally your turn,

You were fit to bust.

I fondled your cock the way you like

And heard you say "Oh fuck."

You came real hard,

Throbbing in between my fingers.

You relaxed while I cleaned up

Because orgasm feelings linger.

When it came time to say goodbye

You smiled at the door.

I begged you to come back real soon because

I want that thing you do a little more. ;)

You promised to return one day.

I hope to see you soon.

I want to feel your skin on mine

And send you to the moon.


I hope you liked my poem.

Now come and make my day.

I'm waiting for your text to say

You want to come and play.


Love Annie

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Why Annie Is "The Best"

A little humour to lighten up your day ;)

The best compliment I have ever received from a client is:

It's not that I'm competing with other providers.

I truly believe that for every provider, there is a target market that's perfect for them.

I know exactly what kind of client I want. They are my target market / audience.

I determine my target audience based on the services I provide, the space where I provide those services, what I feel those services are worth, and also... what kind of client I want to attract.

I base all my business decisions with my target audience in mind.

Not offensive at all!

My target audience is...

Heterosexual and Bisexual Men

I mostly target hetero men because that is who I have the most experience with. However, I've learned over time that some of my clients are bisexual (which is HOT!), so I have adjusted the definition of my target audience to include them. 

I don't provide massage services for women.

Successful Men With Flexible Schedules

Most of my clients work for themselves, or have flexible work schedules. They can afford my services and won't haggle with me. 

They are generally intelligent, self-driven, interesting, and they pay attention to their hygiene.

I don't work evenings anymore; therefore, my clients must be able to see me during the day. 

But don't worry! I also work most weekends.

Men Who Read My Website

I love the guys who read my site before they contact me. 

They have read what I offer and more importantly, what I don't offer.

They know that I expect them to be clean, kind, respectful, and gentle.

They know I require a face photo and they don't mind because they've gotten to know me through my articles and photos.

They are more likely to trust me and treat me like a professional.


I love seeing a client for their first time with a sex worker.

They are usually very polite and gentle.

They are rarely aggressive or rough.

Sometimes they are ashamed to be there and they carry some very negative baggage into the experience. (Not so much my favourite, lol.)

But, most of the time, first timers are wonderful.

When someone chooses me to be their first, it is a great honour.

Now that I've described my target audience, I can tell you why I'm the best.

I am not "the best" for everyone!

Clients must be looking for a very specific experience to consider me the best.

If you are looking for these things, then I just might be the best for you.

If you want...

  • A clean, professional, pleasant smelling studio with mood lighting and showering facilities;
  • An attractive, professional provider who answers the door in lingerie;
  • An intimate, arousing, teasing massage that hits all the right spots and makes you tremble with desire;
  • A provider who is smiling, engaging, caring, and likes to laugh;
  • A provider who communicates with you and enjoys her work;
  • An arousing, exciting, naughty but also respectful, professional, and satisfying experience;

Then what you are looking for is ME!

*giggle* No, it's flattering.

I love getting text messages like this!

I truly believe that what I do is beautiful and wonderful and worthwhile; and that every person alive deserves to feel how I hope I make my clients feel.

But we don't all have access to the intimacy and sensual experiences that we deserve.

I believe that clients who come to see me are doing so for their mental and physical health.

For an hour or so, you can be yourself. Share your innermost desires. Tell me your kinks. 

Do you like your nipples played with? How do you like your cock stroked? Do you love the naked hug as much as I do?

Tell me everything if you want. 

But other than that, you have one job while you're under my hands (and body)...

... to relax and lose yourself in the moment.

Because this moment is all we really have, after all. 

Love Annie xo

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Do Sex Workers Get "Tired" of Sex?

Last week, a dear client and friend asked me, "Do sex workers ever get tired of sex?"

Here I am... horny all the time. 

And I have no doubt that my job makes me hornier. 

I was shaking my head no, but then I stopped.

I said, "You know, I don't think sex workers get sick of sex or sexual activities, but we definitely get burned out sometimes."

"And when we are burned out, we get sick of work in general."

Like nurses and other frontline workers, sex work involves a lot of emotional labour. 

In other words, we manage the emotions of our clients during sessions.

The goal, of course, is to make you feel happy, horny, and enjoy a great mutually-pleasurable experience.

And often, this is easy. 

After all, we're naked and you're usually already happy and horny when you arrive.

But there are other emotions we manage, as well.

Are you comfortable? Are you feeling insecure? Is this your first sensual massage? Did you have a bad week? Are you going through something?

Sex workers provide an intimate, vulnerable experience. Energy and mood can't help but impact it.

In extreme cases, we must manage the emotions of someone who feels aggressive or threatening. De-escalation is a necessary skillset. 

Safely managing a potentially dangerous client and getting him out the door without incident is another example of emotional labour.

Sex workers are extremely skilled at this. We have to be.

Now speaking for myself, there is also my own shit to add to the mix.

Am I comfortable? Am I feeling insecure? Did I have a bad week? Am I going through something?

If something is stressing me out in my personal life, it can sometimes be difficult to put on a happy face and be upbeat during a session. 

I remember first experiencing this conundrum as a stripper. Having to wipe my tears away and paste a smile on my face as I am introduced by the DJ and ascend the stage after a fight with my boyfriend. 

Then I experienced it as a mother. Because our burdens don't always have to burden others, right?

(Parenting: The most intense emotional labour there is!)

My life is much more peaceful these days and I am rarely in a state before seeing a client.

But when I've been a little stressed, my clients usually provide a great escape from my troubles and often offer great advice too.

The beauty of a respectful massage session is that we can get lost in the moment. The best way to deal with stress!

The result of being "on" all the time (as I like to call it) -- for massage sessions, screening reluctant would-be clients, and ensuring my safety measures are in place, etc -- can take a toll.

Even as a stripper back in the day I experienced burnout.

I would describe being "on" as "striving to generate good feelings in other human beings by our own words and behaviours."

As you can imagine, being "on" takes a toll after awhile.

I know I am burned out when I start feeling reluctant to work rather than how I usually feel about my work...

...that it is a wonderful business that I've built with incredibly wonderful, sexy, respectful regular clients accessing my services. And I am grateful for the spiritual, emotional, and financial gifts that come with my chosen profession.
I know I am burned out when I get to the end of a trying day and I need to have a good cry. So, what do I do? I cry!

I know I am burned out when I'd rather clean my house than go to work. LOL 

So, what do I do? I take a day off to clean my house!

Sometimes, I feel your pain and then I take it along with me for hours or even days.

When that starts happening, I can predict imminent burnout.

It's not your fault. Not at all!

It's because I care about you.

I want to know what's happening in your lives. I want to know if you are struggling and help ease the burden for at least the time that we have together.

I want to hear from you between bookings to let me know how you're doing.

Burnout is no one's fault. It's just a fact of life. We all get burned out sometimes!

I am very good at handling burnout.

If I feel it starting to build, I'll stop taking new clients and only see my favourites until I'm back to my usual self.

If it's coming on a little strong, I'll only see clients that I know will bring me joy.

If it sneaks up on me, I will take anywhere from a few days to a whole week off work; focusing on my family and my hobbies.

I'm very fortunate to have friends in the industry that I can talk things out with if I have a bad experience or if I'm feeling overwhelmed for no reason at all!

So, the question "Do sex workers get tired of sex?" is actually more complex than I first thought.

We don't get tired of the sexuality of our jobs. We will always, like all people, need human contact and connection. 

(And some mutual masturbation never hurts, right?)

But we do get burned out (or "tired" of working) and need to do self-care sometimes.

It is very important to me to provide a genuine, positive, caring, massage service and give you my best every time I see you.

For that reason, I am all about self-care!

I do what I need to do to ensure that I continue to love my work and that you continue to feel amazing during and after a session with me.

It's very important to me to love what I do!

As long as I respect my limitations and practice self care as needed, I truly don't get tired of the sexual aspects of my job. 

On the contrary, this job keeps my horny juices flowing!

After all, we gotta use it or lose it. Right?

Love Annie

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