Saturday, November 14, 2020

Why Annie Is "The Best"

A little humour to lighten up your day ;)

The best compliment I have ever received from a client is:

It's not that I'm competing with other providers.

I truly believe that for every provider, there is a target market that's perfect for them.

I know exactly what kind of client I want. They are my target market / audience.

I determine my target audience based on the services I provide, the space where I provide those services, what I feel those services are worth, and also... what kind of client I want to attract.

I base all my business decisions with my target audience in mind.

Not offensive at all!

My target audience is...

Heterosexual and Bisexual Men

I mostly target hetero men because that is who I have the most experience with. However, I've learned over time that some of my clients are bisexual (which is HOT!), so I have adjusted the definition of my target audience to include them. 

I don't provide massage services for women.

Successful Men With Flexible Schedules

Most of my clients work for themselves, or have flexible work schedules. They can afford my services and won't haggle with me. 

They are generally intelligent, self-driven, interesting, and they pay attention to their hygiene.

I don't work evenings anymore; therefore, my clients must be able to see me during the day. 

But don't worry! I also work most weekends.

Men Who Read My Website

I love the guys who read my site before they contact me. 

They have read what I offer and more importantly, what I don't offer.

They know that I expect them to be clean, kind, respectful, and gentle.

They know I require a face photo and they don't mind because they've gotten to know me through my articles and photos.

They are more likely to trust me and treat me like a professional.


I love seeing a client for their first time with a sex worker.

They are usually very polite and gentle.

They are rarely aggressive or rough.

Sometimes they are ashamed to be there and they carry some very negative baggage into the experience. (Not so much my favourite, lol.)

But, most of the time, first timers are wonderful.

When someone chooses me to be their first, it is a great honour.

Now that I've described my target audience, I can tell you why I'm the best.

I am not "the best" for everyone!

Clients must be looking for a very specific experience to consider me the best.

If you are looking for these things, then I just might be the best for you.

If you want...

  • A clean, professional, pleasant smelling studio with mood lighting and showering facilities;
  • An attractive, professional provider who answers the door in lingerie;
  • An intimate, arousing, teasing massage that hits all the right spots and makes you tremble with desire;
  • A provider who is smiling, engaging, caring, and likes to laugh;
  • A provider who communicates with you and enjoys her work;
  • An arousing, exciting, naughty but also respectful, professional, and satisfying experience;

Then what you are looking for is ME!

*giggle* No, it's flattering.

I love getting text messages like this!

I truly believe that what I do is beautiful and wonderful and worthwhile; and that every person alive deserves to feel how I hope I make my clients feel.

But we don't all have access to the intimacy and sensual experiences that we deserve.

I believe that clients who come to see me are doing so for their mental and physical health.

For an hour or so, you can be yourself. Share your innermost desires. Tell me your kinks. 

Do you like your nipples played with? How do you like your cock stroked? Do you love the naked hug as much as I do?

Tell me everything if you want. 

But other than that, you have one job while you're under my hands (and body)...

... to relax and lose yourself in the moment.

Because this moment is all we really have, after all. 

Love Annie xo

Text or Email today!


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