Saturday, December 19, 2020

My Naughty Hotel Adventure and Merry Christmas

I was so horny.

All weekend I had wanted to have sex and all weekend, one thing or another prevented us from having sex! 

Now, my boyfriend was hanging out with his friends in the common area of the suite we rented.

I was BORED and HORNY.

I tried to convince my boyfriend to kick his friends out, but it was his birthday and he was having a great time socializing.

He can fuck me anytime, after all. 

Finally, exasperatedly, my boyfriend told me he had hired a provider to come over and take care of me.

Jonathan arrived shortly thereafter and came straight to the bedroom where I was all freshened up and waiting for him.

He was gorgeous and oozed with sexiness and charm.

He brought three condoms including a professional!

He sat on the bed beside me and we kissed.

We both undressed and started to feel each other up.

There was a lot of chemistry and connection, right away!

But I didn't have time to think about that. 

I was lost in the incredible sensations that were coursing through my body as he kissed my neck and caressed me.

After some serious heavy petting, we got down to business.

I'd like to tell you it was all long and drawn out with teasing foreplay like my massage sessions are with you.

But it wasn't like that at all.

We wanted each other urgently.

First I rode his cock. I swiveled my hips against him till I came in shuddering waves.

It happened so fast. My orgasm was sudden and electrifying.

Now I was even hornier (of course).

He seemed to be really into it. He asked me, "Do you mind if I go on top now?"

I loved how polite he was... so professional and sweet and attentive to my needs and desires.

It was amazing!

Jonathan re-lubed and mounted me.

We continued to suck each other's necks and earlobes as he penetrated me carefully.

As his excitement built, he started fucking me harder.

His cock was so big that I would instinctively pull away when he penetrated too deeply.

This happened maybe three times. Each time it happened, he said, "I'm sorry." 

His ability to control himself and stop himself from pulverizing my cervix was another huge turn on for me.

His hard cock pulsed in my pussy but he tried with much success to avoid causing me any pain.

I guess having a really long cock like that, you have to learn how to use it for good.

Is that true, long-cocked guys? I'd love to hear your take!

Back to my story...

While Jonathan made love to me, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye.

My boyfriend had entered the room.

If Jonathan noticed, he didn't say anything.

I locked eyes with my boyfriend and reached out for his hand.

We held hands as I came again in Jonathan's arms.

Seconds later, Jonathan's body became rigid and I felt his cock swell in my pussy.

He grunted quietly as he came and held onto me like I was a life-raft. 

It was incredibly hot and I was happy I'd gotten to share at least some of it with my boyfriend for his birthday.

Our sex life since that night has definitely been turned up!

Any clients who saw me in the last two weeks could probably tell how much hornier I am than usual.

My horniness is going strong!

I can't wait to see my favourite clients and maybe make some new ones.

In fact, I have been horny all day every day since our weekend in Vancouver.

Will I get to be horny with you...?

I certainly hope so.

Love Annie xoxo

PS. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I sincerely hope you have a wonderful Christmas. If you end up spending it alone for some reason, please send me a text, so I can send back a *hug*. I will be available after Christmas and hope to see you soon. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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  1. Very hot story. I just woke up and read this, going to need some alone time now...
    The cock is a fun tool, I just have to remember that sometimes it can cause pain. Lube is fun and even occasionally necessary but that doesn’t mean I can go right deep first thing. I’m very “average” in length but a bit above average in thickness. My girl is like you, and I love smaller girls, not sure if that has something to do with it but slow and steady wins the race, until things loosen up a bit, and I can tell when that is. Usually when the eyes roll back and I hear a whispered “ohhhhh yesssss”.
    Stay hot Annie, someday...


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